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Painkiller Insanity Mod 1.0

Yes but I think that the “towers” of monsters are a bad thing to happen. :)) Those that stand still should be left with the original numbers imo.
Those that go through walls are horrible and a real bug, so yeah something should be done about those.

» Posted By Phantom On 8. November 2015 @ 23:55

I think what SolomonJ meant was that a lot of bugs occur due to the monsters spawning on top of another. There can be cases where the monsters go through walls and spawn in another part of the level even thus bugging the game progression-wise and makes me leave the game.
I think your original idea is not bad though, Peppins. Wanting the game to be more challenging has been everyone’s wish I think since the original game is fairly easy even on harder difficulties and the original conditions are super easy.
Having worked quite a lot with the Painkiller files, I know it is very daunting indeed to modify those values for more monsters to come and still have a checkpoint system running. Thus, I applaud for having the patience to do all that.
My point is however that you should’ve taken a bit of care to not have a pile of monsters spawned on top of another by managing the time intervals between each monster wave so that those bugs never happen. But that’s even more work.

» Posted By Phantom On 8. November 2015 @ 22:30

SoulCatcher Weapod Mod PK 1.64

If you’re referring to the Original Painkiller, as in, without BooH…you should know that the rifle/flamethrower and the boltgun should NOT be there since they came out with BooH. If they show up using the cheatcode it’s a bug.
If you also have BooH installed and you’re playing BooH, and you still can’t see those 2 weapons then it IS a bug from this mod and you should talk to the creator of the mod.
I’m just a huge fan of the game who tried to help out.

» Posted By Phantom On 22. January 2016 @ 03:07

Ghost Town – Painkiller Singleplayer Level

That’s how the level is made to start with no weapons and 75 health.
I was shocked and annoyed when I first played this map too, but play on and you’ll eventually find weapons.
You have to dodge a few monsters until you find something to kill them with though. I thought this was a bad idea at first but at least it’s something new and I liked the idea in the end. :))
You can also read the article at the end of the post. You may find some help there.

» Posted By Phantom On 18. February 2015 @ 10:43

Ouroboros Painkiller Fragmovie – PK 10 Years Anniversary

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Painkiller game! May you live for many more years to come!

» Posted By Phantom On 12. April 2014 @ 17:23

Painkiller: Reload 4.0 is Released!!

So, if PKZone is the ONLY site that hates Reload and you have so much positive feedback from other websites, why are you and BloodFlower so angry and throw shit at Ordeal? If you are SO successful out there.:)
Leave us alone and stop insulting me and Reborn.
You gain nothing from this, we are happy, satisfied with Ordeal’s feedback.
And DON’T call me an idiot and a slut when I never insulted you. 🙂

» Posted By Phantom On 4. November 2013 @ 13:51

Oh dear, someone woke up very angry this morning. Had a nightmare?
Please spare the shit with 1001 bugs, okay? NO ONE is doubting your abilities. We’re just doubting that there are so many bugs.
Free tarot cards?You must start the game from scratch then. Such a thing never happened.

Full review:Yes, I will bother to make one if you don’t stop throwing shit at us out of blind rage!

P.S. Stop swearing, I never insulted you! I just said what I truly think about the Mod and about your behavior.

» Posted By Phantom On 4. November 2013 @ 13:42

Yes, of course, Reload is loved on pkrus among your 15 years old (mostly) friends and other russian community sites you are in. But outside of your “friend” circle the world is a looot meaner to you and you just can’t take it. You and your friends rage and start throwing shit at everything you do not like.

» Posted By Phantom On 4. November 2013 @ 13:38

Yes, BloodFlower, please do that. Don’t forget to use cheats, hack some files in order to create some bugs and then show how “buggy” Ordeal is! The only bugs that could be there are from the original game which MAY have been missed or are unfixable.

If you do that we will make a FULL review or video about Reload, because I have played it fully and there are a LOT of things to say.
But I won’t waste my precious time with the review… unless you do that.

» Posted By Phantom On 4. November 2013 @ 11:36

BUGS AND TRASH ?? You have a serious major attitude problem behaving like a 10 year old. Someone messes with your favorite toy so you decide to mess with their toy too?
I thought you can behave like grown-ups but I see I am terribly mistaken. Throwing shit at Ordeal when your precious Reload is hated? It is not Ordeal’s fault that Reload is hated. So STOP accusing other mods for something that isn’t there only because you are butthurt and raged.

» Posted By Phantom On 4. November 2013 @ 11:10

Painkiller Trickjumps by Artas1984

Really impressive performance. I’ve always loved bunnyhopping and PK-jumping in this game.
It’s a shame really that you don’t find a good game that allows so much movement freedom these days.

Nice work with the video!

» Posted By Phantom On 2. November 2013 @ 18:00

Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 – Released!!

Perhaps you shouldn’t have dived right into Ordeal difficulty , so that you don’t get owned.
There is enough content on all the difficulties. Ordeal difficulty is only for dedicated players that have finished progressively on all the other difficulties.

