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This movie was created by Poland HV. He used frags, which were recorded for the Genesis fragmovie by Poland KL1K. KL1K was a long time offline and he never seen those frags, so HV used those in this movie. He wanted to create a short video like in old times simple fragmovies by polish players. The movie was created in one day on 28th November 2010 and it includes frags of 18 players.


Download: Prodigy Fragmovie
(Prodigy Fragmovie, 604.1 MiB, 293 hits)



29. November 2010 10:53

What I say: Firstly, as always super frags! sK1p OMG, see through walls as if. Secondly, I’m here, 2 frags, great. Daniel Garner, is our Russian? When he was with a white name, it was noob. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But too well that he was in the video. And third, titles lol especially liked the inscription “SlavOK – bug monster”, well, so it is. ๐Ÿ˜€


29. November 2010 14:34

Daniel is the bulgarian player, I am sure, :]


30. November 2010 20:08

Good Frags, good editing, no useless crap.

Only negative point I have, is that the sound is kinda messed up. Kill and Hitsound only appearing randmomly, some weird cracking every 2 min and The first song :/ It started as something Iron Maiden like but then it was a complettly other song, not really something bad but it sounded like it was speeded up and slowed down randomly.

Perhaps it’s only the Own3d-version, if it is so pls fix it :).


1. December 2010 05:35

Yes, with sound problems, but this is not a problem video. Download and watch normal ๐Ÿ˜‰


1. December 2010 19:34

I don’t know what was the problem. You can watch now Wipido-stream with very good quality. Have fun :]


1. December 2010 21:20

very nice movie ๐Ÿ˜€ i liked it ๐Ÿ˜€


3. December 2010 02:55

Hey HV, what program do you use to record your gameplay videos, is it FRAPS by chance?


3. December 2010 17:17

Yes. Fraps.


4. December 2010 00:01



4. December 2010 01:57

Thnx HV, that’s what i use also, but my files are huge, almost 2gb for less than 3 minutes (yikes). do you use a compression agent afterwards? or do you use half size or something? YouTube just wont upload my videos, it takes 9 hours +, and has yet tp complete. first time stopped / hung up at 95% and secong time stopped / hung up at 97%, but that is the furthest i have been able to upload ๐Ÿ™

hey pa1ner, what is downloadniete? another recording agent?

โ€ Woreโ€ 


4. December 2010 13:10

It means “downloaded” :]

Yes, I use the compression afterwards; for example:
recording 60 seconds of video with 1280x720p 60fps = 4 GB.


    4. December 2010 14:40

    downloaded, oh, lol silly me ๐Ÿ™‚

    ok HV, sorry to keep bugging you, but what compression agent are you using? i would like to try it also, because i think FRAPS makes realy nice recordings with high pixel settings, other then the size of outcome.


5. December 2010 14:57

I use nothing special, only Sony Vegas Pro and MP4 format file in HD from that program.


    5. December 2010 15:21

    cool, thanks.
    hey, i noticed up top in the original write-up of this movie, it says “This movie … by HV, he used Frags…”
    is Frags something different? or just a mistype for Fraps?


5. December 2010 15:32

Click here ๐Ÿ™‚


    5. December 2010 17:05

    ok, yeah i understand what frag(s) means and all, sry, misunderstanding on my behalf. i thought that maybe frags was also the name for a different program for recording / editing purposes. thanks though
    ok, i already have the registered version of FRAPS (since Quake3 arena came out), and still love it, great program. i also went to the link you sent me for sonyvegas, and downloaded it. i will install the trial version (i think) and check it out. thanks a bunch HV for your help.

    โ€ Woreโ€ 


8. December 2010 22:21

HV, i had forgotten that i have the registered software, AudialsOne version 4, and (silly me) will convert and compress any video that i have. so i did, i i was finally able to upload my FIRST YouTube video (yaaay)so, thanks for your help again.

โ€ Woreโ€ 


    10. December 2010 18:01

    Show the movie ;>


      13. December 2010 04:06

      sorry HV, i havent been here in a couple of days.
      here it is, lol, it was before i learned about the key in the treasure chest.

      i had checked the box that would send me emails whenever there was a reply or new post here, but apparently it doesn’t work right, or i’m missing something, oh well. i just have to check here more often


20. December 2010 13:20

Hi HV. hwy, i went to the website linked to your name, and it looks like a realy cool website. i cant speek or type any other language except for english, so i cant understand anything there. so it brought another question, which isnt realy a Painkiller question, but just wondering, do you type english here at pk zone pages, and it translates for me automatically? or do you speek and type english also? if it translates for you, is there an internet explorer add-on that will translate for me at your website?
my website just has a free starter page, i am not website creating efficient yet, one day i will figure out how to do that, and i will have a cool website also.


21. December 2010 14:07

It worked, thanks HV. Although both links can get a little confusing (it will get easier for me in time ) the microsoft link was a little more user friendly for me
im checking it out now, is realy cool. Is there a “contact HV” at this site?


    21. December 2010 19:37

    Nice to read what you written. You’re next player from NA with polish roots ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know the translators are not perfect :]
    HV = Ye-back (“Kontakt” section) ;p


      22. December 2010 04:10

      Excellent, thanks HV ๐Ÿ™‚

      i especially had a hard time registering on your site, when the page is translated, you can not see the security code, just blank square with an x, and i tried to right click – show picture, didnt work. i couldn’t listen to the security code, internet explorer kept blocking the active x control for the sound.
      ***BUT, lol, after trying it whith english translations so many times, i had it memorized which question (email, username, password, password again, then security code) that i was able to do it whithout english translation, then i was able to read the security code, so i could “type exactly what i see” lol ๐Ÿ™‚
      I am registered as Woremochine at your site now ๐Ÿ™‚


        22. December 2010 22:02


        Man, join to pkzone, I guess you can do interesting articles about the Painkiller singpleplayer (for example.) with perfect english.


        23. December 2010 01:25

        LOL!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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