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SoulCatcher Weapod Mod PK 1.64

I see.
It’s good to have another hardcore Pk player!
Your praise is much appreciated too.:)
Good gaming!

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 17. February 2016 @ 03:07

I ran a few tests and as far as I can tell the weapon feels clunky and weird, but that is beside the point. Using it also removes the point of the Soul Catcher card.

It seems there are no files overlapping so it works with Ordeal V2…the weapon appears in every level and some of the existing ammo is exchanged with Soulcatcher one. This is not ok sadly because you have less ammo for the other weapons and is changing the gameplay.

The weapon does not appear in the new levels brought by Ordeal V2 because the mod does not know about them so it only affects the original levels.

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 16. February 2016 @ 13:45

Ouroboros Painkiller Fragmovie – PK 10 Years Anniversary

Amen to that! As long as there are PK fans out there, the game will live on even if the devs left it to rot.

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 12. April 2014 @ 19:34

Painkiller: Reload 4.0 is Released!!

Watch your tongue. I only insulted BloodFlower because he openly said bad things about Ordeal, which I never did myself.
Let’s cut the crap shall we?

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 4. November 2013 @ 13:45

Actually if you look at the comments, I haven’t posted any negative feedback about the Reload Mod whatsoever. The people that “hate it” are no more than players who got to try it and went back to comment on their impression.

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 4. November 2013 @ 13:15

You are so wise Havcom. My feedback is positive I am very happy. You and your friends on the other hand, are the severely butthurt ones.

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 4. November 2013 @ 13:13

Yes, well put. I really don’t want to waste anymore time with this Mod but will not hesitate to do the right thing if needed.

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 4. November 2013 @ 11:40

You are a butthurt imbecile, my friend. :))

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 4. November 2013 @ 10:49

Yes, I hope you didn’t. Avoid copying even a light from now on. Even better, avoid the Mod completely since it is nothing anyway.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 14:01

It is more because you cheated into Ordeal difficulty prematurely and all who reviewed played superficially, not in depth and generally it all felt like everyone was trying to find anything bad to say about the Mod. I ignore this behavior.
No, we will not talk about “the tastes” since this is an elaborate and more individual oriented topic.
This is a topic about Reload so I say we stop here and just agree to have a certain respect towards each other, if you agree.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 04:24

If it is not stated somewhere in game then maybe it is not meant to be used just like that. It is revealed at a certain point but that is part of progression as I said.
The hack was changing the position of the weapons to your liking and going into the files for the console command prematurely.
Any Mod should be played as it is.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 03:03

I am not interested in hacking your or any other man’s Mod. It is just lack of respect.
If you fail to see something new or you can’t find anything to like and to make you go on, then don’t play it at all. Uninstall and forget about it. That was my idea of a good progression and changing that does not mean you played it.
Yes, it is not for you, so I advice you to never try out an Ordeal again since if there will ever be another one, they will all be like this.
Let’s respect each other and not modify the way a Mod is for our own liking. If you don’t like it in it’s original state, don’t play it.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 02:27

Well you said about the new levels there. It is your opinion.
However, you hacked my Mod and went into Ordeal difficulty straight on and due to this it can not be considered a full review. Not even close.
In general you did not like much (if at all) so please never touch any other version of Ordeal Mod (if there will ever be) again. Just fully ignore it.
I will end this discussion here.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 01:28

I understand. I have no choice but to believe you.
The translator is bad. I suggest you use an interpreter because you might misunderstand a lot.
I wouldn’t have minded that much if you and your friends haven’t said only bad things about the Mod and then suddenly you liked something and integrated it. It was hypocrisy.
Show me the review then if it is a full one.
I don’t think I will find enough time to make a review these days because it would require me to replay in order to remember everything I had felt when playing. Besides, this would most likely start a war and being civilized, I try to avoid that.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 00:29

I only saw those first in Resurrection, so it’s the same to me. I still credited the man for his first spark.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 00:08

