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Released by Homegrown this is the latest Painkiller Resurrection Patch 44 updating your first-person shooter and addressing several bugs. The patch contains all the official changes from the autoupdater. This is dedicated to players who have a problem with the updater or they don’t want install the NET Framework.

A list of files »

  • bin/Resurrection.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionD3D.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionD3DEditor.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionEditor.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionEngine.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionEngineEditor.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionQUICKDedicated.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionUpdater.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionUpdaterStarter.exe
  • data/levels.pak
  • data/lscripts.pak
  • data/maps01.pak
  • data/maps02.pak
  • data/models01.pak
  • data/models02.pak
  • data/scripts01.pak
  • data/texturescommon01.pak
  • data/texturescommon02.pak
  • data/texturessingle01.pak
  • data/texturessingle02.pak
  • data/music/C9L1_Cathedral dark side music.mp3
  • data/music/C9L1_Cathedral light side music.mp3
  • data/music/C9L2_Forbiden valey (underground).mp3
  • data/music/C9L2_Forbiden valey.mp3
  • data/music/C9L4_Haunted_City_Docks_music.mp3
  • data/music/C9L4_Haunted_City_Music.mp3
  • data/music/communicationbreakdown.mp3

Download: PK:Resurrection Patch
(PK:Resurrection Patch, 100.4 MiB, 17,023 hits)

  • greentechb

    at last 🙂 thank you very much. now powermad is working 😀

  • MadMax75th

    Yes THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not get official updater to work.

  • MadMax75th

    ok problem,
    I can’t get patch to install. Soon as I start install I get an error, ie server not responding. Is this NOT compat with Win7 64 ??

  • Wdawdaw

    Its not compaitble with win7 64..sorry

  • Funmaster432

    getting a drix/3d erros need help thanks

  • HV

    No idea, try installn

  • slimedog

    I press Start Update and get:

                                                    Painkiller Resurrection Updater

                                                    An error occurred while downloading file: Unable

                                                    to connect to the remote server

    But my internet is fine. Now what?

    • HV

      Download and install this patch, then the game will be updated, that’s all, don’t start Updater.


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.