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The french guys PrimeviL and OriOn are working on Pk++ at the moment, as the PK++ Sourcecode is availabe for free. They are known for the PROverdose Mod for Painkiller Overdose. While Blowfish is busy working on Painkiller:Resurrection, this is a good thing to prepare for it. Blowfish also want to implement most new features of PK:R to Painkiller 1.64 after the Release.
The new Verion will be called PK++ It will have a lot of new things and improvements such as Clan Arena, Instagib Gamemode,

2 new maps, full HUD customization, low ammo warning sound, a Teammate Status Bar with Health and Armor of your mate on Teamgames (picture) and much more. The release is sheduled for mid September.
Here’s the full Changelog:








PK++ is no longer updated because Blowfish is being busy with PK:Resurrection…
We have decided to make our own unofficial PK++ release based to the PK++ sources.
Devteam is: OriOn (code), B6 (maps), PrimeviL (gfx/sound), sk1p (betatest)
Release is planned “When it’s done” but as soon as possible
Work In Progress, BE PATIENT and check often this changelog!


– FIX: OVERTIME TEXT – When CTF gamemode was chosen “Overtime” option was overwrited by “Capture limit” option into “Server settings” GUI

– CHG: NEW GUI – New Background and new design for your “Game User Interface”
– CHG: MP CONTROLS – Controls menu has been cleaned up and Singleplayer relative controls are gone
– CHG: LOADING SCREEN – Code improved, new “HIGH RES” screenshots and pictures aren’t red anymore
– CHG: PK++ GUI – Menu is gone and PK++ options are sorted out by logical categories and put to the original game’s menu

– ADD: STARTUP SCREEN – Special “PK++ start screen” for Painkiller, Battle Out Of Hell & Black Edition game’s version
– ADD: QUICK INGAME GUI – Many features like HUD/CROSSHAIR/VOTE/… can be set in realtime ingame by “ENTER” numpad key
– ADD: HELP SUPERHUD [0/1] – Displays a quick HELP INGAME about positioning system for Weapons & SuperHUD
– ADD: GAME/MOD CVARs – Many useful cvars (game & mod) were added to the GUI, settings are easier so
– ADD: QUICK QUIT [0/1] – You can quit the game without the menu confirmation now
– ADD: ZOOM FOV GUI – Option to set your Zoom FOV with Boltgun weapon (others weapons will come later)
– ADD: CROSSHAIR GUI – Possibility to assign different crosshair by STYLE/SIZE/ALPHA/COLOR for each weapon
– ADD: HUD PRESET GUI – You can create, save, load then share your own HUD preset with others Painkiller’s players
– ADD: MODEL VIEWER – Possibility to turn the player model with the mouse over into Player Settings menu (left click for change model & mouse wheel for change weapons)


– FIX: HUD TEXTS – Some HUD text slight position changes

– CHG: AMMOLIST – Ammolist improved with “Battle Out Of Hell” weapons and new code, ammolist is dynamic now
– CHG: SPEEDMETER – Available in spectator mode henceforth
– CHG: HUD ICONS – New “simple icons set” designed in game’s spirit
– CHG: HUD SCORES – Score system improved “in game” and “in spectator” mode (score difference)
– CHG: INFINITE AMMO COUNT – In warmup, infinite ammo count shows a 666 numbers instead of 999 numbers, this is more fun and evil