I think you missed the part where I said that IT COULD BE A COINCIDENCE and your ideas can match mine. But you did steal something and probably more but I am just tired to waste time with this. Do not patronize me.
I do not doubt your skills, you are capable and that is why you should not listen to ideas from others and implement only your ideas.
Yes, I played through your Mod fully and that’s how I discovered these coincidences. For the Checkpoint light, it seemed strangely familiar so I checked deeper. I do not open up your files just to meddle. I will not make a review of what I think about this Mod after playing, since it would take too much time.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 14. October 2013 @ 00:07

Ok, Havcom, since you insist. Search “Painkiller Ordeal Mod New Secrets Part 1” in YouTube. I will try to point out the very similar ones.
As you know, Ordeal V1 and V2 have been released a long time ago and the ideas for the secret places could have been copied.
In the video description, click “show more” and starting from under the drawn line, you can see the levels with timers in front to help you jump at the respective new secrets from that particular level.
Following this, I can say that the very first secret from Cemetery is similar to one of yours.
– Catacombs, the secret again is similar,
– Factory, second secret,
– Palace, first one, you put ammo there.
Go to Part 2 of the video and click on “show more” and we can go on:
– Loony Park, the only one,
– Leningrad, the new secret (not the fixed empty one).
These are what I’ve seen in V1.
If you want from V2 too, search for “Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 Snowy Bridge Secrets Walkthrough” and find secret 7 in the video. The same place is used in Reload.
Next, search “Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 Laboratory Secrets Walkthrough” and find secret 3. You used that spot for an armor.
Well, that’s what I found in a glimpse.
These might be coincidences after all and you might have thought of these places too.

No need to start a war, so simply avoid copying anything from Ordeal from now on. Find inspiration and/or ideas anywhere else but there. I respected and will always respect this concerning Reload.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 13. October 2013 @ 23:14

YOU must be kidding. I didn’t say my idea was genius, just that it was mine and he stole it to make his life easier after you guys said that my Mod is so crappy. So avoid it if that’s the case. The issue was more about the new size of the light, not the color so don’t comment on it if you have no idea what it’s all about and simply rush to defend Reload.
I thought of implementing everything in Ordeal Mod by myself and merely credited Sviatoslav (yes I actually do that) for porting a few dynamic lights INTO Painkiller FROM Resurrection before I did. It wasn’t his original idea either, so to speak. So no, I haven’t stolen anything and never will since it is pathetic.
I have never heard of that Mod before. It’s good that you keep track of everything, after all, where should your ideas come from, right?
For all I care, you can judge me all you want, just don’t copy anything from my Mods especially since, in your words, it does not provide anything .
End of discussion.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 13. October 2013 @ 23:05

I see. Well I can’t be sure since they are protected. No, no need to send it. Let us agree on not to copy anything from each other.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 13. October 2013 @ 21:22

Ok then as I said, in the future please avoid this situation. I am sure there are probably more but no need to go there since I am not sure since you protected your Mod…why would you protect it if you’ve got nothing to hide?
I shall never copy anything from your Mod so please do me this favor too from now on.

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 13. October 2013 @ 20:43

Please in the future I advise you to restrain yourself from copying content and ideas from my Ordeal Mod Version 2! You copied secret ideas and the new Checkpoint dynamic light from my Mod (I am 100% sure of that),since you realized yours looked awful in V3. My Mod was released before Reload 4.0 so it is obvious you had time. Then you protect your files and say “respect other people’s work” when you obviously don’t respect others. I trusted that people like you (who have a brain) won’t do this. You have lost what little respect I had for you. See to it that this never ever happens again. When you “combine the best of what you see” skip Ordeal!

» Posted By Shadow ReBorn On 13. October 2013 @ 13:34

Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 – Released!!

I thank you for your words!
I’m glad that you enjoyed every aspect of it. 🙂
More stuff like this is planned and in the works, however it will be a long while until something comes out, if it does.
Once again, thank you for your praise. Good gaming!
Happy Holidays to you too.

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 27. December 2017 @ 02:52

Hi there!
I’m glad you fully understand the idea of the Mod as it is! It was indeed tedious and required a slow attentive approach for creating the Mod as it is.:)
I am thrilled that you got to the Ordeal difficulty, enjoyed it and liked the preserved original feeling! The Morph is indeed shorter in the Ordeal difficulty but being able to store it would’ve made things way more easier, trust me.:P
We are also very happy that you liked how the New Levels turned out and that you enjoyed playing through their progression.
Yeah, those laughs are haunting you throughout the Ordeal difficulty, I know.:D
Thank you once more for your kind, encouraging words.:)

Cheers! Good gaming!

