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The PK Szum Mod for Painkiller is now available for download. It downloads all maps into your PK’s Data-folder. There is more than 80 maps. Authors of this program: Mariusz W. & KOMODO. Download below.

Installation & start

  • Install to C:\Program Files\DreamCatchers\Painkiller\Data
  • Use shortcut PK-Szum on Desktop

Download: PK SZUM
(PK SZUM, 199.3 KiB, 874 hits)



21. January 2011 19:04

Can anybody tell me what this mod is actually for? And how do I use it? When I double click on the desktop icon shortcut, the only thing that I see happening, is for a millimeter of a second, a DOS ( I think ) window opens, and closes too fast for me to read what it actually did.

So, anybody?


22. January 2011 21:24

Check the folder “Data”, there should be new maps (I hope you installed to “/Painkiller/Data/”, not to “/Painkiller/”).


    23. January 2011 02:05

    Ahh, yessss. There they are, or at least 77 that are obviously maps, lol. I dont see ‘more than 80 maps’, but there is 77. So that is what happened. I guess that I thought it would be like a download manager, in which I would be monitoring the downloads (silly me)
    LOL, thanks HV. I kinda figured that you would be the one to tell me, you are the PK Zone Gaurdian Angel 🙂 In fact, if I did not here a response from anyone here, I was going to “Hunt You Down” (lol) at the pk forums and ask you there.
    I kinda have bad news, for me anyhow. My computer crashed 6 days ago, and it has taken me until yesterday to re-install all my software ( still not finished with all of them), but I have re-installed most of them. And I just did most of all my pk re-installs (including a good amount of the mods) over the past three days. Painkiller +add-ons/expansions/ are the only games I have re-installed. My next mod to re-install is SP_Hills. I already made one attempt, and was not successful. I was looking back at the forum page to when I was having trouble before, ( ) where you had helped me as always, but there must be something else that I had to do to get it to work properly, and I can’t remember what. I will figure it out sooner or later. My next attempt will be tomorrow.

    As always, Thanks HV


13. February 2016 07:30

I says the file doesn’t exist PLEASE HELP

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