– ADD: NEW HUDs [CLASSIC/PRO/PRO3D/CUSTOM/BAR] – Choose between 5 styles for your HUD
– ADD: AMMOLIST [HORIZONTAL] – New horizontal ammolist choice + size
– ADD: HUD_CURRENTWEAPON_ICON [CVAR] – Shows the current weapon icon
– ADD: HUD_AMMOLIST_COUNT_RGB [CVAR] – Sets the AMMOLIST COUNT color (RGB code: xxx, xxx, xxx)
– ADD: HUD_AMMOLIST_ICONS_TRANS [CVAR] – Sets the AMMOLIST ICONS transparency (0 <->255)
– ADD: HUD_AMMOLIST_MARKER_RGB [CVAR] – Sets the AMMOLIST MARKER color (RGB code: xxx, xxx, xxx)
– ADD: HUD_AMMOLIST_MARKER_TRANS [CVAR] – Sets the AMMOLIST MARKER transparency (0 <->255)
– ADD: HUD_ICONS_TRANS [CVAR] – Sets the HUD ICONS transparency (0 <->255)
– ADD: HUD_Count_RGB [CVAR] – Sets the HUD COUNTERS color (RGB code: xxx, xxx, xxx)
– ADD: HUD_Count_TRANS [CVAR] – Sets the HUD COUNTERS transparency (0 <->255)
– ADD: HUD_SCORES_COUNT_RGB [CVAR] – Sets the SCORES COUNT color (RGB code: xxx, xxx, xxx)
– ADD: HUD_BAR_TRANS [CVAR] – Sets the HUDBAR transparency if “HUDBAR” style is used (0 <->255)
– ADD: HUD_BAR [CVAR] – Possibility to switch between health and armor position if “HUDBAR” style is used, just type “yes”
– ADD: MESSAGE CONSOLE POSITION [DOWN/UP] – Choose between 2 positions for the console message (consoleposition cvar)
– ADD: CONSOLE FONT SIZE [16/24] – Sets the font size for you console and tchat messages (consolefontsize cvar)
– ADD: PACKET LOSS [0/1] – Shows your “Packet Loss” to the current HUD
– ADD: SPEEDMETER [CLASSIC/BAR/OFF] – Shows a Speedmeter style for checking your speed (UPS) in game
– ADD: CROSSHAIR NAMES COLOR – Choose a color for the crosshair names by team, enemy or none
– ADD: TEAMMATE’s ICON [0/1] – Shows the icon above yours TeamMates in CTF or TDM mode
– ADD: TEAMMATE STATUS BAR [0/1] – Displays a status bar (Heatlh & Armor) under the crosshair for yours teammates (TDM/CTF)
– ADD: FRAGMESSAGE FONT SIZE [16/30] – Option to set for the FragMessage (fragmessagefontsize cvar)
– ADD: CROSSHAIRNAME FONT SIZE [16/24] – Option to set the font size for the Crosshair name (crosshairnamefontsize cvar)
– ADD: FLAG CARRIER ICON – Shows a Flag’s icon when player is the flag carrier


– ADD: LOW AMMO SOUND [0/1] – Plays a sound when the ammo are low
– ADD: HITSOUND TEAMMATE[0/1] – Plays a sound when you hit a Teammate
– ADD: KEY SOUND [0/1] – Plays a “beep” when positioning’s system is used
– ADD: PRO SOUNDS VOLUME [0/100] – Option for set the level of Hit/Kill/HitTeamMate/LowAmmo sounds
– ADD: FLAG CARRIER SOUND [0/1] – Option for set the boring sound of FLAG carrier in CTF mode


– FIX: SUBMACHINEGUN’s ICON [PCF bug] – SMG’s icon was wrong and showed shuriken’s icon, new weapon classic’s icon has been done too

– CHG: NOBLOOD – New code removes the blood on the wall/floor now, not only the blood due to damages taken like the old command
– CHG: NOSMOKE – Electro/SubMachineGun/MachineGun’s smokes added to the “nosmoke” variable
– CHG: NOEXPLOSIONS – HEATER bomb’s explosion added to the “noexplosions” variable
– CHG: UNLOCKED 3D MODELS – “Hellknight” and “Painkiller” Secret MP models are unlocked and available

