HV February - 27 - 2011 Painkiller: Redemption2 COMMENTS

This is a list of all tarot cards in the game Painkiller: Redemption, including detailed information about each one.

Tarot Replenish


Type: Silver
Effect: Double the ammo in ammo boxes
Level: C1L01 Spikes
Acquisition requirement: Finish the level
Cost to place: 800

Tarot Rage Slowdown

Rage Slowdown

Type: Gold
Effect: Deliver 1.5x more damage and 8x slowdown world
Level: C1L02 Magazines
Acquisition requirement: Collect at least 700 souls
Cost to place: 950

Tarot Health Stealer

Health Stealer

Type: Silver
Effect: 2.5% of the damage to the enemy goes to player’s health
Level: C1L03 Rafinery
Acquisition requirement: Finish the level using only RazorCube and Bonegun
Cost to place: 1000

Tarot Iron Will

Iron Will

Type: Gold
Effect: Enemies can’t hurt you
Level: C1L04 The Complex of Towers
Acquisition requirement: Morph into demon at least 10 times
Cost to place: 2350

Tarot Speed


Type: Gold
Effect: Move faster
Level: C1L05 Old UnderGround Complex
Acquisition requirement: Kill all monsters
Cost to place: 900

Tarot Catcher


Type: Silver
Effect: Leech souls and gold from a distance
Level: C1L06 Entrance
Acquisition requirement: Finish the level with 180 health or more
Cost to place: 500

Tarot Soul Redeemer

Soul Redeemer

Type: Silver
Effect: Souls provide more health
Level: C2L01 Unholy Stronghold
Acquisition requirement: Finish the level without any armor
Cost to place: 1000

Tarot Demon Morph

Demon Morph

Type: Gold
Effect: Morph into Demon
Level: C2L02 Small Church
Acquisition requirement: Don’t collect a single soul
Cost to place: 666


Герман Азимов

18. March 2016 12:37

Открывать карты Таро себе дороже. Больше времени впустую потеряете.


24. September 2017 23:35

I never figured out how to get the tarot cards working for longere times. It so cool when it slow down the music in the game, but sad it is too fast over again

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