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My second map for PK-games. This one is a remake of Battle out of Hell’s bonus map, C6L0_PCFHQ. 9 secrets and lots of enemies awaits for you.


Read the txt for more information!

Download: SP abysmaldawn
(SP abysmaldawn, 19.4 MiB, 292 hits)

  • HV

    Yeah, this level is not for beginners…

    I can’t load the level without a HellGun Mod 🙂

  • greentechb

    yeah I thought i had to say it’s an advantage if you have that. it seems the map needs it to work. now i know it 😀

  • SlavOK

    Cool! HellgunMod and BigMod has made Sviatoslav, he russian player.
    You can make textures on HellGun?

  • greentechb

    what kind of textures are you thinking?
    to HV: if you found any mistakes or ‘not so good’ things in my level, please tell me to let me avoid them in my next level! thank you.

  • SlavOK

    I have in view of a textures on HellGun can put? Here

  • greentechb

    unfortunately i don’t much about texturing. ask your question on the forum, maybe HV, SK1P or somebody can help you. sorry 🙁


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