» Posted By Phantom On 12. March 2018 @ 21:57

Yes, you need to get cards from all difficulties, in progression, in order to unlock the Ordeal difficulty.

» Posted By Phantom On 27. December 2017 @ 03:19

I don’t really understand what you’re saying. But after unlocking all 24 cards in Painkiller and 9 cards + bonus level from BooH, the Ordeal difficulty should be unlocked. There is no bug regarding this.

» Posted By Phantom On 27. December 2017 @ 02:56

I’m glad you’re enjoying and playing.
If you really make your own version for the conditions and other stuff (kind of a mod) you might as well post it, but only if you make it on the original game (not on another mod).
Good luck with unlocking the conditions.

Some of them are really hard even on Nightmare so don’t give up.

» Posted By Phantom On 19. August 2015 @ 22:09

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂
I was wondering what did you mean by “had some help”…did you pass nightmare, trauma and then ordeal ?
The Ordeal difficulty is extremely challenging yes, but it is manageable with cards if you don’t want to challenge yourself.
Yes, I agree that a game can never die while there are still people who love it and play it.

» Posted By Phantom On 16. August 2015 @ 03:25

Brilliant idea to make this tutorial for Linux, since I’m sure there are players who play the Linux version and it will prove helpful.
Thanks for your nice words !

» Posted By Phantom On 15. June 2015 @ 01:14

Thanks a bunch from me as well !
Enjoy the Mod !

» Posted By Phantom On 22. April 2014 @ 22:50

Wow! Really, thanks a lot! I am very happy you liked my maps and that you liked the whole Mod. Congrats for finishing the whole playthrough! 🙂

» Posted By Phantom On 2. October 2013 @ 15:46

I meant .. I dislike Redemption.
Serious Sam is one of the most awesome games I’ve played. 🙂

» Posted By Phantom On 17. September 2013 @ 19:13

Thank you for supporting the Mod and understanding what my general idea was when I created these new levels.

I did intend to make a different gameplay compared to Redemption because neither do I believe that a Serious Sam type of gameplay is welcome in Painkiller, as it was done in Pk Redemption. I also dislike that game.

» Posted By Phantom On 17. September 2013 @ 15:56

Hello Hellen,

It’s everyone’s right to create their own mods and I wouldn’t have said anything, ever, if people wouldn’t have started saying that the Ordeal Mod does not offer anything and it’s NOT ORIGINAL…..but on the other hand they say that a Mod that COPIES and IMPORTS textures and architecture from another game and bundles it together in one Mod is ORIGINAL and it adds so much stuff and it’s so great.
I can’t stand it and it annoys me when people say all kinds of stuff and accuse Ordeal about things that aren’t there. It adds a big number of cool features that were NEVER seen anywhere, and it fixes a huge amount of bugs that nobody else fixed…
I just wish that people were realistic and think before accusing a Mod of something…and not just jump right to conclusions before even playing it…

» Posted By Phantom On 11. July 2013 @ 12:35

I am still confused about why people prefer and love mods that offer an abundance of “new” fake textures and a pile of super flashy effects just to make it look a bit different and …they think it’s all “original”.

This Mod does its job perfectly regarding the concept of originality, by fixing an incredible HUGE amount of bugs that were left in the game (read the changelog!), It also adds many cool, ORIGINAL features that are worth checking out and that really give the player a whole new awesome experience !

I’m the author of the new levels…The author liked them and decided to professionally integrate them into his Mod.

Overall, its a great and amazing Mod and it is definitely worth downloading !!

» Posted By Phantom On 8. July 2013 @ 20:10

Mod-Kit for PK:HD announced

Yes.. and that’s exactly why a lot of poorly made mods were released sadly.. I hope it won’t be the same with PK HD..I’m tired of it…What’s more frustrating is that up to this very day they still can’t leave the beautiful original Painkiller alone and they keep releasing new flashy I said least..not ALL of them are pieces of shit 😉

» Posted By Phantom On 19. March 2013 @ 17:36

Great! Another opportunity for little excited kids to mess with this game. As if messing with the original Painkiller wasn’t enough… Oh least not EVERYTHING turned out to be a complete disaster… We shall see..

» Posted By Phantom On 13. March 2013 @ 22:59

Great! Another opportunity for little excited kids to mess with this game. As if messing with the original Painkiller wasn’t enough… Oh least not EVERYTHING turned out to be a complete disaster… We shall see..

» Posted By Phantom On 13. March 2013 @ 22:55

Ordeal Mod Version 2 is coming…

That’s awesome!!! I can’t wait for version 2 to be released and try out all the new features, since version one was so great. Keep up the good work ! 🙂

» Posted By Phantom On 10. January 2013 @ 01:40

Painkiller Hell & Damnation – Feature Trailer

More content, YAY ! 8 days left, right? 🙂 I’m so extremely curious.

» Posted By Phantom On 23. October 2012 @ 17:27

PK:HD september news roundup

Thanks! Hope so as well.

» Posted By Phantom On 24. September 2012 @ 17:20

Looks gorgeous ! Is the release date still scheduled for the end of October?

» Posted By Phantom On 24. September 2012 @ 15:09

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