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Yesterday Russia Havcom published an information on about his new mod called Painkiller Reload.


For a long 4 years I was creating a mod for the Pain. In its creation I was trying to combine all the best of what I saw in all the addons for Pain after BooH:
– a new “design” menu,
– a new HUD in several different ways,
– updated levels,
– 15 weapons in the arsenal – among which are already known from the original 7 guns, and 5 of Overdose, 13th HellGun, which I completely rewrote the script (you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what it shoots) and bonus weapons, one I named DevastatorRG. The same about the alpha version of a shotgun just in a new guise and with the raw texture (by the way is no longer a shotgun). For certain types of weapons have been added to the combo shots.
Playing will be much more fun, even silly at levels of Redemption.

Here is a short gameplay video:

… and something awesome:

Russia Havcom finally uploaded the Reload Mod. It does have 30 parts.
You can find the download links here

1 – Download all 30 parts installer, and throw everything into a single folder
2 – Extract the rar files, open the Readme and follow further instructions

Please note:
On widescreen monitors the text may be slightly beyond the frame.

Please do not use cheats to not spoil your fun!

How to play Fallen:
Run the game open the console and type Pmloadlevel C10L6_fallen.

Enjoy the game!

Painkiller Reload Mod
Filesize: 6.4 GB (Please use a Downloadmanager)

Painkiller Reload Mod


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.