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USA THRESHER decided to work on PK++ again on the base of the PK++ 1.2 Source code by UK Blowfish, as we dont have the code of the 1.3 Beta. (Orion or Priemevil if you read this, give us a signal.)

At the moment there are some features planned as a new Race Mode, Clan Arena gamemode and additionally some fixes. If you are interested in helping out join #painkiller on Quakenet IRC network, if you don’t have an IRC client, you can use the web client here.

Check out the git on github.

First test of the race gamemode:


    Any mappers who want to make some maps for Race, that would be sweet! 🙂

    Really need some help on this, could make things go much faster if I have 1-2 other people working on it.

  • Peppins

    One of the most useful changes I can suggest, is the ia of the bot. I mean when they shooting you, atm they walk only, but will be best if they always jump and also the switching weapon not “only” when ammo is finished but also when they shoot.

    I can’t help you atm because now I’m working on a new mod for the sp, that will be just like a modification for difficulty and monsters, something that I want call Isamnity mod, but I don’t have much time and also I’m not a programmer XD so…


      Hi Peppins,

      If you want, please check out the github:

      You never know, you might decide to commit some code. 😉

      I’d love more suggestions and I agree that bot AI is a good thing to focus on.



Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.