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PK: HD DLC 6 – Demonic Vacation At The Blood Sea

My favorite maps from old painkiller nice

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 11. October 2013 @ 22:33

Painkiller: Reload 4.0 is Released!!

Well I also stuck on a lot of maps and dead enemies get bugged so many times when I load a saved game from chapter 2 I cannot change weapon and can’t fire.If the mod tested so many times why is it full of bugs?

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 19. September 2013 @ 16:55

Isn’t that pain engine in that video you linked?

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 18. September 2013 @ 14:27

No it looks like painkiller:HD.The only thing your mod needs from the video is reflections on weapons and shadows for objects

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 18. September 2013 @ 06:50

The mod should add dynamic shadows for objects like ammo boxes and barrels and also use SSAO effect that would be something special.

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 17. September 2013 @ 14:12

I finished the game in trauma like 5 times and Hell&Damnation too so I know how to kill them

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 15. September 2013 @ 08:03

If you want to make him more powerfull then give to players better weapons or make the necrogiant’s second attack to activate on 25%hp not on 3.1.0 version only the 3th boss were good i had to skip the others with cheat if you make the bosses easier your mod will be so mutch better

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 14. September 2013 @ 20:02

You doubled the bosses health this is a really huge mistake.I think the most of player can’t kill necrogiant in this mod with stakegun and shotgun

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 14. September 2013 @ 18:54

I used to kill necrogiant in trauma without dying on old painkiller but with mod i died 5 times in a row at necro on normal because it have so many health and i have only shotgun and stakes + if he below 50% hp he starts to spam an instant killing something.He don’t need that mutch health and other bosses too just bring back old bosses It’s not fun to die 50 times in the first boss and yes i played with 4.0

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 14. September 2013 @ 17:38

I have to agree a bit because bosses are ruined

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 14. September 2013 @ 07:27

Bring back old boss fights bosses are unkillable on nightmare and trauma especially necrogiant and no cheats to skip them

» Posted By Pkresurrection On 12. September 2013 @ 21:00

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.