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I have good news for owners of the game Painkiller Resurrection. The Updater of the game works again. I hope that we will no longer have more problems with this patch.

To use the Updater go to C:\Program Files\JoWooD\Painkiller Resurrection\Bin and run the ResurrectionUpdater.exe.

In the near future I’m planning to create my first level for Painkiller Resurrection. It will be a simple short mission. Watch out!



25. October 2010 15:02

nice to hear :))


25. October 2010 23:26

You have to click ResurrectionUpdater.exe, that’s all.


26. October 2010 03:42

ook, thank you very much



26. October 2010 03:44

lol, i mean ok, i have fat fingers, sry

Neal catron

22. February 2011 13:05

when i click on it all i get is error 404,plz any help would be nice,thx


22. February 2011 13:25

anyone else having problems with the auto-updater?


22. February 2011 14:40

I had a similiar problem. At one point in time, it wouldn’t work for me either, it has something to do with microsoft .Net framework, in microsoft windows auto update. Fixing this is long and tedious, and still does not always work, you have to keep repeating steps until it does. I wouldnt recomend it to anyone.
So, the alternative is this. go to this link :
this worked for me. Once you download and install, if you still get the message to update, then try your auto-update again. NOTE : it is very slow at getting going. At one point I actually thought my computer had FORGOTTEN that I clicked on it the PK Res Updater,LOL!! Anyhow, usually this is located in : Windows Start button (lower left corner of PC task bar) Programs (or All Programs, depending on you OS) DreamCatcher Painkiller Resurrection Resurrection Updater. That is how it worked for me. Now, my computer had a crash about 1-2 months ago, and when I re-installed PK Res, the auto updater was working again (go figure). I am sure that this had something to do with where I was at, as far as the microsoft .NETframework Updates was concerned, lol. To this day, I am still currently having problems with .NETframework GRRRR. If you wish to try to fix the .NET”blaahblaahblaah” issue, I can try to help with that, so please do not hesitate to ask me how. It feels good when I can help someone else, rather then always being helped šŸ™‚ (shout out to HV, the “PK Guardian Angel” he has always been of great help.)

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