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Yesterday Russia Havcom published an information on about his new mod called Painkiller Reload.


For a long 4 years I was creating a mod for the Pain. In its creation I was trying to combine all the best of what I saw in all the addons for Pain after BooH:
– a new “design” menu,
– a new HUD in several different ways,
– updated levels,
– 15 weapons in the arsenal – among which are already known from the original 7 guns, and 5 of Overdose, 13th HellGun, which I completely rewrote the script (you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what it shoots) and bonus weapons, one I named DevastatorRG. The same about the alpha version of a shotgun just in a new guise and with the raw texture (by the way is no longer a shotgun). For certain types of weapons have been added to the combo shots.
Playing will be much more fun, even silly at levels of Redemption.

Here is a short gameplay video:

… and something awesome:

Russia Havcom finally uploaded the Reload Mod. It does have 30 parts.
You can find the download links here

1 – Download all 30 parts installer, and throw everything into a single folder
2 – Extract the rar files, open the Readme and follow further instructions

Please note:
On widescreen monitors the text may be slightly beyond the frame.

Please do not use cheats to not spoil your fun!

How to play Fallen:
Run the game open the console and type Pmloadlevel C10L6_fallen.

Enjoy the game!

Painkiller Reload Mod
Filesize: 6.4 GB (Please use a Downloadmanager)

Painkiller Reload Mod



3. July 2012 11:46

this is awesome i hope it will come out soon


4. July 2012 21:58


but the second video is from necrovision or what?


5. July 2012 06:48

copy-paste, copy paste…second is NV


5. July 2012 07:01

This map is a conversation of the multiplayer map Fallen with some interesting things from Necrovision and with new decor and story


5. July 2012 10:37

Nice, anyone know if he are working on a Coop mod too? Will be the best mod ever for play all sp level with a friend :/


    5. July 2012 12:46

    It is very hard to make a coop,he changed only singleplayer,but on the site pkrus was one man, who worked with a coop to original Painkiller


      6. July 2012 12:01

       I will pay for it :/

      maybe with pk:hd that use unreal engine 3 (ut3 have coop) will be “easy” to do it :/


        6. July 2012 12:14


        I hope that we can play coop campaign in the near future.


        8. July 2012 20:27

         Me too, I want it like on serious sam series 🙂


5. July 2012 10:52

I’m waiting for this mod to be released!

Philthy Hanlon

5. July 2012 11:02

Amazing, but it raises a question for me:

Whatever happened to Super-super-supernatural?


5. July 2012 12:48

Super-Super-Supernatural is in work,so i think,it will be release soon(I say it because i knows Sviatoslav)

Philthy Hanlon

5. July 2012 14:40

Great to hear, I love his work. Really looking forward to what this year will bring for us 😀


    5. July 2012 14:58

    Sviatoslav makes a really big mod,with maps from all addons-Recurring Evil,Resurrection and some maps from Necrovision,and in the future,he thinks to make a mod with Stalker maps:)


6. July 2012 14:05

Str_Ghost or anyone from pkrus. if you read this, ask Havcom when will it come out


    6. July 2012 15:18

    He said that it would come on this or next week,possibly some later

    P.S-Why don’t you register on the pkrus?You can ask about the mod by yourself


      6. July 2012 15:53

      i dont know Russian i only translated it through google chrome. so registering on Russian site is useless.


8. July 2012 21:03


8. July 2012 23:35

I say it to all,who waits this mod

Havcom said,that he cut the installation programm on the 30 parts(he must do it because he has problems with his Internet),on this moment he downloaded 10 parts,and every day he can download about 3-4 parts.So don’t worry,we can play this game soon,may be on this week 🙂


12. July 2012 10:42

I saw this mod today on youtube, it’s not the part of painkiller reload, but it is also from a russian author, and there are many new stuff in there 😀 many skybox, texture changes, new maps, monsters.. watch if you are interested 😀


13. July 2012 11:08

Havcom said that his mod will come out tomorrow or one day later


14. July 2012 10:59



15. July 2012 09:57

Hey, my nod32 say this: Win32/Agent.NAIOMZU trojan horse. False positive? :S


15. July 2012 23:47

any idea what Downloadmanager is compatible with your website?i just downloaded a 6 gig corrupt file with getright 🙁


16. July 2012 02:55

flashget Download manager is not compatible either wtf 🙁


19. July 2012 19:36

no way to play this.. i finally downloaded all 30 parts. there was a trojan horse i avoided it and deleted that ultility which it was in. by the way the installer and the instructions for install were unreadable and i can’t launch the game because it says many times “a nil value” it misses some files i updated it there was also the same problem.. what can i do to make it work?


