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Painkiller Future

I think a cool new weapon would be a gun that rapidly shoots out stakes with a rotating barrel mechanism, something akin to an old style Gatling gun in operation. The alt fire could shoot a super-stake from a central barrel, and when it penetrates an enemy,  timed released cluster bombs spew out of the butt-end of the stake, after which the stake detonates into one bigger explosion – good for clearing out groups etc.

» Posted By Gryzor On 1. November 2011 @ 06:27

My post went screwy, not sure why

» Posted By Gryzor On 26. October 2011 @ 06:05

“I have often thought that when you have a castle ( which is very often in all versions of PK ) that maybe if there was Gargoyle statues gaurding them, and they can come to life at some point to fight you, OR even fight WITH you, that would be pretty cool I think.”

Yeah, this happens in Blood, a great old horror FPS using the Duke 3D BUILD engine, don’t know if you’ve played it. But I also think this would be a cool idea for PK though    🙂

» Posted By Gryzor On 26. October 2011 @ 06:04

With the insect idea I didn’t want to add unnecessary complications, just sort of a Boss fight strategy. You remember in Doom how you could antagonize the monsters to fight each other – so I was thinking along those lines except in my concept all the monsters don’t have a common goal, some are protecting the Guardian, while others sort of just came into the fray. So in essence one could turn the different types of monsters against each other, leaving the player free to fight the Boss. BTW, I got the idea from reading about the Beta version of Bioshock, which described the various enemies originally having a collective Hive mind structure, so I just kind of threw it out there . . . I guess it really isn’t that good an idea. 

I love Painkiller just as it is as well, so maybe we just need more of the same matching the quality of the original and BOOH    🙂 

» Posted By Gryzor On 26. October 2011 @ 04:43

Well, I think it is important not to forget all the aspects that made the original PK successful, such as the impeccably designed maps, atmospheric (importantly – diversified) environments, exceedingly clever secret places and all-round stellar frenetic meat shooting action. But still, I think it is time for a fresh start, so that means dropping the Pain Engine and all those old assets that have been warmed-over time and again with the recent PK additions. 

I don’t want to lose the gothic tone in the visual style, but aesthetically the new game should feel distinctly different and ultimately unique. I don’t know about the financial concerns, but maybe licensing something like Chrome Engine 5 could be a viable idea, since I feel it gives a good compromise of graphic quality and performance on modest hardware – but more than anything else it would be beneficial to shake things up and inject some freshness, maybe move things in some interesting new directions. The most important thing though is to have experienced artists and designers that can gauge what made the original game work so well.

A weapon upgrade system could be interesting, maybe tougher guardians could drop souls that were absorbed by the weapon you are wielding, so you gain some sort of upgrade or new alt fire mode. I liked the idea of upgrade paths in Hard Reset, but I didn’t like the idea of shifting modes constantly on two weapons – Tedium.

Maybe a new PK could have new enemies, but also tweaked reimaging of some of the old stalwarts. Possibly the enemies could operate in a manner like insects – with drones being standard enemies and bosses being like queens, and maybe the different clans could attack one other and this could bring forward a kind of strategic element.

In terms of plot, it is time to give up on comic strips. We need decent rendered cut scenes and also decent writing to go with it. If that is not possible, resign the story to the manual – it worked out all right for Doom.

Finally, don’t bother with console versions – concentrate on making a good old-school shooter for the PC that is well optimized and sells at a reasonable price point . . . people will buy it.

» Posted By Gryzor On 25. October 2011 @ 06:33

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.