sK1p June - 26 - 2011 Patches7 COMMENTS

The Ultimate Patch contains the v1.61, v1.62 and v1.64 versions in one patch. This special patch is made by FranceOriOn.

Download: Ultimate Patch
(Ultimate Patch, 330.6 MiB, 4,288 hits)

  • Eldrad Wolfsbane

    The patch is corrupted and will not run.

    • Havcom

      Eldrad Wolfsbane, your hands out of your ass grow. The patch works fine.

  • Nightmarekiller

    I update the game completely and it was playing fine until… The catacombs level….
    I know that this problem is famous and I tried everything to fix but no solution…
    I think my case is a little different though, I mean even if I delete all the saves and use cheat to play the level it crashes. It always crashes in the loading screen. I remember that someone release a specific fix for that but I cannot remember anymore. Oh well….

    • Shadow Reborn

      It crashes when you are trying to load up Catacombs?

      • Nightmarekiller

        Yeap, with the patches installed, with saves deleted… It crash when loading the level for catacombs

  • Kinsey

    After installing to my downloaded GOG copy, it’s now asking for a CD-ROM.

    • Phantom

      As far as I know, GOG games are already patched to the max, so you shouldn’t need to download this.
      Just reinstall your game and check your version. It should already be 1.64 .


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