    19. July 2012 19:49

    here is the complete script error:
    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:27:42:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Dialogs.lua”]:140: attempt to concatenate field `Password’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:28:04:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Multiplayer/CreateServerMenu.lua”]:27: attempt to concatenate field `ServerName’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:28:05:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Options/VideoOptions.lua”]:61: attempt to concatenate field `TextureQualityBig’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:28:05:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Multiplayer/PlayerOptions.lua”]:25: attempt to concatenate field `Name’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:29:00:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Dialogs.lua”]:140: attempt to concatenate field `Password’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:29:53:
    [string “Cfg:Load();Tweak:Load()”]:1: attempt to index global `Cfg’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:31:57:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Dialogs.lua”]:140: attempt to concatenate field `Password’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:33:41:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Multiplayer/CreateServerMenu.lua”]:27: attempt to concatenate field `ServerName’ (a nil value)

    Thursday, July 19, 2012 20:34:23:
    [string “../Data/LScripts/HUD/Menu/Options/VideoOptions.lua”]:61: attempt to concatenate field `TextureQualityBig’ (a nil value)


    20. July 2012 08:43

    GreenTechB,I didn’t download this mod in 30 parts,I downloaded it by torrent,and it works fine.You can download it by torrent with a good speed.Information about it you can find on the next page(8) in that forum


    6. August 2012 13:38

    – ================================================ Installation ==== Painkiller Reload ===========================================

    1 – Download all 30 parts installer throws everything into a single folder;
    2 – Unpack the Rar archive there is only one;
    3 – Run Setup.exe and install. You can not read the Readme. The screen to select components do not touch nothing!;
    4 – After the installation run Painkiller Reload Update and put on top of the game;
    – Carefully read the Readme about innovations and errors (or if
    uncomfortable in the small window “Start / All programs / Havcom, Inc /
    Games / Painkiller /”);
    ————————————————– ————-
    6 – To replace the original levels in the alternative should unpack AltLevels.rar in the game folder. (To replace files say “Yes”).
    Function BulletTimeDeath:
    Posted on the penultimate day before the release.
    This option is in the setup menu and HUD during game play involves momentary slowing down time for killing enemies. Will effect both in
    Necrovision – murder with the help of a combo, but without the graphical bells and whistles. (As an incentive, one such delay adds one unit of health)
    This is an experimental feature, so that does not work as expected. Every time a new game is starting to fold, and to activate it,
    will need to go back to the setup menu HUD and check the box. If you already have is worth, then turn off and on again.
    If you do not like or get bored, you have nothing to do.
    DO NOT VIOLATE COPYRIGHT RESPECT other people’s labor.


      6. August 2012 13:39

      7- After the installation of update run Painkiller Reload Update and put on top of the game;


20. July 2012 03:03

What is the problem? Download all 30 parts with, install and play. Where did you come from these errors.? There are no viruses out there, there can be. The game is only in Russian. The mod has been tested me, and users of the site, so that everything is fine and works downloaded.
And do not forget the work of mod, downloaded from another source (not I can not guarantee this.
text translated by Google, I hope you understand.


    20. July 2012 08:48

    I can confirm thit words,because I downloaded and installed this mod without errors and viruses.You don’t need to download all 30 parts,you can download this mod in one file by a torrent.A downloadlink by torrent you can find on the next page(8) on that forum


      20. July 2012 19:45

      okay i will try then the torrent (: i’m really excited about this mod i have to try everything possible


        22. July 2012 20:43

        you can also try this 6.4 GB file from the pkzone server.


        22. July 2012 21:37

        it says the files are corrupt when i try to open it


        27. July 2012 18:13

        4 me works nice, I downloaded 2 times.


        23. July 2012 08:38

        we should talk on xfire. by the way i downloaded the torrent yesterday, but there wasn’t any progress with it, it’s still at 0%.. i will try again today


      24. July 2012 00:51

      You can upload the torrent file (mediafire)


22. July 2012 14:40

beside some graphical improvements and few small interventions i see no difference from
origigi,..what is update for and what is use of alt levels and how to install them???


