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Razor Cube

The initial weapon is the Razor Cube, which is a cube made of metal blades that can be flung out at enemies. It then quickly returns back to you, which is nice in the event you find yourself out of ammo for the rest of the arsenal.

Deamon Head

Another gruesome addition to the weaponry is the Demon Head. This item is actually the head of the demon who was guarding the dungeon Belial is imprisoned in at the start of the game. How often do you get to walk around carrying a demon head with its tongue lolling out, let alone use it as a weapon?

Bone Gun

The BoneGun is equivalent to a shotgun, something no FPS would be complete without of course. What makes it unique however, is the fact that it shoots out high speed bone fragments as its primary fire and causes petrification of enemies as its secondary fire.


Eggs: For some reason these reptile eggs are explosive. Not only that but you can remotely detonate them with a… is that a lizard? It doesn’t make any sense to have remote mines in this game. It’s never possible to sneak up on enemies and use them. The only time I really need them is when I don’t have ammo or a chance in hell with the razor cube and in that scenario I don’t want something that I have to detonate one second after I throw it. I want something that I throw and it explodes AKA a grenade.

Nuclear Gun

Nuclear gun: It harnesses the power of nuclear waste. Left click fires these canisters of radioactive sludge which kill on impact, making me wonder why they need to be filled with ooze at all. It’s not like the enemy’s around long enough to die from radiation poisoning. Actually the canisters stay around for a while, emitting green gas which does seem to have an effect on really close enemies. But really they’d be just as lethal filled with rocks or even candy corn. Right click just shoots a stream of that same green gas directly at an enemy. In reality this would be extremely inconvenient because really how far can you spray gas? And what if it’s windy out? What If it’s blowing at you? You’d at least need a mask.


Left click fires/wastes three bolts. Right click fires/wastes six shrunken heads. the heads bounce around and explode. Two of them might hit enemies. The other four will either hit nothing or hit you.


Left click shoots three giggling skulls in a horizontal line. They sort of hone in on enemies and injure them. They also sort of fly past the enemies and do nothing. Right click makes the sword fly around like a boomerang. I never really got the hang of this. It seems like you have to have a ton of crystals to even get it to start. Once it’s flying around you can drag your crosshairs on to an enemy and if you can manage to hold it on them long enough, the sword will fly over and chop them in half.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher in Painkiller: Overdose is particularly the same as in the Original Version. It shoots now 3 Rockets at one time, but still deals the same damage.



20. August 2009 13:38

A suggestion: Add some pics of the Ammo Packs as you have in the original game section.

It seems we agree that most of these weapons are rather dumb, but I have now played almost to the end on Daydream, and still not sure what ammo is for what weapon. I just run over items and see if I need them. It will be important to know if I decide to play on Insomnia.


25. February 2010 20:19

good job:D


19. October 2011 10:07

Im playing on nightmare difficulty and believe me, its not hard

    Nihad Spahija

    7. June 2012 00:02

    I would like to see you in level Dead Marsh where you must play only with RazorCube to unlock tarot card.It is hardcore on insomnia.Nightmarre and Trauma are impossible for that levell,only if you dont really carre about card. 

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