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After half year of tests BlooDFloweR released his first mod. It’s a remake of Painkiller Overdose. The mod includes refreshed textures, changed gameplay, new secrets…

You can download russian version from Yandeks.Disk and patch. English version coming soon.

  • Boris

    When is the English version going to be released

  • Boris

    This is still g good mod (despite not having English option yet).I like the ability to kick enemies and objects(like in NecroVision),the “refreshed textures” are all well and good and i realy like the Clive Barkers Undying picture in the studios level(ass well as all the other pictures of painkillers mods).

    P.S link for the patch is inferior(ERROR 404)!

    • HV

      Try again.

      • Boris

        What do you mean?

      • Boris

        Nevermind,i understand now.

  • Boris

    It would also be good if this had some sort of powermad installed.

  • Boris

    I noticed that the game has 3 chapters(like the original overdose)it would be awesome if the other two chapters where remade levels from Recurring Evil,Redemption and maybe some community made levels such as Labirint and Castle Wolfenstein.I understand this is a remake of Painkiller Overdose but i think puting those levels as DLC would be awesome!

  • Boris

    What is the SweetFX in Bin folder and how do i use it?

  • Boris

    Seriously,when is the English version going to be released?I have been wating for ever(so to speak).

  • Boris

    I found a bug,even after using the patch,Hellish Armor Black Taror Card doesnt work.

    • Havcom

      Boris, if you want to get support on the mod, and learn about the English patch or something else, go to the Russian website on the game PKRC. ru

      Do not be afraid that the site is Russian lang. Forum is quite small and find something is not difficult. Also use the English language, if you decide to write something in a certain topic. Many foreigners usually translate their messages through an interpreter in advance, then difficult to understand what they needed.

  • Painkiller-Ivan

    Hey, how soon will the English version? It’s been almost three years since the mod was released, not a word from the author.


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.