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Here you can find Powermad for Painkiller: Overdose. It reactivates some cheats that have been disabled in the retail version of the game and adds some cool new features that make live easier. It also adds a lot of bugfixes to the game. A feature overview can be found below.

This Powermad version will work for Overdose 75 and Overdose 84 only. If you’re trying to use it with a different version, you’ll receive an error message on startup. I’ve added this mechanism because in previous versions of Powermad, people didn’t read the included readme file and ended up having a lot of trouble when they were using outdated Powermad versions with the wrong game patch levels. When a patch for Overdose will be released, Powermad will be updated too. Check this page for a new release then.

Download current version:

Download: Powermad Overdose 1.3
(Powermad Overdose 1.3, 1.9 MiB, 2,531 hits)

includes Powermad Overdose Configurator 1.3 (see below). This version supports Painkiller: Overdose 84 only.

Download: Powermad Overdose 1.2
(Powermad Overdose 1.2, 1.9 MiB, 1,295 hits)

includes Powermad Overdose Configurator 1.2 (see below). This version supports Painkiller: Overdose 75 only.


Powermad Overdose comes with a full-featured installer. Just run the file linked above and follow the instructions. To start Overdose with Powermad, use the start menu entries or (if you chose to create one) the desktop shortcut.

Versions 1.1 and above create an empty subdirectory in your Data folder named “Levels\C8L02_air_combat\CArea”. DO NOT DELETE THIS FOLDER! It’s needed to circumvent a technical limition of Overdose regarding the backtracking feature in Air Combat. If you remove this folder, backtracking won’t work!

Installation note for Steam users:

I don’t have access to the Steam version of Overdose to test Powermad. There have been reports that although Powermad’s installer is able to detect your Overdose folder correctly even when you’re using the Steam version, the shortcuts created to start Overdose with Powermad do not work. There are two solutions to this problem:

a) Replace the original LScripts.pak file
Navigate to your Overdose installation folder, then open the “data” subfolder. Locate the file “LScripts.pak” and rename it to something else. Do not delete this file. Without it, you’re not able to remove Powermad correctly without reinstalling Overdose. Now rename “powermad.pak” to “LScripts.pak”. Start Overdose as usual and make sure it reads “Powermad OD” in the top left corner of the menu screen. Important: you cannot play online with this solution. To revert back to the original Overdose, repeat this process in reverse order.

b) Add command line parameters in Steam (unconfirmed)
In Steam, select the Painkiller Overdose entry, then choose “Properties”. In the following window, select “Set launch options…” on the “General” tab. Here you can enter command line options. Put this in the input box (without the double quotes): “-lscripts powermad.pak” – Now when you start Overdose, Powermad should be activated. Make sure it reads “Powermad OD” in the top left corner of the menu screen. Important: you cannot play online with Powermad activated. Remove the command line options to start original Overdose for online play.

c) Recommended: Create a new Overdose Steam shortcut (unconfirmed)
You most likely already have a shortcut on your desktop for Overdose. If not, create one in Steam by right-clicking the Powermad Overdose entry and selecting “Create desktop shortcut”. Now make a copy of this shortcut and edit its properties. In the “target” field you should read something like “[path]\steam.exe -applaunch zzzz”. Change this entry to “[path]\steam.exe -applaunch zzzz -lscripts powermad.pak”. When you start Overdose by that link, Powermad should be activated. Make sure it reads “Powermad OD” in the top left corner of the menu screen. To play the original version of Overdose (e.g. for online play), select the second, unaltered link.


To remove Powermad Overdose, select the uninstall option from your startmenu.

To see a list of all features while playing, press ‘H’ for a help screen.

