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Ghost Town – Painkiller Singleplayer Level

Great article too. Just found that. Very informative, especially since I’m also trying to create mods. Also….i just had to reinstall custom loader and everything returned to normal. So again. AWESOME job

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 4. January 2015 @ 06:09

Nice…nice…NICELY done. That was fun. After i Installed all the pieces, it changed something in my game so it no longer lets me play other mods. So now i have to re-install PK in another folder or just reinstall this one. That creates a headache, so you might make a note of that.

Still….great mod.

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 4. January 2015 @ 04:05

Painkiller Supernatural 2.0

JUST A couple levels into it and magnificently done, sir. Magnificent. Great job on the new lighting. Cool secrets. Am so-so about the vocals from HLDM….it’s amusing for a while. Could be used less. But no big deal. Still….an awesome achievement.

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 8. October 2014 @ 08:51

Painkiller Modern Graphics (Demo)

I can’t get this to work at all. Not sure if you’re supposed to replace ALL the contents of the folders…..or just add them (as with most mods). I’ve done both….and neither work. I hit the modern graphics.exe and either nothing happens or my virus software says it’s a virus and deletes it. Could you leave more detailed installation instructions?

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 16. September 2014 @ 07:15

Painkiller: Reload 4.0 is Released!!

Havcom – i’m a HUGE fan of the last Reload. Love it to death (and beyond death, if you’ll excuse the pun). Not diggin’ this one so much. I suppose I’m not as hardcore as some….though i’m pretty good….so i’m not able to try it on the harder settings..but it’s not enough new stuff to just make it harder and kill the cheats. However, those new maps are AWEsome. that is cool. (yes, i started them using the editor and played a bit….kind’a cheated). Really nice gameplay and such on that new forest one. I love your work….but you have done more interesting stuff in the past. Still, highly impressive you can even do this. I’m working on mods myself and I can’t imagine what it took to create a whole new roster of levels like this.

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 1. October 2013 @ 06:06

Painkiller Trickjumps by Artas1984

nothing short of a-fucking-mazing. Beyond impressive.

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 12. January 2014 @ 09:32

Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 – Released!!

that was seriously AWEsome – so far. Played with the 9 new levels and GREAT job on reworking the layout by using walls in different places. Redemption used those same mulitplayer maps and it was not very interesting, but you took them to new places. Congrats. Great job. Played a bit of regular PK and BOOH….and not seeing anything new and engaging there…..(but then i can’t play it in ordeal mode, so i’ll miss out on whatever you did there). Still, it’s a mod….it’s free….and it’s more advanced than I can create. I’m working on some mods myself. so i get it. Again, nice job.

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 1. October 2013 @ 05:50

Combat Zone – Painkiller BOOH Single Player Map

this rules dude…..keep it up. YOU need to put together a team to create the new generation of PK. Please….i beg of you. Please.

» Posted By mr lahey On 10. March 2013 @ 08:32

Painkiller Reload Mod by Havcom *Downloadlink*

I figured it out….you have monster spawnpoint 0172 behind the door that closes when you walk into ambushForPlayer 016. So that spawns some monsters after the door closes. I’m going to try move it and save it in the editor…..hope it doesn’t crash the whole freakin’ game.

» Posted By mr lahey On 27. March 2013 @ 04:23

this is SOOOO badass. Thanx Havcom. But i’m seriously stuck on complex of Towers….or perhaps there’s an error. There are several baddies trapped by behind the door next to ambush for player 016. I don’t know if they’re supposed to be or not. But i can’t find anything to activate a door to allow me to kill them….so that level is stuck. Or rather i’m stuck in that level. Help!

» Posted By mr lahey On 27. March 2013 @ 04:00

Painkiller Recurring Evil

Some cool, kind’a creepy moments in here…..which i really dig. Am only through half of the second level – so basically nice job. Not mind-blowing or really awe-inspiring like even some of the free mods….but pretty good so far. Either way, thanx for putting out a new one.

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 1. March 2012 @ 09:59

Damned Shelter

nice job on this… stuff. thanx

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 4. April 2012 @ 05:10

Singleplayer Map – SP_Myst_Beta

this is AMAZING. ingenious use of items to create a whole new architecture. Great monster play….secrets. Thoroughly impressed. It keeps crashing on me and i may not get all the way through…..but amazing.

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 24. February 2014 @ 14:12


great job…..nice new take on it. the boss kind’a made me pee my pants a bit

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 24. February 2014 @ 13:49

Painkiller: Supernatural *Update*

anyone know why this download doesn’t work anymore? was trying to download it again after accidentally killing it off my computer and now the setup just comes back as one big error.

» Posted By mr lahey On 1. November 2012 @ 07:41

Dude….this is one HELL of a mod! thanx. I’ve paid money for the last two, three sequels since Overdose….and this one really does beat them all. And it was free. I look forward to more from you. thanx again

» Posted By Mr Lahey On 1. March 2012 @ 09:54

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