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SoulCatcher Weapod Mod PK 1.64

we don’t know, you have to try.

» Posted By GrilloLandino On 1. February 2016 @ 17:26

One last thought, audio is much better with sound blaster z retail than integrated realtek in mother board.. a real 3d sound ,from 4 or 5 channels and new effects and musics never presents nor heards before.

» Posted By GrilloLandino On 22. January 2016 @ 20:26

The problem is solved, you can try snowy bridge level ,there are no the last 2 weapons at the begin of the level, but you can solve that reloading the level from the map. and there will be all weapons .
can be a trouble with old savegames, i don’t understand this, but is resolved by reloading the levels from the map if there aren’t all weapons from the begin of the levels.

» Posted By GrilloLandino On 22. January 2016 @ 18:43

No, i have painkiller black ,with latest powermad. You have to know that the 2 last weapons in painkiller original were brought by the last patch, the 1.64. the 2 weapons from BOOH, the rifle/flamethrower and the boltgun. And pk black includes BOOH.
I’m reporting it here hoping for the creator Maxim will see here again.

» Posted By GrilloLandino On 22. January 2016 @ 16:47

THere is something wrong, in many levels don’t appear the flamethrower and the boltgun if this mod is installed.
In many levels there is the soul catcher but no the flamethrower and not even the boltgun. and you can’t resolve with the command pkweapons with powermad.

» Posted By GrilloLandino On 22. January 2016 @ 00:35

It has some problems with painkiller original + 1.64 patch + powermad 3.62 .
If i load a level there are all weapons unless soul catcher.
If i try command PKWEAPONS from console it reloads all weapons and gives all old weapons + soul catcher, but without flamethrower-machinegun and less explosive bolts-bouncing explosive weapon (the new 2 weapons from expansion ‘battle out of hell’) .

» Posted By GrilloLandino On 19. January 2016 @ 23:41

Hi, there is somethinw wrong in this, it doesn’t make work the 2 extra weapons in original painkiller, while in booh expansion it does.

» Posted By GrilloLandino On 19. January 2016 @ 22:11

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.