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Powermad: Resurrection is a script for Painkiller: Resurrection, a sequel to Painkiller (from People Can Fly) made by Homegrown. It reactivates some cheats that have been disabled in the retail version of the games and adds cool new features that make live easier and/or more fun. After installing Powermad: Resurrection, you can trigger all kind of things just by pressing some keys or entering a command in the console. This software is based on the code of fleabay & kalme. A feature overview can be found below.

Remember, this is a test version, so it can be not stable. Powermad 0.44 is dedicated for the Painkiller: Resurrection version 44.

[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Hot Key Cheats”]

  • Right shift + M = Minimize enemies
  • Right shift + X = Grab souls
  • Right shift + C = Freeze enemies
  • Right shift + V = Explode enemies
  • Right shift + B = Halt enemies
  • Right shift + F = Noclip mode
  • Right shift + G = Toggle on/off hud
  • Numblock 0 = Toggle on/off complete radar
  • Numblock 1 = Toggle on/off powerup radar
  • Numblock 2 = Toggle on/off objects radar
  • Numblock 3 = Toggle on/off secrets radar
  • Numblock 4 = Toggle on/off enemies radar
  • Numblock 7 = Toggle on/off confuse enemies
  • Numblock 8 = Toggle on/off demon mode
  • Numblock 9 = Toggle on/off haste mode
  • Numblock + = Speed up world
  • Numblock – = Slow down world

[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Hot Key Cheats”]

  • pkammo: gives full ammo
  • pkweapons: gives all weapons
  • pkhealth: regenerates armor, health = 100 if < 100
  • pkpower: pkammo + pkhealth
  • pkgod: monsters can’t hurt you (toggle)
  • pkalwaysgib: enemies always gib (toggle)
  • pkweakenemies: enemies all have 1 healthpoint (toggle)
  • pkcards: enables unlimited card use
  • pkgold: gives 99999 gold
  • pkhaste: haste x8 (toggle)
  • pkdemon: switch to demon mode (toggle)
  • pkweaponmodifier: enables weapon modifier
  • pkkeepbodies: dead bodies never disappear (toggle)
  • pkkeepdecals: decals never wear off (toggle)
  • pkalllevels: enable all levels (for that difficulty)
  • pkallcards: gives all tarot cards
  • pkperfect: finishes level with five stars (all
    armor, all secrets, all holy items, all ammo, all
    objects, all secrets)
  • pmfinish: finishes the level in current state
  • pmmorethanperfect: finishes level with five stars (like
    pkperfect) and all kills, all souls (not
    in trauma), all gold, 250 health, 200 armor,
    number of demon morphs = 5, player got never
    hurt and used no weapons
  • pmmegahealth: gives strong armor and 250 health
  • pmexplodeenemies: explodes all enemies, including bosses
  • pmminimizeenemies: miniaturizes all enemies
  • pmfreezeenemies: freezes all enemies
  • pmradar: toggles 3dradar (complete on/off)
  • pmradarpowerups: toggles powerups-radar ((mega)health,
    armor, ammo, weapons, holy items) on/off
  • pmradarobjects: toggles objects-radar on/off
  • pmradardetailedobjects: toggles detailed object description on/off
  • pmradarsecrets: toggles secrets-radar on/off
  • pmradarenemies: toggles enemies-radar on/off
  • pmradarverbose: toggles 3d radar messages on/off
  • pmradaremphasizedistance: toggles emphasizing of distance on/off
  • pmhud: toggles visibility of hud
  • pmslowdown: slows down world speed
  • pmspeedup: speeds up world speed
  • pmhalt: halts all enemies
  • pmconfuseenemies: enemies attack each other
  • pmhealth [amount]: sets the players health to [amount]
  • pmarmor [amount]: sets the players armor to [amount]
  • pmhelp: shows help screen with short summary of all commands
  • pmxyz: shows current player coordinates
  • pmshowxyz: permanently updates player coordinates (toggle)
  • pmnoclip: enable fly mode (toggle)
  • pmpickupfx: toggles screen flash when picking up things on/off
  • pmbump: unsticks stuck player
  • pmshowclock: shows current gametime (toggle)
  • pmresetclock: sets current gametime to zero
  • pmsoulsstayforever: souls never vanish (toggle)
  • pmgrabsouls: grab all currently available souls
  • pmautograbsouls: grab all newly spawned souls automatically
  • pmexplodeobjects: explodes all objects in the whole level
  • pmloadlevel [levelname]: load a custom level
    a list of levels:

    • C9L01_Cathedral
    • C9L02_Forbidden_Valley
    • C9L03_Gloomy_Mountains
    • C9L04_Haunted_City
    • C9L05_HighSeas
    • C9L06_Hangar
  • pmverbose: output of Powermad messages (toggle)
  • pmfreedom: removes all invisible walls from a level (see trailer
  • pmopenalldoors: opens all closed doors in a level
  • pmdifficulty: switch difficulties whenever you want
  • do [filename]: executes a lua file located in Data/dofiles
  • powermad: demon mode, pkweapons, pkgold,
    pkmegahealth, pkcards


[spoiler effect=”blind” show=”Other features”]

  • startup videos are disabled
  • classic background of menu


Download: Powermad Resurrection 0.44
(Powermad Resurrection 0.44, 2.6 MiB, 1,749 hits)


  • Go to the folder named bin (where you installed PK Resurrection) & run Resurrection Updater
  • Powermad comes with a full-featured installer. Just run the file linked above and follow the instructions.


  • Go to the folder named bin (where you installed PK Resurrection)
  • Run Resurrection Updater

Report bugs in comments.



2. October 2010 02:44

Thank you very much for this tool…

and there is some codes that does not work in the game like that gold auto grab:
every time I try it, it says command unknown… Also it is much better if the powermad have a standalone interface in which the user can change the keys as he desire as the case with the pervious versions of powermad…


2. October 2010 21:24

Yeah, there is no those commands.

If you want to change the keys as you desire, set the binds in the cfg file.


22. February 2011 13:59

my updater gives me the (error 404)not found,this mean i cant install the powermad?help plz,thx


23. February 2011 13:52

i tried to install the powermad but it says it cant create the folowing file c:program filesdreamcatcherpainkiller resurrectiondatalscripts.$$A (help,thx)


    23. February 2011 21:42

    No idea, are you installing with full admin rights?


25. February 2011 02:56

yes i am the admin,and thx for responding to my cry for help,lol,still cant install it,says it didnt do the full install because it couldnt create that file.


    25. February 2011 07:11

    Try install to “new folder” on the Desktop, then copy the “Data” folder and the “Bin” folder from this “new folder” to directory “c:program filesdreamcatcherpainkiller resurrection” (replace that).


    25. February 2011 07:14

    Maybe there is no “Bin” folder, I can’t check (work).


      26. February 2011 00:39

      thx for the advice,ill try that,and thx a bunch for going out of your way to help


      26. February 2011 01:50

      figured it out,like always on vista you gotta run it in windows xp and set it to run as administrator in the properties,and i thank you again for the help,was very nice of you,hope you have a great weekend,my grandson is gonna love playing it now,he wont play a game unless it has god and all weapons and ammo,lol,hes 8 years old


26. February 2011 01:57

just wanted to add,i tried out the game with the powermad and that really rocks,cudos to the creaters,keep up the good work,love the part where u can make the monsters into minitures,lol,makes u feel like your the bully in a school playground,lol

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