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Finally, 3 years after the official announcement, Russia Sviatoslav released a new version of his mod Painkiller: Supernatural 2.0. It gives us once again a breath of fresh air into Painkiller.

Sviatoslav’s description:

Painkiller: Supernatural 2.0 contains two campaigns:

1) Painkiller, which includes 30 levels of 24 of the original game, and 6 – of additions Battle out of Hell;
2) Supernatural, including a map of the game Painkiller: Overdose, Painkiller: Resurrection, Painkiller: Recurring Evil, and, also, some of the cards from the game NecroVisioN, and maps created by fans of the game, to completely rebuild the gameplay as close as possible (at according to the author, of course :)) to the style of the original, that is, in fact, is the main idea of ​​the modification.

The mod contains the bonus levels that are not included in the main campaign.

To many levels known from the first version of the mod, have been added to the secrets and surprises, made ​​some visual changes, fixes various defects.

Added the new kinds of monsters, items, weapons, ammo, souls, health, armor, holy items and powerups (adherents of the classic version of Painkiller (which is the author and fashion :)) can rest assured: the vast majority of innovations available only at a certain level, or under certain conditions, as, for example, comments can be disabled in the menu).

Added the new tarot cards and the new possibilities to get them, some cards to change the price, performance and added visual effects;

The addon includes the following modifications and corrections that have been created by me at different times:

1) HellGun Mod (with the level of Secret Area);
2) Dynamics Lights for PK Mod (greatly expanded and revised);
3) Various fixes to the original game, such as fixed Tarot “Double Time Bonus”, the opportunity to kill all enemies on the levels of Babel, Forest and Docks, the complication of the final battle at Colloseum, change the final run at Lab, redress some of the items, armor, health, ammo, replacement slabs (doors) on some levels and other changes.

The mod also includes the modification of other authors:

1) PowerMad 3.62a and, partially, PowerMad for Painkiller: Overdose (created by Kalme);
2) Water Mod v.1.0 (created by LexaR);
3) Grapple Hook Mod (created by Dany25).


1) From the main menu you will find a locked item – X-Files, activated only after the passage of campaign Supernatural (advise, by the way, to begin with it). I understand that the majority of players are able to unlock the item immediately. Try not to do this – otherwise spoil your experience. I blocked it not out of spite or a desire to create a player challenges, and to events perceived as, and in the same sequence as it seemed to me. If in the process of passing you find something interesting and I want to share this on the forum, hide your message under the spoiler – and give other players the opportunity to experience the joy of the discoverer;
2) In the events, as you know, is integrated PowerMad, the team that is assigned to digital and, in part, the text keyboard. View or change the assignment of hot keys can be used in two ways: in the folder manually PMC make corrections to the file config, or by running the application PMC (in the same folder);
3) With strong brakes at Invasion, put in the settings for water quality “Low”;
4) And more. During the game, ever, under any circumstances, do not press the “Delete”.


Of course, I want to thank those people who made fashion would not be the way it is at the moment:
1) Havcom – for help with scripts for hints and tips, and for some of Particle and texture, to pull out of his fashion;
2) dilettante – for new models, objects, maps adapted from NecroVisioN, and for solving intractable problems;
3) LexaR – special thanks for all possible assistance, responsiveness and for translating my ideas into reality;
Also, thank you to everyone who does not have, but whose ideas and inputs were used to create fashion.


During the game you will find that some of the levels are not available – do not be surprised: the modes have not yet been completed. Missing levels will be posted as they become available as DLC. Just now I need a break from fashion and enjoy a creative crisis.
The mod is available in English only, at least not yet.
Play carefully, explore the game, and I assure you, you will find lots of interesting things. Enjoy the game!


Run Supernatural.exe and follow the instructions of the installer.

PATCH from 04.10.14:

Changes to patch:
– X-Files menu works correctly after the campaign Supernatural;
– Fixed bugs and flaws on some levels;
– Includes animation magic armor at Asteroids;
– Added one secret levels Asteroids and Mountains;
– Fixed bugs with monsters and Hell King Insane Villager;

After installing the game to extract the contents of the patch to the folder Data, agreeing on a replacement.
Will be updated as fix defects.

Download: Painkiller Supernatural 2.0
(Supernatural 2.0, 6.34 GiB)

Download: Painkiller Supernatural 2.0
(Supernatural 2.0 Patch 01.01.15, 19.9 MiB)


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.