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Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 – Released!!

You are probably not using my version, my is in the forums. Here on front page is original one, by Dany25 – its not configurable and spams debug messages. =) Anyway, I would use grapple only if you are uncomfortable with default jumping scheme.. Also some moments, like Factory, will require you to reload the situation over and over till you jump into correct spot; where with grapple you are more mobile, if you use correctly. While its arguable which is more fitting, its not arguable that grapple makes game (by definite degree) easier. Which is not always good. GG

» Posted By Victor On 20. August 2015 @ 13:45

Yes, it was exactly this. I remember everything being more-less cheesecake before that moment. A soul gives 1 hp, even with 150 armor, average shuriken hit damage was ~20. It was hard, it was fun! And I will definitely rerun from clean state, once I get to remember all treasure positions. =) Btw, thanks for the videos on youtube!! Btw, today GOG again put huge discount on drm-free Painkiller Black Edition =)

» Posted By Victor On 17. August 2015 @ 21:30

I understand what you mean… I mostly use it to get to places reaching which would be really really hard AND would be 1-time chance, like those exploding crates or breaking wooden planks.

Now I am rethinking about redoing a run without it, perhaps on higher difficulty.. because there are two specific places so far, where absence of hook (or correct cards) mean nigh-impossibility to pass the test – or even to survive. I am sure there would be more similar places ahead, so I might miss some chances to .. fail and learn =)
These are a) Opera, as player enters the main hall (requirement to collect every single soul, with monsters very often beating each other and chandelier flatting them at some moment). Hook allowed me to attract one ninja at time and then jump over the stage to fence from fireballs of samurai, who start massively drop at some moment.
b) Snowybridge, moment when door locks behind in a tunnel where cart crashes. With a lot of monsters jumping in AND requirement not to be hit even single time (340+ hp at end), its massively difficult without cards. I used hook to jump out and performed hit-and-run tactics, still it was helluva difficult. At least 100 reloads in that region, quicksaves ofc, two days. Combination of ninjas and samurai is quite deadly. Ninjas are unpredictable, can shoot and can outrun; and samurai self-suicide move does about 50 damage to region. There is nowhere to hide in that corridor..

Well, thanks for not spanking me! I will try my best to get better =)

» Posted By Victor On 17. August 2015 @ 03:59

Hmm, I guess it IS. Because I like it a lot like it currently is, it makes one to plan and think in order to approach each map; and not just run ahead and kill stuff.

Catacombs is a bummer, because there is a time limit; and to get all its secrets one needs crates that are bulky and easily explode. Also one of the secrets requires horizontal around-the-corner jumping. Whilst I am not a newbie when it comes to Quake-style jumps (I jumped quite some UrbanTerror jump maps), Painkiller’s technique to around-the-corner jumps are not my favorite ..

Catacombs was the reason to find something like grapple hook mod – I found one and improved/modified it a lot. My version is here in the forums. Its pretty unforgiving in newbie hands, but a good tool to slow down the descending, explore some places faster or push one few meters up – but ONLY IF player has sufficient skills with it AND right distance/angle/timing. Wracking self, not making it and falling down helplessly(does not work on short distance), or being thrown right into the crowd of monsters are not seldom… So stock Ordeal 2 + Advanced Grapplehook is my configuration.

Yep, I started playing with Nightmare – because I finished PK several years ago on harder difficulties without mods and recently purchased Black Edition from GOG, and discovered there is a modding scene, and here I am. Nightmare is pretty challenging and its earliest difficulty to unlock the cards (and have the challenge unlocking them). The average map restart/reload count for me to solve the challenge is between … 10 and 40. =)

» Posted By Victor On 17. August 2015 @ 02:10

Aha! Okay, now it makes sense… Still, the funny thing is actually I didn’t expect any cool off, because when playing your mod I either
1) take a break from the game because I fail meeting the goals over, over and over in order to think what I do wrong
2) or pass the level and start thinking how to beat next successfully, or
3) reload the screen autosave point and go back to older map from the past, which I couldn’t beat… =) Right now these are Asylum and Cathedral, but Catacombs and Prison hung here too.

