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Released by Homegrown this is the latest Painkiller Resurrection Patch 44 updating your first-person shooter and addressing several bugs. The patch contains all the official changes from the autoupdater. This is dedicated to players who have a problem with the updater or they don’t want install the NET Framework.

A list of files »

  • bin/Resurrection.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionD3D.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionD3DEditor.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionEditor.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionEngine.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionEngineEditor.dll
  • bin/ResurrectionQUICKDedicated.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionUpdater.exe
  • bin/ResurrectionUpdaterStarter.exe
  • data/levels.pak
  • data/lscripts.pak
  • data/maps01.pak
  • data/maps02.pak
  • data/models01.pak
  • data/models02.pak
  • data/scripts01.pak
  • data/texturescommon01.pak
  • data/texturescommon02.pak
  • data/texturessingle01.pak
  • data/texturessingle02.pak
  • data/music/C9L1_Cathedral dark side music.mp3
  • data/music/C9L1_Cathedral light side music.mp3
  • data/music/C9L2_Forbiden valey (underground).mp3
  • data/music/C9L2_Forbiden valey.mp3
  • data/music/C9L4_Haunted_City_Docks_music.mp3
  • data/music/C9L4_Haunted_City_Music.mp3
  • data/music/communicationbreakdown.mp3

Download: PK:Resurrection Patch
(PK:Resurrection Patch, 100.4 MiB, 17,023 hits)

  • MadMax75th

    can I install this patch without using the built in updater? No matter what I try the updater does not work (error messages) but this patch simply unloads into the bin folder as the updater. 🙁

  • HV

    Yes, Updater doesn’t work, it’ll never work. When this patch (I mean Painkiller_Resurrection_Updater_44.exe) is installed to your Resurrection directory your game is updated to the latest version.

  • Jim

    Why does my game say it still is at version 42 even though I installed the 44.exe file? I still have the “Please Update To Current Version” banner across the top of the screen.

    • HV

      Are you sure that is installed to right path? for example: C:Program FilesJoWooDPainkiller Resurrection

  • Wllmcooper642

    how do i update it from 42 to newest update it wont go to it any help will be apprecieated thanks

  • Neueziel85

    I have this patch since it already came with it because i got the Pandemonium edition..but i dont get why in the first level cathedral…EVERYTIME i try to get the stake gun, my game gives an script error message, i tried reinstalling the game and still gives that…anyone knows a fix for this??

    • Painkiller-Mania

      Try to change your Screen Resolutions back to default or any other resolutions, it’ll solved the problem for sure. Happens to me last time 🙂

  • Internaut

    Amazing. We pay good money for what is supposed to be good product, and we end having to flounder in a see of quations and where, is the support?
    That aside, there are 5,463+ dloads of the patch (fix/repair/owee/bobo?) and so far, only a five gripes, not counting mine.

  • Internaut

    Sorry – my fingers slipped. Here, without the game macro keys kicking in 🙂
    Amazing. We pay good money for what is supposed to be good product, and we end having to flounder in a ses of questions and where, is the support?That aside, there are 5,463+ dloads of the patch (fix/repair/owee/bobo?) and so far, only a five gripes, not counting mine.

  • Internaut

    I see every complaint here is valid. On install of 44, the on screen message was, I already had it, but I proceeded anyway. Now, I have no game saves. Thanks a lot Interactive. And it didn’t fix squat. Of every Pkiller game, all had a problem. One never knows when suddenly, it freezes, or jumps to the desktop, closing the game. One day, a game might come out from somebody that plays without grief.

  • joe

    ya this game i like but so hard to update it.come on interactive get on the ball or i wont buy your games anymore.

  • profighter13

    i thought these games were suppose to be tested before seller i guess not so we get stuck with all the problem  good business

  • profighter13

    everytime i die i got to close it completly the start it all over again to start playing or i’ll get error if i try to start at save such a pain

  • profighter13

    and i agree with joe u try to up load the update and it shuts down without updating

  • Jack

    Know i know why the game costs only 5 € in austria xD


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.