    22. July 2012 14:58

    But there are all weapon from all parts of Painkiller.And many objects from Necrovision.So this mod adds important things to Pk.
    Alt Levels change original and overdose levels to levels from Redemption and Recurring Evil.Install it into your Painkiller/Data folder

Philthy Hanlon

23. July 2012 22:51

Got it to work at last, and it’s pretty decent 🙂 It begs for a translation at some point however so I know what the card objectives are


31. July 2012 10:55

Havcom, please add the COOP mode to your “Reload mod”, if it is possible…


    1. August 2012 10:28

    He said that it is impossible

Philthy Hanlon

5. August 2012 05:24

After extensive playtesting and messing around with an online Russian keyboard and translator, I have a compiled a list of the card conditions for all levels in this mod, including the ones in the Alt levels pack. Any translations I am unsure of are noted in brackets. Hope this helps 🙂


    7. August 2012 22:27

    Download a new patches here: . A patches ( and Replases Hellgun grenades, combo shot Ectoplasmer. Add new music, new weapons, fixes bugs. New Black tarot tasks.
    Leave more comments


5. August 2012 20:34

download from is very fast and free. this game (pk reload) is very good and exciting, inside it there are many maps and all weapons from the whole painkiller series and expansions, plus some weapons from necrovision i guess , as well as painkiller original, pk booh, pk overdose and plus various weapons new effects and features and new fire modes ,there are at least 40 weapons (18 with 2 o 3 fire mods and two weapons in one) sometimes there is a slow framerate when you shoot with big weapons. but i have a 3years pc old.


5. August 2012 20:36

use H in game key to know commands, and the command pkallweapons to get all weapons. furthermore use pkammo and pkgod in console.


7. August 2012 13:35

download from narod dot ru is fast and in full bandwidth without wait time between a file and the subsequent, the game is really good there are all the levels and all the weapons from previous games expansions all together and more new weapons effects and new fire modes added.


7. August 2012 21:37

I want the menù translated in english


    8. August 2012 13:26



8. August 2012 21:55

You should put also ‘razor cube’ weapon


9. August 2012 02:36

I’ve added a support English language for my mod. You can download lang at the Only be installed after the patch


13. December 2012 21:13

Torrent plz!!! Ps: This mod looks so awsm, that probobly iff this mode come out in same time as PK: Redemption mod, probobly Painkiller Reload will be on the eye of Jowood to get it and sell it as a full game, just like Redemption :P. At now we got NG and it working much better than old jowood so, hell yeah. This is amazing how meany you done in this mod.

Matt Reynolds

15. January 2013 06:32

how do i get these particles on normal painkiller? I would like to do this to compare.


22. January 2013 22:47

finally i was able to try out this awesome mod, i can only say that it worth downloading even that it’s this big in filesize 😀 good work man absolutely 😀


3. March 2013 17:54

Got it fixed: Downloaded the .torrent file mentioned in Havcom’s thread, removed the borked version and re-installed from the freshly downloaded .torrent version. All works great now!

mr lahey

27. March 2013 04:00

this is SOOOO badass. Thanx Havcom. But i’m seriously stuck on complex of Towers….or perhaps there’s an error. There are several baddies trapped by behind the door next to ambush for player 016. I don’t know if they’re supposed to be or not. But i can’t find anything to activate a door to allow me to kill them….so that level is stuck. Or rather i’m stuck in that level. Help!

    mr lahey

    27. March 2013 04:23

    I figured it out….you have monster spawnpoint 0172 behind the door that closes when you walk into ambushForPlayer 016. So that spawns some monsters after the door closes. I’m going to try move it and save it in the editor…..hope it doesn’t crash the whole freakin’ game.


20. October 2014 20:52

Painkiller Reload 4.0 was good but disappointing(no Overdose levels,40000 damage to unlock Powermad,25000 jumps to unlock cheats,immposible to modify weapons via Lscripts etc…)This Painkiler reload was better(despite its many problems).


    20. October 2014 22:47

    I studied my past mistakes and made ​​a version 4.0)))

    – Overdose levels is not, because they do not fit the atmosphere of the original game, but the levels of recurring evil perfectly suitable.

    – Cheats and the powermad locked in order to the player an incentive to play the mod for the second time (previously released version 3.0), so as there appeared a lot, but with cheats you can play for half an hour, that quickly get bored and all new changes player just does not see. Testing has shown that the average player in the painkiller unlock these items can be for the passage of 60-70 percent of the original company.

    – As for the lock the archives, then I can only say that the mod is created in order to play it, but not in order to edit it.)

    I hope you will understand 🙂


      17. April 2015 15:51

      The download link does not work.


16. April 2015 16:08

The download link does not work.


24. November 2016 20:06

the only weird part is that the cementery secret is weird find 3 levers I DONT SEE ANY LEVERS


10. December 2017 20:08

I have downloaded reload, 6.4 gb….had to run anti-virus. copied to usb, opened file,
copied to hard drive, installed…..ran anti-virus to be sure. GAME UP AND RUNNING.
as of dec 10, 2017

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