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Havcom: Painkiller: Reload – this is my kind of remix remake of the original game, the changes are basically only in technical terms. The atmosphere of the levels and the gameplay will stay as it was, but of course there are both small technical and visual changes. The Mod is equipped with a new menu containing additional settings, that can be turned off if desired, as well as a menu for weapons, where you can change the skins of the guns and choose different shooting modes.

In the original levels of Recurring Evil the difficulty level was increased and for Labirint and Drygva the gameplay was redesigned and slightly shortened. The levels of Overdose are no longer relevant, so we decided to completely remove it from the game, but the alternative ways still remained. There were Insmuty of Supernatural as a bonus and a reference to this mod, the level of Forest, who was replaced by the level of Angkor in the original game, as well as the notorious Secret Area of Fallen. The sixth level has also been removed, because it has not been completed yet and I had no inspiration till now to do anything there.

The set of weapons has been reduced to the original seven. The two additional weapons – HellGun and Devastator can be found in the secret areas of the levels.
Most of the changes in this version was made on the criticism of people who played the old version of the mod and told me their oppinions and the pros and cons of the game. Also this version will be kind of an experiment to understand how people really want the game to be.

Do not forget to tell me if you have any problems or suggestions with your ideas and wishes in the forum.

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Painkiller Reload 4.0
Filesize: 5.0 GB
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11. September 2013 23:28

Thanks for the news!


12. September 2013 21:00

Bring back old boss fights bosses are unkillable on nightmare and trauma especially necrogiant and no cheats to skip them


12. September 2013 21:38

Hello! I downloaded and played most of your mod and I honestly believe it was a waste of time. I did not like the combination of many games into one. Everything seems artificial and NOT natural and overall it does not give me the beautiful feeling that the original once gave me. The fact that you borrowed ideas from many different people is stupid, because not all the ideas fit well together and it resulted in a mash-up and like I said it looks artificial ! Thanks.


    12. September 2013 22:03

    Greetings. I do not try to please everyone and if you do not like mod, then just delete it. Everyone has a right to their opinion.
    Here are just a mod was posted yesterday. When did you played most?


    14. September 2013 07:27

    I have to agree a bit because bosses are ruined


      14. September 2013 16:20

      What’s wrong with the bosses? Are you sure that you played in THIS version of the mod?


        14. September 2013 17:38

        I used to kill necrogiant in trauma without dying on old painkiller but with mod i died 5 times in a row at necro on normal because it have so many health and i have only shotgun and stakes + if he below 50% hp he starts to spam an instant killing something.He don’t need that mutch health and other bosses too just bring back old bosses It’s not fun to die 50 times in the first boss and yes i played with 4.0


        14. September 2013 18:07

        I can easily kill bosses on the trauma, without too much difficulty. If you can not overpower mod, then try something else.
        I did not nothing do the beyond, everything has been tested hundreds of times, and nowhere was no problem and it’s OK to kill and tasks performed


        14. September 2013 18:54

        You doubled the bosses health this is a really huge mistake.I think the most of player can’t kill necrogiant in this mod with stakegun and shotgun


        14. September 2013 19:03

        In the original game neсrogiant could kill a half minutes, stupidly shooting. This is to interesting? Now we need to make some effort to beat him. And to help can go a tarot cards collected at previous levels.
        In my opinion this fight better.


        14. September 2013 20:02

        If you want to make him more powerfull then give to players better weapons or make the necrogiant’s second attack to activate on 25%hp not on 3.1.0 version only the 3th boss were good i had to skip the others with cheat if you make the bosses easier your mod will be so mutch better


        14. September 2013 20:12

        Maybe in the old version was hard, but in the new version I simplified the bosses, lowered damage and HP. Where to even lower? Then it will be excessively easy.
        Try to pass the bosses in this version, I begin to doubt that you’ve played it.
        Or are you just not a hardcore gamer.


        15. September 2013 08:03

        I finished the game in trauma like 5 times and Hell&Damnation too so I know how to kill them


        15. September 2013 16:58

        I congratulate you and remind you that if you do not like the mod, then just delete it.


13. September 2013 11:22

looks promising, gonna make a vid of it if i have the time. also made a moddb news about it, and moddb mirror wil be available too.


    13. September 2013 17:35

    Thank you!


      14. September 2013 16:47

      is it just me or is this having no english lang?


        14. September 2013 17:01

        Go to the HUD settings and choose your language/


13. September 2013 18:05

Gorgeous fashion. Rethinking the original. The atmosphere is maintained, it added a lot of new and interesting. Each level is played with new colors. Everything is fine vpisyvetsya and contacts with each other. One of the best-developed and modified for Painkiller


14. September 2013 18:33

hm, nothing special about this mod, except some graffic effects and extra powers and skills. i have had much more expectations about this one,…that mod by slavok is much better


    14. September 2013 18:49



    17. September 2013 14:12

    The mod should add dynamic shadows for objects like ammo boxes and barrels and also use SSAO effect that would be something special.


      17. September 2013 17:09

      this is impossible in this version of the engine and does not need to game. I do not chase for graphics.
      For all the time I did not see any objective criticism. Play this version of the mod, and only then write your comments. And so, you do not even know what you’re writing.


