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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is available to preorder on steam. The normal version will cost 19,99€ and the collectors Edition 29,99€.

The Collectors Edition includes:
– DVD ROM Game disc
– Manual
– Poster
– Stickers
– Postcards
– Original soundtrack disc
– Making of DVD
– Tarrot card DLC
– Exclusive Collector’s edition multiplayer skin DLC

It seems to be there is gonna be one more special limited collectors edition for about 99€ which includes:
– Limited edition exclusive packaging
– Pre-order multiplayer skin DLC
– Artbook
– Excluisve Black Demon large figurine
(+ look above)

Also if you pre-purchase now on steam, you will get free access to the beta. If there are enough pre-purchases, you can even get a Multiplayer Body Skin DLC Pack and as a 3rd reward a Free copy of Painkiller: Black Edition. The release date is still scheduled for 31st October 2012.

PC Gamer showed some exclusive pictures of the new Looney Park level.

First WIP Cover

[spoiler show=”Beta changelog 5th september:” hide=”Beta changelog 5th september:”]
– Survival map SV-Atrium Complex
– Deathmatch map DM-Cursed HD
– Singleplayer/coop map SP-Trainstation
– New weapons on SP-Trainstation
– New characters on SP-Trainstation and SV-Atrium Complex
● Menu/GUI improved, more config options available
● Another round of optimization
● Level graphics detailed
● AI adjustments
● Several multiplayer stability and performance issues fixed

A second video from gamescom was published. The publisher Nordic Games GmbH namely Reinhard Pollice are talking detailed about the game.

TotalHalibut is showing us the current beta in his well known WTF Is… series

If you always want to be well informed about the current development have a look at the Painkiller Hell & Damnation Beta forum. The Developers will try to answer all of your questions.



24. September 2012 15:09

Looks gorgeous ! Is the release date still scheduled for the end of October?


    24. September 2012 16:03

    yes, it’s still october 31. Let’s hope the game will be ready till then


      24. September 2012 17:20

      Thanks! Hope so as well.


24. September 2012 19:24

they should give you like 30 euro in the package saying sry we fucked up the game heres ur money back


24. September 2012 21:01

GooD 😀


24. September 2012 21:04

painkiller black edition Aynı Gibi ?


3. October 2012 14:08



9. October 2012 23:39

But where do I buy the collector’s edition? The only place I can see it for sale is Amazon and Gamestop and both of those are only digital versions

I can’t get on the painkillergame website either


23. October 2012 11:14

Where can I order the 99€ special edition? I can’t find it everywhere on the web besides oceania???

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.