– ADD: BRIGHTSKINS AMMO [0/1] – Ammo skins are bright and colored, it needs a full restart game for be effective (colors are based to QuakeLive)
– ADD: WEAPON’s ICON [CLASSIC/PRO/OFF] – Option to set the icon above the 3D weapon model
– ADD: WEAPON POSITIONING SYSTEM [0/1] – The “WPS” allows you to move the weapon model view in x/y/z/angle axis (+ loading and saving)
– ADD: SHOW WEAPON ANIM [0/1] – You can turn “off” the weapon model anim (like in QW)
– ADD: STAKE TRAIL [0/1] – Option to set the Stake’s trail
– ADD: GRENADE TRAIL [0/1] – Option to set the Grenade trail
– ADD: FREEZER TRAIL [0/1] – Option to set the Freezer’s trail
– ADD: ROCKET TRAIL [0/1] – Option to set the Rocket’s trail
– ADD: SHURIKEN TRAIL [0/1] – Option to set the Shuriken’s trail
– ADD: BOLT TRAIL [0/1] – Option to set the Bolt’s trail
– ADD: HEATER TRAIL [0/1] – Option to set the Heater’s trail
– ADD: SKY SETTINGS – Sky choices improved with Black and UltraLow options, > Options/Video/advanced/Sky to set it
– ADD: MUZZLEFLASH [0/1] – Option to set the weapon’s muzzleflash
– ADD: IMPACT FX [0/1] – Option to set the weapon’s impact FX on every surface (noimpactfx cvar)
– ADD: PICKUP FX [0/1] – Option to set the screen’s flash when you pickup an item
– ADD: DAMAGE FX [0/1] – Option to set the screen’s flash when you take damage
– ADD: PICMIP FX [0/1] – Option to set the resize of textures to 4X4 pixels for a boost performance (it needs a full restart game for be effective)


– FIX: AMMO BUG [PCF bug] – Which allowed players to take Electro and Minigun ammo even if they already had maximum ammo

– ADD: INSTAGIB MODE [callvotable] – Only Stakegun, infinite ammo for it and not others items on the map, staaaaake it!
– ADD: iCTF MODE [callvotable] – Like the INSTAGIB gamemode but for Capture The Flag this time
– ADD: CLAN ARENA MODE [callvotable] – 2 teams fight with all weapons available at start map (like in Quakelive gamemode)
– ADD: 3 NEW MAPS – CA_Trainstation remix; CTF_Unseen remix; DM_Fragenstein_XL remix (map size rescaled x2 and finally playable)


– FIX: SPEEDMETER – Speedmeter cvar is now saved to config.ini

– ADD: USEFUL BINDS – “F1” vote yes – “F2” vote no – “F3” ready – “F4″ unready” – “F8” quit


¤ PROJECTILES fired during countdown will not longer “survive” after match started
¤ CONFIG FILE FORMAT – Cvars are sorted out by class in the config.ini
¤ SIMPLE ITEMS – All map items (3D or particule) are showed in 2D
¤ NEW WEAPON model – Alternative Stakegun model or new weapon, not sure yet (model comes from Painkiller alpha version)
¤ CHAT ICON – Show a icon when players are AFK or just talk
¤ PRO CTF mode – Flag carrier’s speed restrainned for improve the Teamplay
¤ All variables added to CONSOLE
¤ Quick Vote menu
¤ RETURN FLAG option callvotable
¤ SENSITIVITY by weapons



16. July 2009 19:33

Heyho 🙂


23. July 2009 16:13

Wow cool work^^
A question: Is this for PK or Overdose or both? And witch PK are moste active now days though none are really active;P?


    23. July 2009 16:29

    This is for the original PK. Yes, Painkiller is much more active then Overdose


23. July 2009 16:14

I really feel to start play a little right now that’s why im asking.


27. July 2009 21:50

Is PK Overdose is played?


27. July 2009 22:10

I just read a bit more about Painkiller: Resurrection on wiki and such and it sounds really awesome but will PK:R be free to play? Will it be like a new ex pack or a new game sort of? Im so confused now of all the ex packs that exists.


    28. July 2009 17:29

    Maybe I don’t understand you, but I think that no chance that PK: R will be free to play.


      28. July 2009 18:18

      Hehe okay^^

      You think pk:r will start a new bigger online scene? PK It’s a game that I feel like need a second chance.

      The multiplayer is overall not so bad I just think the movement need some small improvements.


        28. July 2009 18:27

        No, but I hope that R will repair old PK & playing will be more pleasantly :]

        btw I want PK 2 :]


28. July 2009 18:31

Oh okey

Yea that would be something to look forward to:)

31. July 2009 14:44

bet this will be awesome. GL


    31. July 2009 15:00

    And I really hope we will see mouseaccel options to, thats a must for me:P

22. August 2009 00:37

i hope they put in some support for mouse buttons 4 % 5, this is a must for me:p

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