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Update: Sviatoslav released the first patch for his mod Painkiller Supernatural. Download below.


  • level Cataclysm – made some minor changes
  • level Black Tower – added meteorites rain
  • level Asteroids – changed gameplay, another monsters, added secret
  • level Riot – some monsters are partially replaced by others
  • level Forbidden Valley – fixed bug due to the level of which can’t be completed correctly
  • slightly changed the look of the monster Biomechanoid more appropriate, also his blood changed from purple to normal, red

Please extract & copy the folder Data to your Painkiller game directory, for example C:\Program Files\DreamCatcher\Painkiller

Original Post:
Painkiller: Supernatural made by Russia Sviatoslav is based on the PainEngine v.1.64 and in fact it is not a modification but a separate game, not requiring the resources of the original. So now the confusion with the Tarot cards, which occurred during the installation of the BigMod on Painkiller, as well as problems with the launch of a console will not happen. In addition, changes were made on some well-known for BigMod levels, mainly in the gameplay, but also fixed some bugs. Sviatoslav advise you to go through all the levels again, because he has prepared some surprises, which however, have yet to be found.

It does include:
1) PainkillerBigMod (20 remaked levels from Painkiller: Overdose and Painkiller: Resurrection)
2) PowerMad 3.62a by Kalme (powermad-readme in PMC folder)
3) HellGun Mod (with Secret Area level)
4) Dynamics Lights
5) Various minor changes and fixes in gameplay

1) Extract Supernatural archive in any folder on your computer
2) Start the game by double-clicking Supernatural (in the Bin folder)
3) Fight!

list of levels »

  • C7L1_Cataclysm
  • C7L2_Desert
  • C7L3_Ragnarok
  • C7L4_Dead_Marsh
  • C7L5_Black_Tower
  • C7L6_Slaughter_House
  • C7L7_Village_Of_The_Damned
  • C7L8_Field_Ambulance
  • C7L9_Asteroids
  • C7L10_Sky_Island
  • C7L11_Riot
  • C7L12_Castle_Wolfenstein
  • C7L13_Air_Combat
  • C7L14_Agoraphobia
  • C7L15_Japanese_Massacre
  • C7L16_Old_Movie
  • C7L17_Secret_Area
  • C7L18_Forbidden_Valley
  • C7L19_Innsmouth
  • C7L20_Innsmouth

Download: Supernatural Mod
(Supernatural Mod, 1.6 GiB, 12,874 hits)

Download: Painkiller Supernatural Patch
(Painkiller Supernatural Patch, 2.9 MiB, 1,899 hits)


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.