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E3 2012: Painkiller Hell & Damnation announced *UPDATE*


» Posted By Woremochine On 16. June 2012 @ 14:56

Painkiller Recurring Evil Trailer – release 29th February

I don’t know if US Dollars will be better for you, but here is the link for USA version of Gamers Gate :

» Posted By Woremochine On 1. March 2012 @ 16:21

Painkiller Recurring Evil – new game coming soon

HV, that is good to hear. .
  I have had to put off my completion of my third PK Red / GD Fear music video, due to some big changes in my situation at home, for the moment, but I have not entirely quit yet. I will probably get back into it and finish it over the next couple of months. The video is 95% complete, it is only lacking a few tweaks and finalizing, to sync with the new improved remix of the Gentlemen Death song, “Fear”. I was in the middle of doing a large remix of the original version of the song Fear, when I had to put it on pause. The remix is what has been taking me so long. I feel that it will be realy cool once it has been completed.

» Posted By Woremochine On 8. February 2012 @ 00:02

OH YEAH !!! Lol, I forgot about the ElectroDriver/Shuriken. I would save up my ammo, and use the alternate Electro + Shuriken, which gave me some time to breath while they were being electrocuted 😀 Good call.

I too loved Belial’s character, theme, and weapons. His Razor version of the Painkiller Weapon I find to be even snappier and quicker than the original Painkiller Weapon, but I do love them both. They are probably my favorite weapon. In the first Chapter / Episode of Redemption ( C01E01 – Spikes ), that was the only weapon I used throughout the whole level. WOW !!!, talking about being totally slammed / rushed, lol, but the adrenaline rush I was getting would be “UNMATCHED” had I used a different weapon 🙂 You can see the music video I recorded at my YouTube channel. It was a TRULY fun time, I loved it.

» Posted By Woremochine On 7. February 2012 @ 18:29

I think new weapons could be cool, in a pinch anyhow, but in all honesty? I still really only use (and in this order) Painkiller, Shotgun/Freeze, and Stake Gun Freeze only against certain monsters. I can almost always finish the levels whith just these weapons, highlighting Almost, lol. Whenever the levels feature all the millitary monsters, well then I use the Machine Gun/ Rocket Launcher often. Other than that, the Painkiller weapon is my all time favorite.

» Posted By Woremochine On 6. February 2012 @ 21:25

HV !!! How are you doing?? Nice to talk to you again. And thanks for the link, I downloaded and added them to my PK collection, the quality is good enough, not the best, but still good enough.

» Posted By Woremochine On 6. February 2012 @ 20:31

This looks like it is going to be very cool, and I am looking forward to it. Is there any place where you can download the screenshots by chance? I would lov to add them to my Painkiller collection of pictures 🙂

» Posted By Woremochine On 29. January 2012 @ 15:28

Captaincy Single Player Map

Ok, thanks again Greentechb

» Posted By Woremochine On 31. December 2011 @ 20:37

Awesome, thanks Greentechb, looks like a lot of fun. On your other mappack, “Fallen Empire”, these also go in the PK OD directory?

» Posted By Woremochine On 31. December 2011 @ 14:54

I am guessing that you install this one in PK OD, yes?

» Posted By Woremochine On 31. December 2011 @ 03:48

Super-Super-Supernatural coming


» Posted By Woremochine On 31. December 2011 @ 03:44

Fallen Empire Mappack

Where do I install these maps, original PK? or OD? or it doesn’t matter?

» Posted By Woremochine On 31. December 2011 @ 03:45

New Painkiller mod coming

Oh, I have already given them to Eggtooth, so he has them already. I am also working on new stuff right now. have one for non-battle all but complete now.

» Posted By Woremochine On 4. November 2011 @ 05:01

Let me know if you guys need any music

» Posted By Woremochine On 3. November 2011 @ 15:31

Painkiller Future

WOOT!!! on the “More Hardcore Metal”  😀

» Posted By Woremochine On 26. November 2011 @ 19:05

OUCH !! 🙂 Sounds realy cool, but perhaps maybe a weapon that isn’t so easy to get.

