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Powermad 3.63

You’re absolutely right! Time card Double Time Bonus validity lasts for 20 seconds more, so in total 50 seconds. Without it, the effect of the golden card ends after 30 seconds. Soon admin will update the Download button. So wait.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 8. October 2016 @ 14:38

Artas, no, I had not contacted him, although his e-mail is known, but I’m not sure that his mail is active and that I will get the answer from him. And besides, when following the link to his website, the browser says, “Server is not found”. This version is more perfect in contrast to the 3.62a, and it, accordingly, does not require any permission to rework because the copyright still belongs to mr. Kalme.

Peter answered for me.

I can say with certainty that Ivan Ertlov to my nickname has nothing to do. He is main developer of company Homegrown Games, created an addon called “Painkiller: Resurrection” in 2009.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 5. October 2016 @ 19:33

1. SMG/Flame Thrower is in LP. Was returned to its rightful place.
2. Minigun is first found only in the Dead City somewhere in the middle of the level. Therefore to hope that you missed in previous stages of the game – it’s in vain.
3. The first secret (in the script name – he’s the 4th) moved to its former place, where the first relic.

In the 1st and the 3th items I made a serious defect, but thanks to you I fixed them all. So I strongly recommend to download the updated PM 3.63. And I hope that such incidents will not happen again in the future. Link

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 5. October 2016 @ 18:22

Generally, I think the Overdose needs no changes, it is perfect. But you can make a list of the bugs (and share it) that annoy you during the passage.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 5. October 2016 @ 18:18

Honestly, no, because I will soon be engaged in artistic activities, that is, drawing sketches to all levels of Painkiller + BooH, which will be painted in the spirit of the developers of these games.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 23. September 2016 @ 14:46

I forgot to fix this bug in the program. Here’s the fix, follow the installation instructions and restart the level Town. Link

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 23. September 2016 @ 13:55

All right, everything will be saved (except for sketch C6L9_Mine).

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 22. September 2016 @ 16:57

Yes, this powermad overwrites the data virtually of any patches. The main changes are taken from my patch 1.65.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 22. September 2016 @ 16:03

Unofficial Patch v1.65 for Painkiller

A miracle has happened! I gathered those two fixes into one set, so now you can evaluate it in practice. Suggestions, feedback you can write me here or in contacts. I apologize for such a long waiting period. I had difficulties in my life, so I could not publish last week. But now all is well. Download

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 28. October 2016 @ 09:12

Someday in the distant future, If inspiration will come to me. =)

First need to get permission from Lemmers before posting here so as not to violate copyright. It is the right step. Atom0s personally approved my proposal; so one problem less. If within three days he will not be able to answer, then I will post the hybrid mod in the downloads. But I’ll leave here the my contacts, so everyone can get a promised fix.

Skype: n-makhno

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 17. October 2016 @ 15:00

Don’t worry, everything is almost ready. It remains only to formalize the manual and add some features. Will be done by Sunday or Monday.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 14. October 2016 @ 17:30

Now the StakegunGL is in the hands of player in catacombs, even if player forgot or did not find in the previous level Atrium. In addition, the town issued four guns, as it should be.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 23. September 2016 @ 14:24

Yesterday I wrote a post where I described the reason for the error, which weapon has not appeared somehow in two levels, but it is checked by the moderator (probably not soon). So please re-download the patch and load the levels Catacombs & Town.

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 23. September 2016 @ 14:17

Peter, it is possible to integrate, even though identical files that can contain almost the same text, but with some differences. And the names of the authors that you mentioned above, unknown to me, but I can help you to combine two amazing fix. 🙂

» Posted By Painkiller-Ivan On 10. July 2016 @ 11:00

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