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PK: Redemption – development news

If you need any more beta testers, let me know; I would love to give it a good rumble. 🙂

» Posted By wjregan On 12. October 2010 @ 19:43

PK: Redemption – closed beta test

So sholud I remove 1.9 compleatly and then load your 2.0? Because I really like your scope view,
I just wish there more places to use it.
NOW YOU KNOW I am talking about “Resurrection” and not “Redemption”, although I can’t wait for the latter.

» Posted By wjregan On 12. August 2010 @ 00:26

I got some script errors on Painkiller Resurrection, I think most of them were due to incompatible ammo files, old ammo vs. new cannon and stuff like that; I was still able to finish the game, I just had to avoid some of the ammo pick ups (which made for an interesting game). I can send you the files, just let me know where.
Good to have you back, hope the floods have missed you and yours.


» Posted By wjregan On 11. August 2010 @ 20:16

Man, eggtooth, a lot of things have change around here since I was last in PK. I have some scrip error files on your 2.0 mod, I will send them to you if you are still fooling with it. As far as one of your questions, as far as I have read, anything that runs on Win XP/VISTA, should run fine on Win 7. I have been running a few of my old XP games on Win7 with no problem at all, well except for cheap graphics; it is hard to go back to low end when you been into high end (lol). More later, great site, looking foward to the new launch.

» Posted By wjregan On 10. August 2010 @ 23:44

SP_StreetFighter – Overdose SP Map

well I finally got around too removing everything and reloading it all back in. Your mod now runs, but gets a little mixed up at times as to which save-point lights up. Overall it is a real nice level although it can get a little confusing at times (lol).

» Posted By wjregan On 21. September 2010 @ 21:50

I will give it a try, got nothing to lose, but great game play to gain [~:
I will let you know how it turns out, I have not had any problem with my other XP games,…..yet??

» Posted By wjregan On 17. August 2010 @ 21:58

Sorry to say, I check everything, powermaid 1.3 & overdose 84.4. everthing goes great until after about 2 min into 2nd check point.
I reloaded everything and still nogo; same script error log as before, no change in anything.
It looks like a great map, will try again when you get a chance to go through it.
I just had a thought, I am using win7, I have had no problems with the other games though.

» Posted By wjregan On 15. August 2010 @ 22:23

Hello greentechb,
I tried your “Streetfighter” map yesterday, it started ok but right after I hit the first check point I got a script error and the game quit.
Here is a copy of the script error log:

8/13/2010 5:39:35 PM:

I have all my drivers updated and there is no other problems with my system. Let me know if you need any more info; I will keep trying on my end; thanks.

» Posted By wjregan On 14. August 2010 @ 23:04

Hellgun Mod

To HellgunMod, I have tried every which way, and I still can’t get your Mod to run. I have “PK 1.64 Black”, I hope that there is some way I can fix this, although I cannot see any at this time; please help if you can.
Thank you.

» Posted By wjregan On 21. September 2010 @ 22:06

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