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Painkiller: Supernatural *Update*

This could’ve been so much better! So many bugs and ugly gameplay , so far from what I had expected! Too bad, too bad…

» Posted By T0rmentoRrr On 2. December 2013 @ 15:00

PainEditor Basics Tutorial (singleplayer levels)

Thank you for the help. I am new to this paineditor thing but I loved the original so much, I want to know it even more..behind the scenes lol.

» Posted By T0rmentoRrr On 3. December 2013 @ 16:34

How can I close door after some monsters killed ? If i use Close:Slab_001, 8… it close it from the beginning and opens after 8 guys dead. i want a certain door to be opened until i kill 8 guys and then close it after they die..can it be done..

» Posted By T0rmentoRrr On 3. December 2013 @ 16:07

PainEditor Tutorial (multiplayer maps)

No No ! I won’t publish anything.. this is just for myself. Like I said I want to discover more from Painkiller behind the scenes. Thanks again for teaching me.

» Posted By T0rmentoRrr On 3. December 2013 @ 16:55

Well well, again thanks for the help ! How did you find all this stuff…Why did I not think of that trick with the ambush.. you must have some experience with this. And that new command I never seen here…you taught me to use for the monster corpses, very useful it worked. Tell me just this did you have professional help and are there many new commands like that?

» Posted By T0rmentoRrr On 3. December 2013 @ 16:38

Ok.. what i don’t get is this… how do I make things happen like launch some monsters after i teleport or after i take a secret..if i put commands on that onTouch thingy from the teleport or from the secret area it does nothing.. what i do wrong?

» Posted By T0rmentoRrr On 3. December 2013 @ 16:23

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.