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Author: TranZit
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I represent to your attention an addon for this beautiful weapon. This addon introduces a large number of both small and large changes to the weapon and everything it relates to. The list of changes below.

Changelog v1.00.00 from 05.20.2016 »

  • NEW: Added three new attacks:
    1) Shot with three homing discs. Deals total damage; themselves are directed on the monster only in the event that the shot was aimed at him at the shot. Requires 30 catridges. Activated by pressing the mouse wheel;
    2) Shot with the disc under tension. Sticks into the surface and attacks the monster with green rays; after a few seconds, it explodes. Requires 95 catridges. Activated first by clicking on the right mouse button, then (holding the right button) on the scroll wheel.
    3) Shot of eight circular saws. They fly in a straight trajectory, inflict medium damage. It requires eight catridges. Activated first by creating a standard combo (the disc that will fly in front of the player), and then press the mouse wheel;
  • NEW: Now with a ray from a short distance, you can suck souls out of living monsters (only if they, of course, give the soul);
  • NEW: With the ray you can now collect and relics;
  • NEW: Added dynamic lighting from disc, ray and cartridges;
  • NEW: By the vanishing disc, it now throws 20 small saws, flying in a straight path (only with basic attack);
  • NEW: When making a combo shot, charged with souls, now the soul-props fly away from the weapon, which supposedly was loaded combo;
  • NEW: Now if the ray hits the enemy, it slows down;
  • NEW: Added shaking of the camera during shots;
  • CHANGE: The color of the lighted skulls is changed to green (in accordance with the color of the souls and the color of the skulls in the original version in H&D);
  • CHANGE: Now to charge the combo you need six souls instead of five; accordingly, all six skulls light up alternately in the same sequence as in H&D;
  • CHANGE: Now in the main menu for the inscription of the version of the mod, a separate line is located below the inscription of the version of the game, and the inscription of the version of the game itself remained original;
  • CHANGE: The soul taken by the ray no longer gives health to the player and is not counted in the statistics, but only if all six skulls do not light up;
  • CHANGE: Changed sound when picking up weapon;
  • CHANGE: Corrected the position of the weapon in the player’s hands;
  • FIX: You can attract with the help of a ray three red souls at the beginning of the level Orphanage.

Changelog v1.01.00 from 06.30.2016 »

  • NEW: Added switching mode of weapon on the V key. When switching mode other weapons attacks become available. The default mode is zero, and when switching is the first;
  • NEW: Added two new attacks:
    1) Near cutting saw. Does not require anything – no bullets, no souls. Activated by first switching mode to the first (key V), and then clicking on the right mouse button;
    2) Shot with four subordinate bullets. When hit the monster luring it to the other side, and he will attack other monsters (except for same subordinates) thirty seconds, then dies. In one shot you can submit up to four monsters. It is required that the gun was loaded souls. Activated first by pressing the right mouse button, then (holding the right button) on the scroll wheel;
  • CHANGE: Version of the weapon in the main menu changed to 1.01.00;
  • CHANGE: Shot with disc under the voltage was moved: now it is activated first by creating a standard combo (a disc that will fly in front of the player), and then clicking on the mouse wheel;
  • CHANGE: Shot with eight circular saws was moved: now it is activated first by switching mode to the first (key V), and then by clicking on the mouse wheel;
  • CHANGE: Monsters become slower when decelerating.

Changelog v1.01.01 from 08.14.2017 »

  • NEW: Added a fresh official update of 0.99.10 of August 13, 2017. Furthermore, the mod can now be put on top of the original weapon of the same version without the fear of incompatibility.
  • Modifications when using a weapon modifier:

    1. Increases damage from all attacks;
    2. The distance from which you can suck the soul out of a living enemy, it becomes three times more;
    3. After the disappearance of the disk, 30 saws fly out of it instead of 20;
    4. When collecting souls by a ray, they will always give the player health and will be counted in the statistics
    5. Since when using combo in front of the player will appear at once two discs, then for such a shot is removed immediately two cartridges instead of one, as it was usually;
    6. The disc will fly almost in a straight trajectory;
    7. Saws that fly out after the disappearance of the disc do not disappear normally, but with a special effect;
    8. The monster’s subordination time is doubled.

Installation »

    The presence of an original weapon is not necessary. You can install on the official version of the Painkiller 1.64, and on 1.64 with the original weapon.

How to start playing »

1) To play with the Mod UpGrade without original SC Weapon Mod, unzip the folders Items, LScripts, Scripts, Shaders, Sounds, Textures and a file SoulReaperWeapon.pak in the Data folder with the game installed. Run the game and have fun!
2) To play with the original SC Weapon Mod without Mod UpGrade, unzip the LScripts folder and a file SoulReaperWeapon.pak in the Data folder with the game installed. After unpacking, delete the subfolders Main and Templates from the LScripts folder (be on your guard!). Run the game and have fun!

Contacts »

SoulCatcher Weapon Mod UpGrade by TranZit
User page:
Forum page:

SoulCatcher Weapod Mod PK 1.64
Author: dilettante aka Maxim
User page:
Forum page:
Pkzone page:

P.S. »

All questions regarding the modification associated with installation, launch, bugs, etc., you can ask directly to the author of the mod upgrade (see above). The author of the original weapon is irrelevant to this product, but he interested in upgrading their own modification. Thus, fear and risk remain solely with the user.

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  • StanKOo

    Will this work with my Favorit modes ordeal and reload… Otherwhise i don’t care… And it also seems complicated with so many firemodes. Are you sure no bugs?


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