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A small map with lots of enemies. This is my third map, second for Overdose. DM_Meatless converted into Single Player. The enemies are the men of street now. Sprayers, their dogs, street ninjas and other gangsters waiting for you, to kill them. 4 secrets, and 3 holy items can be found too. They’re not so hard. Overdose patch and powermad required. If you have any problems, or find any bugs, please write it down in a comment. Thank you, have fun πŸ™‚ !

(, 16.1 MiB, 250 hits)

  • greentechb

    if anybody got any problems, please write it down! (to fix them in other levels)

  • HV

    … not for beginners ;P

    “If you want a REAL CHALLENGE, play in TRAUMA…but it’ll be very frustrating! :D”

  • SlavOK

    Cool! Now play! πŸ˜‰
    HV can reply to the previous topic?

  • Eggtooth

    also add me to xfire:

    Always on xf, ready to reply to questions. greentechb- can we talk? Your mod is looking cool, i need to talk to you about this, Maybe Redemption add-on? πŸ˜›

  • greentechb

    thanks. we talked on xfire too, but the answer is (in here too :P):
    if you need any help for redemption i’ll help πŸ˜€

  • wjregan

    Hello greentechb,
    I tried your “Streetfighter” map yesterday, it started ok but right after I hit the first check point I got a script error and the game quit.
    Here is a copy of the script error log:

    8/13/2010 5:39:35 PM:

    I have all my drivers updated and there is no other problems with my system. Let me know if you need any more info; I will keep trying on my end; thanks.

  • greentechb

    i have got too much scipt errors in these days. i think i know the problem. you must have overdose patch and powermad-overdose 1.3. if you have these, try to reinstall powermad. i don’t know any better answers, if you’ll still have the problem, pls write again, i’ll think :).

  • wjregan

    Sorry to say, I check everything, powermaid 1.3 & overdose 84.4. everthing goes great until after about 2 min into 2nd check point.
    I reloaded everything and still nogo; same script error log as before, no change in anything.
    It looks like a great map, will try again when you get a chance to go through it.
    I just had a thought, I am using win7, I have had no problems with the other games though.

  • greentechb

    i have XP so i don’t know how is it run on win7. win7 can be the problem, but everyone else could run the map except you so far. the last i can recommend you, try to reinstall game, if it’s not a problem for you. sorry, i will be so sad if you can’t play with streetfighter :(. i created for everyone who loves pk πŸ™‚

  • greentechb

    ahhh, and one thing. i reinstalled my overdose, then installed patch and powermad. everything was right, i completed it without error. so i haven’t got any problems with my game or editor. sry πŸ™

  • wjregan

    I will give it a try, got nothing to lose, but great game play to gain [~:
    I will let you know how it turns out, I have not had any problem with my other XP games,…..yet??

    • greentechb

      there can be problems with win7 later, but i hope you won’t have any πŸ™‚
      and i hope my map will work on a fresh-installed overdose… (for me it works with fresh-install too)

  • wjregan

    well I finally got around too removing everything and reloading it all back in. Your mod now runs, but gets a little mixed up at times as to which save-point lights up. Overall it is a real nice level although it can get a little confusing at times (lol).

  • greentechb

    thx :D. so far nobody have problems with my mod, but i’ll look it again πŸ˜‰


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