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Here is an updated Powermad version 3.63, which needs no introduction. I note that the new cheats and console commands doesn’t add, but corrects the rough position of the ammo boxes and minor bugs with regards to the gameplay, which remained in the 1.64 version of the Painkiller. Also included are the default display function startup videos DreamCatcher, PCF, NVIDIA (remember the moment: when you start the game, immediately switch to the logo with the face of Daniel, and then to the main menu), and at first enabled the cut command of the addon BooH “BULLETTIME 1/0”.

What’s new »

    Version 3.63
    Powermad update to adopt changes made in Unofficial Patch 1.65.

    feature: startup videos are enabled
    feature: PMPickupFX is enabled
    feature: console command “bullettime 1/0” added
    feature: game version updated to 1.65
    improved: when you enter a cheat code “pkallcards”, a card Divine Intervention opens
    improved: the letter “ё” was missed in some text of Russian translation
    bugfix: fixed position of ninety-four ammo in levels: Cathedral (also one vase at the CheckPoint_003), Atrium Complex, Catacombs, Asylum (a bronze armor), Abandonded Factory, Military Base, Ruins (a box with shurikens), Forest, Babel, City On Water (and two slabs), Docks, Old Monastery, Lab and Dead City
    bugfix: fixed position of five holy items in levels: Cathedral, Abandonded Factory, Old Monastery and Leningrad (was added in the empty secret room)
    improved: some spawn points of monsters in levels: Snowy bridge, City On Water and Docks
    bugfix: now you can kill all monsters in levels: Babel, Forest and Docks
    bugfix: six treasures no longer disappear (from the level Prison) in the sewer and in the office
    bugfix: fixed a bug due to which the player was given 99 HP at the beginning of the level Town
    bugfix: fixed a bug non-working black tarot card Speed (levels Swamp & Orphanage)
    removed: the ability to use a rocket jump in level Ruins
    bugfix: fixed bug which prevented playing ambient music on the turret roof (level The Tower)
    bugfix: fixed disappearing textures in level Hell at startup in demon mode
    bugfix: fixed a bug which did not play ambient music during the battle with the demons-ghosts (level Hell)
    bugfix: the compass needle will no longer sometimes show one way (to the invisible Lucifer) during the battle with the ghosts, disorienting the player (level Hell)
    bugfix: from monsters-ghosts can no longer grab the gold using PainHead (level Hell)
    bugfix: in phase three, after the death of Lucifer, added previously non-working ambient of the level Atrium Complex (level Hell)
    changed: the secret is in the pipe, so that the player cannot get stuck trying to get out (level Loony Park)
    changed: position of fireworks sack in level Loony Park out of the ice cream cone
    feature: the last relic count as secret (level Dead City)
    bugfix: fixed the collapse of a dilapidated and uncountable (in statistics) building in place of the three points of explosion (level Leningrad)
    bugfix: the condition for receiving the card now works (level Colloseum)
    bugfix: fixed problems with displaying sketch during loading level Mine in the window of program PainEditor
    bugfix: fixed bug with freezing a monster Zombie Soldier during an animation
    changed: icon of Vamp on compass (Cathedral boss)
    bugfix: fixed an error that occurred in an arson attack monsters Sado during the execution of the trick
    bugfix: fixed a crash on the desktop when the monster Hell Angel V3 made the rocket jump in any level except the level Docks
    bugfix: fixed a bug related to the fact that the stakes are often passed through the monster Bagbaby
    bugfix: fixed looping animation of a monster while jumping out of the ground
    feature: frozen corpses now can be broken
    bugfix: fixed the following bug: if you set fire to the monster, and then load the save, after loading the monster stops burning, but particles of flame will remain on him
    bugfix: the card Dexterity no longer accelerates animations “idle” and “walk”
    bugfix: now double gold counts to player on board of the placement of black tarot (card Greed)
    bugfix: now the card Double Time Bonus is working
    bugfix: 666 Ammo card no reset to the maximum when picking up ammo boxes
    bugfix: if player steals health by killing a monster at a time when his health is more than the mark of 250, health is no longer reset back to 250 (card Health Stealer)
    bugfix: the player can no longer steal the health of those monsters that are not counted in the game statistics, which are mainly used as scenery, and also at the bosses (card Health Stealer)
    bugfix: fixed a bug due to which it was possible to use cards of the tarot of the addon in the original campaign
    bugfix: fixed game crash when buying tarot cards value by the cost equal to gold at the player
    bugfix: fixed the functionality of the weapon when the monster Nun2 throws a fireball to the player
    bugfix: fixed error sound when picking up Rifle/Flame Thrower: instead of the original sound, the sound Electrodriver is reproduced
    bugfix: restored animation of RFT’s combo shot
    bugfix: fixed a bug related to the fact that the stake and the bolt count as destructible object, and it could cause an unfair accumulation of objects destroyed
    bugfix: fixed appearance of all the weapons at the start of the level
    changed: position of the player when using the cheat “pkperfect”
    bugfix: fixed a crash when using a cheat code “pkperfect” is not directly in the gameplay
    bugfix: fixed confused module names of Rocket Launcher and Electrodriver in configuration of weapons in the control settings
    bugfix: sound of disappearing bodies is reproduced
    bugfix: fixed the disappearance of music during deceleration
    bugfix: fixed looping sounds of the jump, if you jump on the stairs
    bugfix: fixed disappearing of frosty/bloody shader from monster, if you freeze/break it, and then load the save
    bugfix: fixed a bug with the bloody shader from the monster: if you freeze it, then break (or break it first and then freeze), after defrosting the bloody shader will disappear from monster
    bugfix: now fallen into the water objects are counted in the statistics
    feature: added in menu a track called “menu”, located in the folder Music, but never played
    bugfix: normalized speed of movement of the player by combining tarot card Speed and retarding effect of a monster DevilMonk_Slowdown or a monster Panzer_Demon: speed sometimes could be configured incorrectly

Unpack the archive to the appropriate path: PMC folder in the game folder (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Painkiller Black Edition), LScripts folder to the Data folder.

Download: Powermad 3.63
(Powermad 3.63, 295.5 KiB, 432 hits)


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.