[spoiler show=”Hot Key Cheats” hide=”Hot Key Cheats”]

  • Right shift + M = Minimize enemies
  • Right shift + N = Grab gold
  • Right shift + X = Grab souls
  • Right shift + C = Freeze enemies
  • Right shift + V = Explode enemies
  • Right shift + B = Halt enemies
  • Right shift + F = Noclip mode
  • Right shift + G = Toggle on/off hud
  • Numblock 0 = Toggle on/off complete radar
  • Numblock 1 = Toggle on/off powerup radar
  • Numblock 2 = Toggle on/off objects radar
  • Numblock 3 = Toggle on/off secrets radar
  • Numblock 4 = Toggle on/off enemies radar
  • Numblock 7 = Toggle on/off confuse enemies
  • Numblock 8 = Toggle on/off demon mode
  • Numblock 9 = Toggle on/off haste mode
  • Numblock + = Speed up world
  • Numblock – = Slow down world

[spoiler show=”Console Cheats” hide=”Console Cheats”]

  • pkammo: gives full ammo
  • pkweapons: gives all weapons
  • pkhealth: regenerates armor, health = 100 if < 100
  • pkpower: pkammo + pkhealth
  • pkgod: monsters can’t hurt you (toggle)
  • pkalwaysgib: enemies always gib (toggle)
  • pkweakenemies: enemies all have 1 healthpoint (toggle)
  • pkcards: enables unlimited card use
  • pkgold: gives 99999 gold
  • pkhaste: haste x8 (toggle)
  • pkdemon: switch to demon mode (toggle)
  • pkweaponmodifier: enables weapon modifier
  • pkkeepbodies: dead bodies never disappear (toggle)
  • pkkeepdecals: decals never wear off (toggle)
  • pkalllevels: enable all levels (for that difficulty)
  • pkallcards: gives all tarot cards
  • pkperfect: finishes level with five stars (all armor, all secrets, all holy items, all ammo, all objects, all secrets)
  • pmfinish: finishes the level in current state
  • pmmorethanperfect: finishes level with five stars (like pkperfect) and all kills, all souls (not in trauma), all gold, 250 health, 200 armor, number of demon morphs = 5, player got never hurt and used no weapons
  • pmmegahealth: gives strong armor and 250 health
  • pmexplodeenemies: explodes all enemies, including bosses
  • pmgrabgold: all currently available gold coins are grabbed (similar to the soulcatcher effect)
  • pmautograbgold: permanently enables automatic grabbing of every new spawned gold coin
  • pmminimizeenemies: miniaturizes all enemies
  • pmfreezeenemies: freezes all enemies
  • pmradar: toggles 3dradar (complete on/off)
  • pmradarpowerups: toggles powerups-radar ((mega)health, armor, ammo, weapons, holy items) on/off
  • pmradarobjects: toggles objects-radar on/off
  • pmradardetailedobjects: toggles detailed object description on/off
  • pmradarsecrets: toggles secrets-radar on/off
  • pmradarenemies: toggles enemies-radar on/off
  • pmradarverbose: toggles 3d radar messages on/off
  • pmradaremphasizedistance: toggles emphasizing of distance on/off
  • pmhud: toggles visibility of hud
  • pmslowdown: slows down world speed
  • pmspeedup: speeds up world speed
  • pmhalt: halts all enemies
  • pmconfuseenemies: enemies attack each other
  • pmhealth [amount]: sets the players health to [amount]
  • pmarmor [amount]: sets the players armor to [amount]
  • pmhelp: shows help screen with short summary of all commands
  • pmxyz: shows current player coordinates
  • pmshowxyz: permanently updates player coordinates (toggle)
  • pmnoclip: enable fly mode (toggle)
  • pmpickupfx: toggles screen flash when picking up things on/off
  • pmbump: unsticks stuck player
  • pmshowclock: shows current gametime (toggle)
  • pmresetclock: sets current gametime to zero
  • pmsoulsstayforever: souls never vanish (toggle)
  • pmgrabsouls: grab all currently available souls
  • pmautograbsouls: grab all newly spawned souls automatically (toggle)
  • pmexplodeobjects: explodes all objects in the whole level
  • pmloadlevel [levelname]: load a custom level
  • pmverbose: output of Powermad messages (toggle)
  • pmfreedom: removes all invisible walls from a level (see trailer below)
  • pmopenalldoors: opens all closed doors in a level
  • pmdifficulty: switch difficulties whenever you want
  • pmtrashtalk: switch on/off Belial’s idle talk (version 1.3 only)
  • do [filename]: executes a lua file located in Data/dofiles
  • powermad: demon mode, pkweapons, pkgold, pkmegahealth, pkcards

[spoiler show=”Bugfixes:” hide=”Bugfixes:”]

Version 1.3:

  • General fix for objects falling out of the level/into water not being counted as destroyed.
  • Fixed monster counter in Ragnarok.
  • Fixed monster counter in Dead Marsh.
  • Fixed misplaced ammo box in Riot.
  • Fixed last bunch of barrels in Ragnarok benchmark blowing off early sometimes.

