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Nordic Games has released a megapatch with a lot of fixes and also the seventh DLC called City Critters. The download will take some time cause they recooked the game, this is why the game has to be redownloaded completely.

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Added support for Painkiller Development Kit
Added sounds of fallen skeleton bones
Added Anti-cheating solution for leaderboards
Better sound of Painkiller weapon impact
Tarot cards can be unlocked in coop mode too
Fixed Conclave level connection issues in online coop mode
Now, the player can’t switch to a weapon that doesn’t contain ammo
Playing in offline mode and switching between offline/online won’t be corrupting game settings/saves
Fixed sounds issues when the player is damaged by two Evil Monks
Fixed a bug where corrupted save games could cleanup player progress.
Fixed a bug where Achievement Fireproof can’t be unlocked
Fixed sound of soulcatcher saw issues
Fixed XBOX360 Controller issues in splitscreen co-op
Fixed a bug where The Silver Card “Divine Intervention” can be used to exploit free coins.
Sound for the prohibited action added.
Fixed a bug where the boss could displayed twice for the client in the last cutscene on the “Ruins” map in coop mode.

Level Fixes:
Atrium Fixed lacking collsions on Atrium Complex.
Bonus Cemetery Fixed destroyable objects and items stats on Haloween.
Bonus Factory Fixed lacking collisions on building walls.
Bonus factory Fixed lacking collisions on wall before the lact checkpoint
Bunker Fixed potential blocker in coop mode.
Cathedral Fixed player losing weapons after checkpoint load on Cathedral.
Colosseum Fixed lacking collsions on gates.
Colosseum Fixed lacking collisions on some walls.
Conclave Fixed impossible to pick up ammo on Conclave.
Cursed HD Removed invisible walls
Cursed Fixed columns collision
Chaos Fixed a bug where the player could fall off from map
Chaos HD Fixed a bug where the player could fall off from map
DLC2 Asylum Fixed lacking collsions on Asylum.
DLC2 Bridge Previously unreachable secret on DLC2 Bridge level now accesible.
DLC2 Bridge fixed spawning outside the map after loading observatory checkpoint.
DLC2 Bridge Fixed impossible to pick up ammo on DLC2 Bridge.
DLC2 Bridge Fixed impossible to pick up treasures on DLC2 Bridge.
DLC2 Bridge Fixed lacking collisions on DLC2 Bridge.
DLC2 Bridge Fixed destroyable objects and items stats on DLC2 Bridge.
DLC2 Town Blocked player from leaving the map on DLC2 Town.
DLC2 Town Fixed lacking collsions on DLC2 Town.
DLC2 Town Fixed statistics
DLC3 Bunker Fixed lacking collision on doors after eighth checkpoint
DLC3 Bunker Fixed lacking collisions
DLC3 Bunker Fixed coop blocker after 5th checkpoint
DLC3 Bunker Fixed player losing weapons after checkpoint load on Bunker.
DLC3 Leningrad Improved Katyusha rocket launcher on Stalingrad level.
DLC3 Military Base Fixed items appearing out of nowhere on DLC3 MilitaryBase.
DLC3 Military Base Fixed slabs on Military Base. Player can’t backtrack to areas he shouldn’t have acess to.
DLC3 Military Base Fixed slabs on the last hangar. Palyer cannot get inside too eraly.
DLC3 Military Base Fixed lacking collisions on Military Base.
DLC3 Military Base Added a little easier way to acess first secret on Military Base.
DLC3 Military Base Fixed stats on Military Base.
DLC3 MilitaryBase Fixed secret area with monsters on Military Base. The exit will now open only when all monsters are killed.
DLC3 MilitaryBase Previously unreachable secret on Military Base level now accesible.
DLC3 MilitaryBase Fixed ladder near silo secret
DLC3 MilitaryBase Fixed possibility to leave the levelLoony Park Fixed destroyable objects and items stats on Loony Park.
Opera Fixed doors appearing out of nowhere in the Opera basement.
Opera Fixed destroyable objects stats on Opera.
OrientalCastle Fixed collisions on Oriental Castle.
OrientalCastle Fixed tank collision
Solo survival/ Prison Fixed not dissapearing armour on Prison survival.
Trainstation Fixed player losing weapons after checkpoint load on
TrainStation Fixed items stats on Train Station.
DLC5Babel fixed achievements
DLC5Angkor fixed achievements
DLC5Angkor fixed teleport before the final arena
DLC6Monastery fixed coop player spawning outside map
DLC6Monastery fixed coop blocker after the last chcekpoint
DLC6Docks fixed coop player spawning outside map
DLC6Docks Improved performance
DLC6Ruins fixed stats
DLC4Blink fixing solo survival balance
DLC4Meatless fixing solo survival balance
DLC4Mines fixing solo survival balance
DLC4Prison fixing solo survival balance
DLC4SnowTown fixing solo survival balance

DLC7 – City Critters
In the latest DLC for Painkiller Hell & Damnation, players will be able to riot in a fresh urban environment. Be the Tarzan of doom in the concrete jungle surroundings.
“We built this city, we built this city on death and souls” (Daniel Garner, demon slayer and “Starship”-fan, 2013).

Key Features
– 3 single player/coop maps in urban environment: Prison, Apocalyptic City and Pentagon.
– New multiplayer map “Factory” for the following modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Survival
– Revamped boss-encounter: the Gigantic Panzer Demon makes its return with new skills and abilities in a new environment with new gameplay elements
– Revamped enemies: Apocalyptic Zombies in various shapes and suitably bizarre fashion statements, Winged Demons, Apocalyptic Amputee, Minigun Hell-Bikers, Giant Spider Minibosses

The latest 3 DLCs Heaven’s Above, Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea and City Critters are now also available in a brand new DLC bundle 2:

And last but not least we have also updated the Painkiller Complete pack. Now all DLCs are included as well for a great unique price together with all titles of the Painkiller franchise:

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28. May 2014 16:27

Does anyone knows where to find the Development Kit? I can’t find it anywhere on Tools in Steam and I’ve installed and updated the game! 🙁

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