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Painkiller Insanity Mod 1.0

Wtf is this? You just changed ( or multiplied ) the numbers on the spawners. One change. That’s not professional at all. And the bugs omgggg the bugs!! because of them spawning like that are stomach aching.
Some rooms are almost not passable because you have not enough ammooo!!
I’m sorry but it’s rly poor quality mod. It’s hard AF in some levels even in nightmare.
Play Ordeal v2 by Shadow Reborn if you want many good quality changes, new levels and visual stuff that are rly good. Also a book lot of fixes. Maybe u learn smth.

» Posted By SolomonJ On 4. November 2015 @ 11:13

Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 – Released!!

The playthrough is pretty hard man but I like it. I finished nightmare and it was a real nightmare. I think I will have to replay b4 i attempt to play trauma.
I had to return to get all cards.
Now I play the new levels again. They are pretty hard on Nightmare as well and being only fighting, they really help me improve you know. I like the gameplay a lot. Congrats for that. I used your videos for secrets.
I will replay nightmare to get all cards as I go. Great ideas for secrets btw.
Catacombs, cathedral, snowy bridge, opera, abandoned factory, forest(omg), tower(omg), docks. These were my biggest nightmares, hehe.
Good mod, man ! I learned a lot from the scripts as well. Made huge progress with that too.
Painkiller is awesome, I hope it will love FOREVER !

» Posted By SolomonJ On 3. September 2015 @ 23:07

I now play Nightmare with unlocking cards and it’s really challenging for me but I love the new card conditions. They are way harder and make you think. I think I will have to comeback with cards later for some of them.
I played through the campaign once when I wrote the first time, but mostly rushed and cheated. Like I said, saw it was worth it and now I want to try and challenge myself through it. No more cheating.
Victor, I really like your grapple hook mod. It’s hard to use, but I will learn.
I will try to make my own challenges and monster changes too after I fully finish playthrough, but I won’t post.
Good game, everyone!

» Posted By SolomonJ On 19. August 2015 @ 21:24

Ok, I didn’t want to offend here.
I’m not sharing my changes with the public.
All the time invested in changing everything and playing was because your mod seemed worth it.
Like I said rly nice experience.
I tried to play beforehand and it was rly challenging but I wanted not to delete your hard work but try to play somehow and also learn more in scripts and editing.
Please consider a v3 because I am sure you can make a even better version.
I hope you will understand my motives. I am not like your enemies here in the comments. I respect you as a fellow pk fan and modder.
Have fun with v3.

» Posted By SolomonJ On 16. August 2015 @ 04:32

I mean I activated some cheats and made some monsters’ health smaller.
Also gave some ammo in some levels. I like to play with the scripts and editor and I’m thinking of creating something myself if I gather enough knowledge.
There are a lot of mods out to inspire from. But I’ll make original stuff. I mean inspire in mechanics and how scripts work. Nothing more than that.
Yes, it’s been a long time since I played pk so I wasn’t really in shape to play Ordeal.
Thanks for the reply.

» Posted By SolomonJ On 16. August 2015 @ 03:33

Why all these fights in the comments? It’s just a mod, don’t like don’t play.
For me it was a rly nice experience.
Was expecting a tad more content and changes but I’m pleased with what I saw in the end.
The new levels were super nice too.
Kudos to the author for all the fixing though.
I have some experience with the pk code and editor and I had … help in passing through until the end of ordeal diff, so to speak. That diff is f*ing insane to say the least.
Hope in v3 to see more complicated stuff and more content especially on the last diff.
Painkiller will never die in my opinion so people should never give up on playing/modding it.

» Posted By SolomonJ On 16. August 2015 @ 02:58

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.