WTFProoF November - 30 - 2011 Cups4 COMMENTS

sK1p took over the victory over AndySYS in the final.

Final Standings:
1st Germany sk1p
2nd Hungary AndySYS
3rd Germany killua-chan
4th Russia SlavOK


The time has come for some good Painkiller 1on1 action.

This Sunday, on the 4th of December, the first Play More Painkiller Cup will take place on the EU servers of Painkiller. Everyone is welcome to participate in this cup. If you want to participate but don’t have Painkiller you can get yourself Painkiller Lite, a version of Painkiller designated for online-play. If you are from the US or another part of the world outside of EU you still can participate but you probably will have to live with high-ping.

At the moment there are no prizes planned for the cup, its purpose is to bring activity into the dormant PK scene and let you guys have some fun. Also I’m working to get a stream for the tournament, but so far there is nothing set up yet. If you want to contribute to the cup (organizing, streaming, prizes) you can contact me via wtfproof[at]

Cup Details:

Date: 04.12.11 @ 18:00 CET
Game: Painkiller 1.64 and Painkiller++ 1.3
Mode: Single or Double Elimination, depending on sign-ups
Matches: Bo3 & Bo5 with 15 minutes timelimit
Servers: Matches should be played on EU servers
Sign-Ups: Open untill the cup-start – Sign Up NOW
Check-In: Yes, from 17:00 till 18:00 CET
IRC: #painkiller on quakenet
DM_5quid01 | DM_1v1_Meatless | DM_Absinthe | DM_Blink | DM_Fallen2te | DM_Psycho | DM_Sacred
You can get the custom maps used in this cup here.


If you have suggestions or criticism go to the official forum-post!

Hope to see many of you guys on Sunday, lets rock!



4. December 2011 23:17

OK, gg all and congrats to sK1p for his sK1pment! 😀 I also hope that the next cup will be organized a lot better…


4. December 2011 23:22

Thx to all participants and congratulations to the winner(s)! This cup was organised and planned rather spontaneously, so the next time I host one I will start planning it way earlier so the whole cup can run more smoothly and provide more fun for the participants and the (possible) spectators.

Good night everyone!


5. December 2011 18:02

Congratz to winner 🙂


7. December 2011 11:11

Congratulate. I propose to continue in tdm mode. Top4 will be play 3 matches. JFF 🙂
1) sk1p,AndySYS -vs- killua-chan,SlavOK
2) sk1p,killua-chan -vs- AndySYS,SlavOK
3) sk1p,SlavOK -vs- AndySYS,killua-chan

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