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Black Night Marathon 6 *LORD|BALET wins*

Maybe il Play too πŸ˜‰

» Posted By SlavOK On 25. December 2014 @ 18:30

5 Kings duel cup

Play offline – it’s means free time when some stream and some players are ready to play
We start when register minimum else 3 players: 3Dimon3, revenge, bongzilla.

» Posted By SlavOK On 20. June 2013 @ 10:23

Fanatics Duel Cup #1 *sk1p wins*

1st German
2nd Polish
3rd Russians
4th Bulgarian
5th Ukrainian

» Posted By SlavOK On 30. January 2013 @ 12:36

Black / Night / Marathon V *Finished*


» Posted By SlavOK On 22. December 2012 @ 08:30

We upload maps for week before starting.

» Posted By SlavOK On 29. November 2012 @ 16:55

DM_Opera have problem to loading in Painkiller Lite. Write error: “Warning!! Old waypoint format don’t work with savegame!!” HV, are you sure want to add DM_Opera to maplist BNM5?

» Posted By SlavOK On 29. November 2012 @ 14:56

And will done, we just choose a maps now. Tell your choice.

» Posted By SlavOK On 21. November 2012 @ 08:39

1. SlavOK BNM5 (server unknow yet)
I think best of maps is:


* * * Black / Night / Marathon V * * *

» Posted By SlavOK On 18. November 2012 @ 16:22

Play More Painkiller Cup *sk1p wins*

Congratulate. I propose to continue in tdm mode. Top4 will be play 3 matches. JFF πŸ™‚
1) sk1p,AndySYS -vs- killua-chan,SlavOK
2) sk1p,killua-chan -vs- AndySYS,SlavOK
3) sk1p,SlavOK -vs- AndySYS,killua-chan

» Posted By SlavOK On 7. December 2011 @ 11:11

Prodigy Painkiller Movie

Yes, with sound problems, but this is not a problem video. Download and watch normal πŸ˜‰

» Posted By SlavOK On 1. December 2010 @ 05:35

What I say: Firstly, as always super frags! sK1p OMG, see through walls as if. Secondly, I’m here, 2 frags, great. Daniel Garner, is our Russian? When he was with a white name, it was noob. πŸ˜‰ But too well that he was in the video. And third, titles lol especially liked the inscription “SlavOK – bug monster”, well, so it is. πŸ˜€

» Posted By SlavOK On 29. November 2010 @ 10:53

Black Night Marathon 4 Movie

Ye! I am very glad to see it! πŸ™‚
Sorry for not able to attend. πŸ™
Wait for the next marathon! πŸ˜‰

» Posted By SlavOK On 17. November 2010 @ 08:47

Movement Guide by PKZONE

Excellent video about the operational movement of the game. When looked at normal speed, then OMG. Need of quick thinking where you want to be like, and what button to press! πŸ™‚

» Posted By SlavOK On 16. November 2010 @ 12:27

Painkiller: Supernatural *Update*

Very strange bug. I was not like this. I have only one level does not start. Try to whole the level again.

» Posted By SlavOK On 19. November 2010 @ 02:41

Yeah Woremochine. The only way to get this secret. At least I did not find portals, all of it happened. But the branches interfere.

» Posted By SlavOK On 17. November 2010 @ 09:57

» Posted By SlavOK On 13. November 2010 @ 16:41

I don’t know. Give your site where i can upload picture

» Posted By SlavOK On 13. November 2010 @ 15:29

No, I do not need it. I have already passed the game at 5 stars

» Posted By SlavOK On 13. November 2010 @ 13:54

Ah the_silent, hat is, you took the very first secret, where the legs behind bars armor megahealth and sacred objects. It’s a long time I was searching for portal! And your secret is taken as follows:
I think you’ll understand πŸ˜‰

» Posted By SlavOK On 13. November 2010 @ 02:30

Always glad to help πŸ˜‰

» Posted By SlavOK On 10. November 2010 @ 08:18

the_silent, you mean this room?

» Posted By SlavOK On 10. November 2010 @ 05:23

Passed this mod in 5 *. :]
Of course the super mod I want to say, very pleased at the level of C7L7_Village_Of_The_Damned secret to hell. Music from the Doom, hellgun, more monsters and more. At the level of C7L18_Forbidden_Valley with cats, too, an interesting point! But the level of C7L20_Innsmouth2 I have not started. Does someone have to run? πŸ™
And later I rec C7L14_Agoraphobia, very nice level. I founded MEGALOL! πŸ˜€

» Posted By SlavOK On 9. November 2010 @ 08:41

I too, stuped XFire

» Posted By SlavOK On 4. November 2010 @ 10:29

Here, now picture

» Posted By SlavOK On 4. November 2010 @ 10:28

Sorry, but I do not know how to edit scripts πŸ™ If I could, then completed the mod would own without bug.

» Posted By SlavOK On 4. November 2010 @ 08:40

Eggtooth, I’m not Sciatoslav, I’m SlavOK πŸ™‚ What problems you have, may be i can help

» Posted By SlavOK On 4. November 2010 @ 08:35

You mean this room? Use jump-pad.

» Posted By SlavOK On 4. November 2010 @ 07:05

Hell Gates Resurrection Mod

Nice. I liked it! It is a pity that only one level

» Posted By SlavOK On 2. November 2010 @ 10:12

HowTo edit PK models with Blender / Milkshape3d

Wow! Yes it is already higher programming πŸ™‚

» Posted By SlavOK On 17. August 2010 @ 06:02

SP_StreetFighter – Overdose SP Map

Cool! Now play! πŸ˜‰
HV can reply to the previous topic?

» Posted By SlavOK On 31. July 2010 @ 05:49

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.