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As we all know we rarely have an opportunity to play something new for PK game. Known map creators Russia Lexar & Russia str_ghost published a really fresh singleplayer map called Labyrinth for Painkiller 1.64. This map takes you into the world of narrow pyramids filled with monsters. Click download and check the map, it’s free.


How to start the map:

  • Install Powermad,
  • Extract,
  • Copy folders Items, Levels, LScripts, Maps, Music & Textures to the directory C:\Program Files\DreamCatchers\Painkiller\Data,
  • Start Painkiller,
  • Use command pmloadlevel Labirint to load level.
[spoiler show=”Walkthrough” hide=”Hide walkthrough”]Painkiller Reload – Labirint Walkthrough Version (

Painkiller Rise of Evil Mod: Labirint (Part 1)

Painkiller Rise of Evil Mod: Labirint (Part 2)


Download: SP_Labirint
(SP_Labirint, 73.1 MiB, 333 hits)



17. January 2013 20:52

Hmm this map has a very special atmosphere, the level’s theme is a very good choice, i like the scenery in most occasions. I noticed several bugs in the level design, and i also have problems with the secrets. i saw many good places to place a secret area there, but i always fell out from the map because of that invisible wall on the top it was a bit annoying. It’s also not a hard thing to import monsters from overdose, some could be very nice to see in this level. The enemy placement was a bit linear in my opinion. Also there could be more opponents in the labirynth part and less in the desert. By the way, it’s always good to see a custom map for painkiller, so i’ll be happy if more stuff coming, and i like this release also, thank you 🙂


22. September 2013 08:50

This map looks nice but i cant install this map. Should I place this map somewhere or what? When I’m writing “pmloadlevel labirint”, my character is dying, and game is crashing.


    22. September 2013 17:53

    most likely you have entered the wrong map name. Look in the folder Data / Levels, the name of the Level and enter This is the name.


22. September 2013 12:05

Extract all folders to the “…PainkillerData” directory.

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