Version 1.2:

  • General fix for objects falling out of the level/into water not being counted as destroyed.
  • Fixed the weapons-destroyable-objects bug.
  • Fixed missing destroyable objects in Ragnarok.
  • Fixed missing destroyable objects in Field Ambulance.
  • Fixed missing destroyable objects in Loony Park.
  • Fixed missing destroyable objects in Animal Farm.
  • Fixed missing destroyable objects in Nuclear Plant.
  • Fixed missing destroyable object in Village of the Damned.
  • Fixed missing destroyable object in Riot.
  • Fixed missing destroyable object in Air Combat.
  • Fixed missing destroyable object in Studios.
  • Fixed missing destroyable object in Dead Marsh.
  • Fixed destroyable objects counter glitch in Studios.
  • Fixed three missing ammo boxes in Riot.
  • Fixed two misplaced ammo boxes in Riot.
  • Fixed misplaced/floating objects in Asteroids.
  • Fixed wrong startup health in Animal Farm (according to MW).
  • Fixed wrong startup health in Ragnarok (according to MW).
  • Fixed Secret 3 in Nuclear Plant.
  • Fixed not working Assault tarot card.
  • Fixed downgrading of level statistics.
  • Fixed monster counter in Studios.
  • Fixed monster counter in Sammael’s Lair.
  • Fixed monster counter in Field Ambulance.
  • Fixed monster counter in Village of the Damned.
  • Fixed monster counter in Nuclear Plant.
  • Fixed monster counter in Haunted Valley.
  • Fixed monster counter in Ragnarok.
  • Fixed monster counter in Animal Farm.
  • Fixed monster counter in Asteroids.
  • Fixed monster counter in Desert.
  • Fixed monster counter in Loony Park.
  • Fixed monster counter in Riot.
  • Fixed monster counter in Air Combat.
  • Fixed monster counter in Dead Marsh.
  • Fixed monster counter in Japan Massacre.

[spoiler show=”Other features” hide=”Other features”]

  • Startup videos are disabled
  • Backtracking in Japanese Massacre after finishing the level.
  • Backtracking in Loony Park after finishing the level.
  • Backtracking in Nuclear Plant after finishing the level
  • (without the need to do some wall climbing).

  • Backtracking in Riot after finishing the level.
  • Backtracking in Asteroids after finishing the level.
  • Backtracking in Air Combat after finishing the level.
  • Improved loading times up to 50% (hack by Goran).
  • Overdose now has a benchmark 🙂 (use “benchmark ragnarok” at console).

Powermad Configurator:
Powermad Configurator (PMC) is a small helper application to customize Powermad. It is capable of changing key assignments for Powermad commands. In case you want to change the used hotkeys (because you are not comfortable with them or using them for other things while playing) or you want to bind other commands as the default ones to hotkeys, this is the right utility for you. PMC is included in Powermad Overdose and accessible from your start menu.

Powermad: Overdose

If the powermad-data.pak file couldn’t be detected correctly, use the browse button at the top right to pick it from your hard drive. You can assign a binding to any listed command by selecting it, choosing your desired key (or key combination) and clicking “assign”. To delete key bindings, select an entry from the list and press the delete key or assign “<none>” for both the modifier and the access key. Note that the original painkiller bindings are not affected by these settings. That means: if you’ve assigned key X to, let’s say, switching to the stake gun in painkiller, assigning it here again to pkgod (for example) will trigger both things when you’re using X while playing painkiller.
Once you’re done customizing your settings, click “Save”. This will patch your powermad-data.pak file and store your settings to the config file of PMC (for the next time you’re running it). “Defaults” resets all settings to Powermad standards.

You need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run this program. If you’re using Windows Update, you most likely have it installed already. If you need to download it separately, you can find it here:

.NET framework 2.0 (22.4 MiB)

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15. September 2013 20:02

Great patch and mod, must have for all PK fans, essential mod for Overdose!

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