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FIX: Simplehud switch weapons is now reflected in the HUD
FIX: Console now works in menu (PCF bug)
FIX: Blackedition now shows PK++ ‘desktop’
ADD: Cfg.DirectInput allows setting of directinput/windowsinput for mouse and keyboard. \directinput from console.
ADD: Simplehudshadow to toggle font shadowing on simplehud
ADD: PK++ GUI options for text shadowing
ADD: Cfg.TeamScoresShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowFPSShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowPingShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowTimerShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Blowfish command from console to load up a sample config (remember to back-up your own config first)
ADD: TextureQuality command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityArchitecture command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityCharacters command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualitySkies command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityWeapons command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: Cfg.HitSounds | \HitSounds for disabling hit sounds
ADD: Cfg.NoGong | \NoGong to remove gong sound per minute (voice sounds remain)
ADD: Cfg.NoMPComments | \NoMPComments to remove MP death commentry (initial respawn comment remains; ‘fight’ etc.)
ADD: Cfg.BrightSkins | \BrightSkins to disable brightskins
CHANGE: Restartmap re-enabled at end-of-match
CHANGE: Some HUD text slight position changes
CHANGE: Teamscores tidy
NOTE: Weapon switch using mousewheel seems to work best using Cfg.WheelSensitivity = 3

Download: PK++ Mod
(PK++ Mod, 12.4 MiB, 3,277 hits)


Download: Updater
(Updater, 1.9 MiB, 1,509 hits)



3. September 2010 02:00

And you can link to please Linux Server PK++ 1.2?


3. September 2010 18:04

It doesn’t exist, check a section no 4 here.


7. September 2010 16:02

Thanks, helped! Finally in Russian now also has its own server name PlayGround 🙂

Painkiller Lite

26. June 2011 18:38

[…] install the PK++ Multiplayer Mod. At the moment there are 1 stable and a beta version available: PK++ PK++ 1.3 […]


19. December 2013 20:04

Thanks. Well.

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