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It’s been a while since we have seen some fixes for Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. Today a big patch got released. Look below for Changelog. So go ahead and fire up steam…
On a sidenote, the console version of PK:HD for PS3 and Xbox is confirmed for 5th April 2013.


Grenades in multiplayer fly faster, fixed bug with possibility to overtake your own granade
Grenades trajectory adjusted
Heater balls fly longer distance
It’s not possible to enable Tarot Cards in multiplayer now
Painkiller weapon effectiveness increased multiplayer (speed, damage)
Slowing down player in multiplayer when getting hit with some weapons
SoulCatcher alternate mode effectiveness decreased
Stakes speed increased (about 25%)
Teleports don’t slow down player when bunnyhopping
Flashlight intensity adjusted

Bug fixed:
Achievement for unlocking all Tarot Cards working properly
Colloseum level – unlocking Tarot Card by collecting ammo works properly
Compass range increased to point enemies that are far away
Easier to hit an enemy with the freezer (hit detection)
Enemies on Survival levels don’t stop to spawn
Freezing enemies in local coop don’t block progression through level
Initial loading of server list in Join Game lags removed
Sounds non-hearable when player takes damage
Weapon Stay option corrected
Size of chosen monsters corrected to proper scale

Level Fixes/Improvements:
Cemetery level – doubled checkpoint sound removed
CTF-Unseen_HD – spawning without weapons bug fixed
DM-Forbidden – fixed spawn points for player
DM-Sacred balance fix: jumppad allows to reach Silver Armor
Factory – Chaingun added at the start of the level, fixed secret reachability issues
Fixed statistics in Tutorial level
Loony Park level – collisions on trees improved
Opera level – two checkpoints are not appearing at the same time
OrientalCastle level – AI paths improved, fixed some bugs in collisions, ammo for rockets and grenades sychronized
Orphanage – AI paths improved
Shadowland level – AI paths improved, fixed some bugs in collisions

Added notification on server list if server is password-protected
Default Options button added
FOV option added
Head Bob option added
HUD scale slider added
Mouse Smoothing option added
Numeric values display for different parameters in menu (mouse sensitivity, gamma etc.)
Sort Function in Server Join Menu added
Weapon Bob option added
Enabled cancelling connection to server when it’s not responding on loading screen

Pickups setup adjusted toward original Painkiller v.1.64
Sound setup adjusted
Painkiller weapon added to Survival mode
Survival kill messages corrected



15. January 2013 16:01

Hmmm, maybe after next patch I might actually buy the game. xD


    16. January 2013 09:47

    ^ Clearly boozed out of his right mind…! I apologize to all true PK fans for his drunken comment, and any harm he may have caused to any semi-hardcore PK players who are undecided in their (should-be) decision *NOT* to buy PK:HD.




3. February 2013 23:11

I hope the author of DM_Sacred will burn in hell, soon.

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.