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Painkiller: Redemption today has been updated to version 1.05f what means that in addition to certain changes in the end we lived to the first promised free DLC. On behalf of the team would like to apologize that it took so long. DLC was ready to release already 3-4 months ago. The problems of the brand owner, who was later bought out, was a reason why it was so long.

The DLC introduces two new levels for the singleplayer. The Small Church is a converted version of the map Fragenstein known to all from the multiplayer mode and the Unholy Stronghold that is modified Sacred. Both of these maps will give extra moments of fun during slaughter of lots monsters.

The patch includes Improvements and fixes:

Fixes »

  • Fixed error on Entrance where player was unable to get the card with exactly 180 health
  • Corrected display info for Rage Slowdown card
  • Possible fix for game crashing after the Rage Slowdown has been equipped (so far it worked flawlessly)
  • Fixed Tarot card status (locked or unlocked) that was not displaying properly for the levels (while looking at the Scoreboard from the Map, before entering a level).
  • Fixed few letter errors
  • Fixed Magazines map bug when player needed only 1 soul to unlock card
  • Fixed Ai glitch on Complex of Towers when monsters can run away from player
  • Moved the “Middle” movie from the Complex Of Towers level (movie was playing during the level), to between Refinery and Complex Of Towers
  • Player is no longer able to kill the last boss in Demon mode
  • Heroes has different HUD now. When you play as Daniel, you got original HUD from 2005 Painkiller, when Belial, Overdose one.

New content »

  • Two new Single player maps (Unholy Stronghold, small Church)
  • Changed the Map Board style
  • Changed the Tarot Card Board style
  • Added two unlockable cards on DLC Maps
  • A new difficulty has been added: Slumber. A lot more easier than Daydream. Features:
    • The player has 200 starting and base health.
    • Player’s health slowly drops back to 200 if it’s over 200.
    • Player’s health slowly and constantly regenerates back to 200 when the player is not hurt for 5 seconds.
    • The player receives the same damage as in Daydream (1 no matter what).
    • The Black Tarot is not available.
    • Monsters have less health and gibbing is made easier.
    • There are no souls available.
    • The player morphes into Demon at every 50 kills!

The patch is only available on Steam, but with time should appear on other platforms on which the game is available. Another things like new maps and multiplayer, and finally the Coop, are in progress but I’m not able to give the exact date of their release.


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.