greentechb June - 6 - 2011 News12 COMMENTS

New single-player level for PK 1.64 with a very individual looking. It isn’t a conversion, it’s a full new map made from wooden platforms with foggy atmosphere.

My friend, Fable created this one, but i added some corrections and effects to it. It’s just a beta version there are some bugs in it, which i’ll fix in a short time and there will be more levels  like this, but with a better looking. If you’ll try i’m not sure you’ll make it first it is very hard 😀 It’s full of secrets, you only need good eyes and a bit luck.

Have fun and thanks for downloading 🙂

Download: SP Myst Beta
(SP Myst Beta, 10.7 MiB, 297 hits)

Download: SP Myst beta update
(SP Myst beta update, 73.0 KiB, 106 hits)

  • P&C Games

    Good map,but the second part it’s too hard. 🙂

  • Greentechb

    sorry for me it wasn’t a hard part, i’ve seen it in editor when i got the map from my friend. just use endless bunnyhopping around the platform and use the shotgun 🙂

  • HV

    All arenas are hard ;o

  • Fable

    Levels will be even more difficult but it’s also easy for me but for someone SP_Myst_Beta difficult but it will be even more difficult trails Sokal and monsters will be more difficult fokuzatu D.

  • Lemgon

    Woah very cool, the painkiller community needs somthing like that! New maps and ideas are always welcome! At the moment I havent painkiller 1.64 installed, but when I do this I defently try this map^^

  • Nemttom

    I invite you to write down how many minutes and seconds, glid
    e through the animal to thank.

  • Fable

    Ottoman finished the second part is not too soon to above will be prepared!

  • Sadistic_Centurion

    If you fall off a platform, you will have roughly 15-20 minutes until you hit the ground, in which you can use to reflect upon your life.

    • LOL!!! Isn’t that like rubbing your nose in all the bad stuff you have done throughout your life ?? Yikes :O

      • Sadistic_Centurion

        Lol pretty much, I had just fought off the tanks and noticed the platforms for the key. I fell off trying to jump back to the main platform. Falling into the fog I couldn’t tell if I was falling or not. My girlfriend was like “did it freeze?” and I just said “nah, this is where I get to kiss my ass goodbye or something”

  • Mr Lahey

    this is AMAZING. ingenious use of items to create a whole new architecture. Great monster play….secrets. Thoroughly impressed. It keeps crashing on me and i may not get all the way through…..but amazing.


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