» Posted By Woremochine On 2. November 2011 @ 02:49

WOW !!! Well put. I to am over 40 (46 to be exact, and a grandpa :O ) I love the way you think, and I will FOREVER have a PK shortcut on my desktop as well 🙂 Do you have a YouTube account? If so, what is it? here is mine.
 I am in the process of making my 3rd PK Red video, using my band’s music. It is taking me a very long time to complete it, because …
1: I have become full time grandpa for a while (so limited on time to do anything) and …
2: I am trying to bring our music up-to-date. It is old stuff, and seems to be lacking some excitement for me. So most of my time as of now is spent on the re-mixing of the songs and adding Orchestra and some more Growling back-up vocals. (only about 2-3 hours a day, lol)
Once I have learned all the “How-To” stuff for my PC Recording Studio, I would love to assist in writing music / soundtracks for any future PK Games. As of now, our music is of not good sound quality. Does the word “Casette Tapes” ring a bell ?? LOL. That is all I have of our stuff, it is from early 1990’s. CD’s / Digital was out of reach for our pay checks at that time.
Ok, enough about me. I am glad to see that I am not the ONLY old fart here 😀 Love it. Keep it up eggtooth team and all other developers for PK. You guys are my heros 🙂

» Posted By Woremochine On 30. October 2011 @ 16:05

lol, it happens sometimes here, depends on  how much traffic there is at the time of your post. Sometimes takes a long time to refresh.
Anyhow, no I had never played it before, sounds realy cool though.

» Posted By Woremochine On 26. October 2011 @ 14:18

Aah, ok, I understand now. Speaking of, even now in PK, if you happen to run between the monsters when they are shooting at you? sometimes, if they shoot at one of the other monsters by accident, they will shoot at eachother lol. I have seen this commonly with the bikers 🙂 Also, I don’t know if you had ever played Quake 2, but this is VERY common with the enemies, actually pretty funny. My son and I used to do this to them just for laughs, while we hid behind something, lol.
Ok, glad that you replied to my reply, I understand better of what you were inplying. I have often thought that when you have a castle ( which is very often in all versions of PK ) that maybe if there was Gargoyle statues gaurding them, and they can come to life at some point to fight you, OR even fight WITH you, that would be pretty cool I think.

» Posted By Woremochine On 26. October 2011 @ 05:21

Quote: “Maybe a new PK could have new enemies, but also tweaked reimaging of some of the old stalwarts. Possibly the enemies could operate in a manner like insects – with drones being standard enemies and bosses being like queens, and maybe the different clans could attack one other and this could bring forward a kind of strategic element.”

This sounds too much like an RPG. Please do NOt take offense when I say this, maybe I am missunderstanding what you were trying to imply.
If you did something like that, with insects, I think it would take away the whole Gothic Zombie / Demon “First Person Shooter” feeling, and I believe that is what make Painkiller stand out so well from other FPS games. Even though there are a lot of cool FPS games being produced out there inthe gaming community, PK is still the most original.

» Posted By Woremochine On 25. October 2011 @ 14:33

I am with you on that one.

» Posted By Woremochine On 25. October 2011 @ 04:25

PK: Redemption 1.05f patch released + DLC Content!

YESSSS !!! cool guys, thnx eggtooth team

» Posted By Woremochine On 25. October 2011 @ 04:13

Damned Shelter

This looks like a lot of fun 🙂

» Posted By Woremochine On 6. October 2011 @ 14:35

Singleplayer Map – SP_Myst_Beta

LMAO !! I like your sense of humor 🙂

» Posted By Woremochine On 22. October 2011 @ 14:15

LOL!!! Isn’t that like rubbing your nose in all the bad stuff you have done throughout your life ?? Yikes :O

» Posted By Woremochine On 22. October 2011 @ 13:46

Painkiller: Epic War: Coming soon!

Any new news on Epic War?

» Posted By Woremochine On 6. October 2011 @ 14:34

Me to, but we just gotta wait it out until they are ready to release them. I am sure these things take time.

» Posted By Woremochine On 3. August 2011 @ 18:35

Not quite sure what you are saying, have some type errors maybe? or a little bit of 2 languages? please re-write your coment ?

» Posted By Woremochine On 3. August 2011 @ 12:58

I believe that t is on hold for now, they are fixing bugs and making DLC for Redemption

» Posted By Woremochine On 31. July 2011 @ 12:44

Hi P&C Games. I appologize for not responding earlier, but I had a problem with our internet. (financial reasons, lol) We just got it back today : Monday, June 06, 2011, just about an hour ago.nnI thinku00a0there a website that you can upload music and other media to,u00a0so that you can share files with friends, but I am not sure of it. If you knnow of these places, let me know. I think I will probably need a couple of different places if they are limited on how much space you can use. Is this correct? The reason I am saying this, is because each song is approximately 3-6 megabites big in size (3,000 – 6,000 kb’s)nnI can send the songs to you through direct email, if you would like. Eggtooth says it has complications doing it this way, but I am not sure myself, so maybe not a good way to do it.nnMy direct email is : wore@woremochine.netnOk, again, I appologize for the long wait on a reply. Let me know something.

» Posted By Woremochine On 6. June 2011 @ 15:41

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.