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 22. December 2016 @ 14:44

Hello Dominik.

I thank you for your praise and kind words. I did my best.
It is quite possible that more content will follow in a potential future version.
Haha, nice one regarding the “flashy stuff”.:)

Good gaming!

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 6. January 2016 @ 20:59

I’m glad you like it.
I agree it is a bit hard but then again, Insomnia is slightly easier than the original because some cards actually work now.
Yep new levels are challenging especially that you can’t use cards in them.
Well the videos showing the secrets are there to be used by the players if they have troubles so I’m glad they were useful.:)
Good, get all cards!
Well you can only play Forest in Trauma so you are safe for now.
The rest of the levels, well you have to beat them fully to stop the nightmare.
Thanks for your kind words!
Good gaming!;)

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 3. September 2015 @ 23:29

Well said, Victor! Couldn’t have said better myself.:)
How is your playthrough?

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 20. August 2015 @ 14:06

Nice! I like the fact that you enjoy the challenge so much!
Wow, no shuriken doesn’t do that much damage in Nightmare especially if you have armor, but even one hit sometimes matters in that level.:)
You will get the chance to rerun everything in Trauma and Ordeal and so on.:)
You’re welcome, glad they helped! The videos are there for those who really want every single secret. Be sure to watch the ones with Ordeal Mod V2 in title, as they show all secrets: old ones and new ones.
Interesting, but I already have the Steam full version of Black Ed.:)

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 18. August 2015 @ 02:20

Yes…conditions are a bit hard especially in the second chapter. As you progress and get better cards and you yourself get better it will be easier. It’s good that you got the card from Snowy Bridge. It will come in handy many times for grabbing other conditions. One condition (later on) is impossible without it.:)
Well at that part with the tunnel in Snowy Bridge, you should have used cards. Imagine how it would have been if you didn’t go up with the hook? You are meant to stay in the low corridor because monsters get buggy if you somehow get up and the fight is way easier.:)
You can get hit a few times if you have a golden armor (without failing in the end). Problem is getting all the souls or almost every soul after collecting the megahealth (and you have 250).
Indeed there several deadly combinations in the game.:)
No monster can outrun you if you continuously bunny-hop.:)
Don’t let the samurais self-suicide and shoot them dead when they try to do it. That way you’ll never worry about that move.
Give’em hell!

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 17. August 2015 @ 14:18

You got that right. Without planning you’ll end up dead and without any condition beaten.
Well as I said, skip the secrets in the Catacombs time-run. Once that is done, you can easily replay for the secrets and you will have the condition unlocked as well.
It is pretty easy to quick jump in Painkiller once you get the hang of it.:)
Yes, I know about the hook. Try not to cheat too much though with it in order to get the secrets. It is helping you out even if it is tough to use.
That’s good! I hope you will enjoy the challenges and everything the Mod has to offer as you progress. Indeed, Nightmare is the best in order to start unlocking cards for progression and eventually up the difficulty. After you are done with the Painkiller act (played through all difficulties) you can move on to BooH and import your cards and Credits.
Keep at it and you will feel very satisfied when you manage to complete epic feats!

» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 17. August 2015 @ 02:39

I see. Well Ordeal is not supposed to make you throw your computer out the window because of the difficulty.:) Nightmare is still not that hard as you might have noticed in some levels. Some levels are even pretty easy to beat their condition. However, things do get harder later on, I promise you.:)

For Asylum you need a good map knowledge for the final run andor good cards to help you out with it.(Haste)

Catacombs are not that hard so just improve your time for the fights before the big one (prefinal). Skip secrets for the time-run of course. You can replay afterwards and get all secrets.

For Prison, stay behind cover when they start shooting and use peek-shots with the Pk. Aim, fire then move behind cover, let the Pk return to your hand by itself, meaning you probably got him.


» Posted By Shadow Reborn On 17. August 2015 @ 01:20

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