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JoWooD Releases Painkiller Redemption for PC

i’m waitinig for this game ^^

» Posted By GreenTechB On 3. February 2011 @ 20:28

i’m waitinig for this game ^^

» Posted By GreenTechB On 3. February 2011 @ 20:28


i like this level. secrets could be harder i think, but with this boss it’s quite good 🙂

» Posted By GreenTechB On 2. February 2011 @ 20:25

Painkiller Treasure Hunt MOD

i’m glad to hear that others also liked the idea of a big hardcore level 🙂 maybe later we’ll make second part but i’m not sure. btw good luck for nightmare 😀

» Posted By GreenTechB On 9. January 2011 @ 08:13

there isn’t any problem with this score 😀 for me, took also more than 1 hour and i created the most parts of level 😀 it’s a hardcore map… 😛

» Posted By GreenTechB On 8. January 2011 @ 21:21

ahh not this problem again… 🙁 the matter is that we don’t know how to solve it. we tried everything but not really worked. if we change levelsript we don’t have this script problem, but now i know that isn’t works for everyone. we’ll try to solve that problem… btw try to rename that folder and tell us what will happen 🙂

» Posted By GreenTechB On 30. December 2010 @ 14:09

i hope this problem is solved now 😀 i just arrived home 😛

» Posted By GreenTechB On 29. December 2010 @ 19:00

Prodigy Painkiller Movie

very nice movie 😀 i liked it 😀

» Posted By greentechb On 1. December 2010 @ 21:20

Coop Map – Tower of Power

very good level 😀 for me better then original ones in ressurrection 😀

» Posted By GreenTechB On 23. December 2010 @ 15:01

Painkiller: Supernatural *Update*

thanks 😀 i can’t login sorry :/

» Posted By greentechb On 4. November 2010 @ 10:29

one problem with this. on first level there are 7 secrets. 4 or 5 are on that area with lava-hole in the middle. i can’t reach them 🙁 there are no teleports! i just could reach one by bodysurfing. if somebody can help, pls answer!

» Posted By greentechb On 3. November 2010 @ 12:37

Hell Gates Resurrection Mod

thx 😀 we’re glad to hear that 😀

» Posted By greentechb On 12. November 2010 @ 21:20

😀 maybe later we’ll continue this mod 😉

» Posted By greentechb On 2. November 2010 @ 17:24

Resurrection Updater works again

nice to hear :))

» Posted By greentechb On 25. October 2010 @ 15:02

PainEditor Doors Tutorial

ahh good old times 😀 this turorial was very helpful to me, when i started editing pk 🙂

» Posted By greentechb On 14. September 2010 @ 18:10

SP_StreetFighter – Overdose SP Map

thx :D. so far nobody have problems with my mod, but i’ll look it again 😉

» Posted By greentechb On 26. September 2010 @ 19:22

there can be problems with win7 later, but i hope you won’t have any 🙂
and i hope my map will work on a fresh-installed overdose… (for me it works with fresh-install too)

» Posted By greentechb On 18. August 2010 @ 13:34

ahhh, and one thing. i reinstalled my overdose, then installed patch and powermad. everything was right, i completed it without error. so i haven’t got any problems with my game or editor. sry 🙁

» Posted By greentechb On 16. August 2010 @ 10:11

i have XP so i don’t know how is it run on win7. win7 can be the problem, but everyone else could run the map except you so far. the last i can recommend you, try to reinstall game, if it’s not a problem for you. sorry, i will be so sad if you can’t play with streetfighter :(. i created for everyone who loves pk 🙂

» Posted By greentechb On 16. August 2010 @ 10:09

i have got too much scipt errors in these days. i think i know the problem. you must have overdose patch and powermad-overdose 1.3. if you have these, try to reinstall powermad. i don’t know any better answers, if you’ll still have the problem, pls write again, i’ll think :).

» Posted By greentechb On 15. August 2010 @ 00:11

thanks. we talked on xfire too, but the answer is (in here too :P):
if you need any help for redemption i’ll help 😀

» Posted By greentechb On 5. August 2010 @ 21:20

if anybody got any problems, please write it down! (to fix them in other levels)

» Posted By greentechb On 30. July 2010 @ 22:16

How To Create a Mod in PAK file Format

nice tutorial 😀

» Posted By greentechb On 28. July 2010 @ 07:36

Painkiller Redemption Screenshot Pack


» Posted By greentechb On 29. July 2010 @ 20:13

i sent an invitation to you on xfire. i uploaded a new map, and i’m working on a new mod. these are what i like to talk about a little 😀

» Posted By greentechb On 29. July 2010 @ 10:03

i used it long time ago 😛
i’ll create a new user tomorrow 😀

» Posted By greentechb On 27. July 2010 @ 18:28

i hope it’ll be finished.
HV do you have a messenger address? i don’t want to post every small question on the forum 😛

» Posted By greentechb On 27. July 2010 @ 18:10

Unofficial Painkiller Resurrection Patch 44

at last 🙂 thank you very much. now powermad is working 😀

» Posted By greentechb On 23. July 2010 @ 20:10

SP_Abysmaldawn – New PK-BOOH Single Player map

unfortunately i don’t much about texturing. ask your question on the forum, maybe HV, SK1P or somebody can help you. sorry 🙁

» Posted By greentechb On 24. July 2010 @ 09:34

what kind of textures are you thinking?
to HV: if you found any mistakes or ‘not so good’ things in my level, please tell me to let me avoid them in my next level! thank you.

» Posted By greentechb On 24. July 2010 @ 08:54

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.