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Here is an updated Powermad version 3.63, which needs no introduction. I note that the new cheats and console commands doesn’t add, but it corrects the rough position of the ammo boxes and minor bugs with regards to the gameplay, which remained in the original Painkiller 1.64. Also included are the default display function startup videos DreamCatcher, PCF, NVIDIA (remember the moment: when you start the game, immediately switch to the logo with the face of Daniel, and then to the main menu), and at first enabled the cut command of the addon BooH “BULLETTIME 1/0″.

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    Version 3.63
    Powermad update to adopt changes made in Unofficial Patch 1.65.

    feature: startup videos are enabled
    feature: PMPickupFX is enabled
    feature: console command “bullettime 1/0” added
    feature: game version updated to 1.65
    improved: when you enter a cheat code “pkallcards”, the Divine Intervention card opens
    improved: the text of the Russian translation
    bugfix: fixed position of ninety-two ammo in levels: Cathedral (also one vase at the CheckPoint_003), Atrium Complex, Catacombs, Asylum (a bronze armor), Abandonded Factory, Military Base, Ruins (a box with shurikens), Forest, Babel, City On Water (and two slabs), Docks, Old Monastery, Lab and Dead City
    bugfix: fixed position of five holy items in levels: Cathedral, Abandonded Factory, Old Monastery and Leningrad (was added to an empty secret room)
    improved: some spawn points of monsters in levels: Snowy bridge, City On Water and Docks
    bugfix: now can kill all monsters in levels: Babel, Forest and Docks

    And many more…

Unpack the archive to the appropriate path: PMC folder in the game folder (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Painkiller Black Edition), LScripts folder to the Data folder.

Download: Powermad 3.63
(Powermad 3.63, 295.5 KiB, 1,267 hits)


Peter Henkel

22. September 2016 08:47

Doesn’t this overwrite fixes in 1.65 patch?


    22. September 2016 16:03

    Yes, this powermad overwrites the data virtually of any patches. The main changes are taken from my patch 1.65.

      Peter Henkel

      22. September 2016 16:13

      So in other words I can use it safely without losing bug fixes from the patch, right?


        22. September 2016 16:57

        All right, everything will be saved (except for sketch C6L9_Mine).

        Peter Henkel

        22. September 2016 17:06

        Cool, thanks!

Peter Henkel

23. September 2016 11:14

With this PM version I also lost all weapons in Town, so some bug fix from the patch you integrated into PM is causing this.


    23. September 2016 13:55

    I forgot to fix this bug in the program. Here’s the fix, follow the installation instructions and restart the level Town. Link

      Peter Henkel

      23. September 2016 14:09

      That worked! Thank you!
      Are you planing to release unofficial patch to Overdose as well?


        23. September 2016 14:46

        Honestly, no, because I will soon be engaged in artistic activities, that is, drawing sketches to all levels of Painkiller + BooH, which will be painted in the spirit of the developers of these games.

        Peter Henkel

        27. September 2016 13:50

        Damn. Well I hope you will after you finish those sketches.


        5. October 2016 18:18

        Generally, I think the Overdose needs no changes, it is perfect. But you can make a list of the bugs (and share it) that annoy you during the passage.

        Peter Henkel

        7. October 2016 11:43

        1. Japanese Massacre: After entering tower, killing some monsters during first fight in demon mode will result into crash.
        2. Village Of The Damned: Same thing, but this time it happens when you kill little children on the left in the last area.
        3. Using Greed card will result into crash.
        4. Nuclear Plant: Checkpoints are picked up before you actually reach them. Souls of extra enemies are not accounted in statistics.
        5. HUD icons for Razer Cube are switched.
        6. Many checkpoints are missing little flame in the middle because they’re misplaced elsewhere in the map. The same goes for light glow inside exit portals.
        7. Complaint: Why is health’s base value 105 instead of 100?

Peter Henkel

27. September 2016 13:49

More bugs:
1. I lost SMG in Loony Park.
2. I had Rocket launcher at the beginning of Dead City, before I picked it up.
3. First holly item in Dead City didn’t count as secret.


    2. October 2016 23:36

    Mr. Henky, how nice to see you here! Still playing Painkiller?

    Ivan, did you contact kalme about this? I want to ask what is the point of the new powermad? I mean, as far as i am concerned, everything is ok with Painkiller 1.64, PM 3.62, certainly not perfect, but i never felt like a new PM is needed…

    And, 1.65 version of the game? WTH are you talking about here?

    And Ivan, is that your real name or nick? Perhaps you should name yourself something else, because the first association with Ivan is “Ivan Ertlov”…

      Peter Henkel

      3. October 2016 10:18

      1.65 is unofficial patch that includes all the fixes from PM 3.62, plus some more.
      This PM also has the same new fixes.


      5. October 2016 19:33

      Artas, no, I had not contacted him, although his e-mail is known, but I’m not sure that his mail is active and that I will get the answer from him. And besides, when following the link to his website, the browser says, “Server is not found”. This version is more perfect in contrast to the 3.62a, and it, accordingly, does not require any permission to rework because the copyright still belongs to mr. Kalme.

      Peter answered for me.

      I can say with certainty that Ivan Ertlov to my nickname has nothing to do. He is main developer of company Homegrown Games, created an addon called “Painkiller: Resurrection” in 2009.


    5. October 2016 18:22

    1. SMG/Flame Thrower is in LP. Was returned to its rightful place.
    2. Minigun is first found only in the Dead City somewhere in the middle of the level. Therefore to hope that you missed in previous stages of the game – it’s in vain.
    3. The first secret (in the script name – he’s the 4th) moved to its former place, where the first relic.

    In the 1st and the 3th items I made a serious defect, but thanks to you I fixed them all. So I strongly recommend to download the updated PM 3.63. And I hope that such incidents will not happen again in the future. Link

      Peter Henkel

      7. October 2016 11:44

      One more thing. The Double Time tarot card still doesn’t work.


        8. October 2016 14:38

        You’re absolutely right! Time card Double Time Bonus validity lasts for 20 seconds more, so in total 50 seconds. Without it, the effect of the golden card ends after 30 seconds. Soon admin will update the Download button. So wait.

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