Well, I guess, this is then supposed to be this way. =) Thank you!

» Posted By Victor On 17. August 2015 @ 00:57

Thanks a lot for information!

I knew that monsters try to break stuff, hence I usually try to lure them to me and then shotgun them while backwards circle-strafing. I actually expected my cards (and increasing handling skill) to help me defeat them faster and thus win some time frame between each one, to milk bodies.
Didn’t know there is such a card, in fact only with your mod them cards start to make sense. =)
I spend from 2 hours to day in order to progress 1 level, lol. Still can’t make it under 5 minutes in Asylum (with 5:24 best =) ), need more timing. Just finished Swamp Monster with 1:10 (Nightmare) haha =)


» Posted By Victor On 17. August 2015 @ 00:45

Hehe. I think Shadow is overreacting. =) You (SolomonJ) have just used developer mode (by omitting the difficulty) and thus only debugged the mod, but not played it. =)

Ordeal specializes in challenge, so by taking away the challenge you stripped away the essence of the mod…. This is like eating sugar without exercise. You will become fat and apathetic, instead of capable and pleased – because you stripped the Yang from the Whole to get the Yin, but its the BALANCE that makes one appreciate the Yin. =)

Dear Shadow, the Town on Nightmare difficulty is a breeze after Snowy Bridge. Would be cool if one hit from “flesh” would take away 60% of health and there is too much ammo around – perhaps double the health of zombies to compensate? I am sure its a bug =)

» Posted By Victor On 16. August 2015 @ 22:43

Okay guys, I have a problem 🙂
I can’t pass requirements for the card unlock in the Cathedral (E01M04) – even if I “milk” the corpses, I still miss few gold pieces. Initially I skipped here, now at E2M06? – “swamp monster”, then returned back. I took all secrets, and … still have ~800 out of 814.

Any clues, pleeease 🙂

» Posted By Victor On 16. August 2015 @ 22:21

Thanks a LOT for your hard efforts Shadow & Phantom!!! I absolutely LOVE the difficulty you added to the game!

For LINUX players, if this mod crashes in Video settings or upon picking levels, please make sure you LOWERCASED recursively all filenames in PK, in Powermad and in Ordeal – before you merge them! Some file in Ordeal has wrong case, because ext FS is case sensive, that produced whole bunch of strange errors. The titlescreen is DIFFERENT in Ordeal FYI, so if you get usual – means you have problem.

Works flawelessly in Linux under Wine+opensource AMD drivers btw (HD5850).

Once again, hats of to you guys!!!

I am russian. Don’t mind nationality, mind the mindset! But you probably know it anyway, as you haven’t stripped rus support due to “constructive” criticism of my kinsmen…
I am also impressed how nice you responded in all posts to Kutkin, Havcom etc. They obviously have no idea what “vision” is, I am pretty sure they can create their own mods and be happy within it.

» Posted By Victor On 14. June 2015 @ 22:25

Painkiller Grapple Hook

“allows to adjust acceleration barrier , -“- boost and set -“- barrier for the hook.”
Typo – acceleration factor, acceleration boost and acceleration barrier, that is.

» Posted By Victor On 15. June 2015 @ 23:43

Hello! I have created Advanced Grapple Hook mod, using your mod as base.
I hope it gets submitted here! I have credited you where I could, Dany!

My mod expands upon yours and allows to adjust acceleration barrier , -“- boost and set -“- barrier for the hook.

Kind regards and thanks for your mod!

» Posted By Victor On 15. June 2015 @ 23:41

Painkiller Big Mod

This is an alpha-quality mod.
a) Menus are broken. Author did not reprogram the built-in problem of PK/BooH/BlackEdition that rely just on one boolean variable to pick the levelset (game.addon). He released menus broken, so PK are disabled with mods and one should edit the level script in HUD to switch levelset. Having no lua knowledge I have fixed it in just 4 hours, but
b) The catacomb level set from C7 (first map of the set) has numerous errors and complains about uninitialized variables. Basically the map crashes the game as soon as it loads.

Painkiller BlackEdition + 1.65 patch here.

» Posted By Victor On 15. June 2015 @ 09:57

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