      17. September 2013 21:37

      Watch this video. This is what you want? .com/watch?v=9nDC-HOmhXw


        18. September 2013 06:50

        No it looks like painkiller:HD.The only thing your mod needs from the video is reflections on weapons and shadows for objects


        18. September 2013 08:14

        As I wrote, it’s impossible to do for this version of the game engine.


        18. September 2013 14:27

        Isn’t that pain engine in that video you linked?


        18. September 2013 15:29

        Yes, read the comments on the youtube


        19. September 2013 16:55

        Well I also stuck on a lot of maps and dead enemies get bugged so many times when I load a saved game from chapter 2 I cannot change weapon and can’t fire.If the mod tested so many times why is it full of bugs?


        19. September 2013 18:45

        I’m not saying that the bugs in the game will not be. If you watched the forum thread on pkrus site , you could keep track of reviews and updates.
        And here I will not spread links, because they are very long verified or do not appear.


15. September 2013 11:15

corr,..not slavok, sviatoslav


    15. September 2013 17:01

    I doubt that you’ve played the mod, then why do you write your comments here?


      26. September 2013 23:34

      why do you doubt,??’ ..yes I did play it / unfortunately!!! / ..and do remember that shitty end with bunch of guys that you stole from necrovision /in small multiplayer rooms /..i did expect some final boss, but that mix of great game and your crappy modding taste didn’t provide any such effect..


        27. September 2013 14:16

        Take it easy man, wipe the foam from his mouth. However, once again, do not like the mod, what are you doing here then?


22. September 2013 00:54

Thanks ! That is the best mod I have ever played ! 😀


28. September 2013 18:39

awesome as always! all those new items, retextured levels and new guns are fun, still better than the 3.0! the boss fights are quite hard in trauma but we’re hardcore gamers aren’t we? challenges in painkiller are always welcome 😀


    28. September 2013 20:16

    Thank you, GreenTechB. At least you wrote a something sensible. The remaining of snot basically just write.


    28. September 2013 22:50

    GreenTechB, I was away only 5 minutes, and some cock already put dislikes, LoL


      29. September 2013 01:36

      don’t waste your time on comments. by the way i also experienced a mentioned bug, after loading back a savegame i was unable to shoot. i had to restart the level, is there a way to solve this?


        29. September 2013 11:45

        Yes. Visit my topic on pkrus site and download the update from under the spoiler topic – Bug List.V3
        On this site(pkzone) Links checked for a long time.

Mr Lahey

1. October 2013 06:06

Havcom – i’m a HUGE fan of the last Reload. Love it to death (and beyond death, if you’ll excuse the pun). Not diggin’ this one so much. I suppose I’m not as hardcore as some….though i’m pretty good….so i’m not able to try it on the harder settings..but it’s not enough new stuff to just make it harder and kill the cheats. However, those new maps are AWEsome. that is cool. (yes, i started them using the editor and played a bit….kind’a cheated). Really nice gameplay and such on that new forest one. I love your work….but you have done more interesting stuff in the past. Still, highly impressive you can even do this. I’m working on mods myself and I can’t imagine what it took to create a whole new roster of levels like this.


    1. October 2013 15:47

    I’m very glad that you like that mod. That’s why it was created. I’m not hardcore player myself, and i made that mod depending on my skill (i tried to make it not so tough) and i dont understand guys, who tells about very big difficulty. Yes it’s little bit harder to play, but not so hard to be impossible to play.
    Anyway, thank you for your comment


9. October 2013 19:39

This mod is shit. The effects are cheap crap. Drigva is a poor pathetic excuse for a level and so are the other levels that have been integrated. You also managed to fuck up the original levels as well. The difficulties are unbalanced and the new features are useless and a joke. I suggest you quit doing mods, it is obviously way too hard for you and your tastes are horrible.


    9. October 2013 22:34

    Нехило между булок ебануло =)


    14. October 2013 10:05

    butthurt detected

Shadow ReBorn

13. October 2013 13:34

Please in the future I advise you to restrain yourself from copying content and ideas from my Ordeal Mod Version 2! You copied secret ideas and the new Checkpoint dynamic light from my Mod (I am 100% sure of that),since you realized yours looked awful in V3. My Mod was released before Reload 4.0 so it is obvious you had time. Then you protect your files and say “respect other people’s work” when you obviously don’t respect others. I trusted that people like you (who have a brain) won’t do this. You have lost what little respect I had for you. See to it that this never ever happens again. When you “combine the best of what you see” skip Ordeal!


    13. October 2013 20:33

    Yes, I borrowed your source of lighting for the checkpoint and signed the name of the file, as Ordeal_checkpoint_Light and all. If you are frustrated by copying a single source of light, then I apologize. And for the fact that i took it without permission.
    And that’s about the secrets you’re wrong. I have not played your mod fully, and certainly did not bother to search for secrets. So your accusations, you can leave with you.

      Shadow ReBorn

      13. October 2013 20:43

      Ok then as I said, in the future please avoid this situation. I am sure there are probably more but no need to go there since I am not sure since you protected your Mod…why would you protect it if you’ve got nothing to hide?
      I shall never copy anything from your Mod so please do me this favor too from now on.


        13. October 2013 20:59

        I’m not trying to defend my mod, it was only a small experiment to work with Lua scripts. If you are in doubt and think that I copied something else from you , then I can send you my normal archive LScripts and you’ll be able to look at all that interests you.
        Yet tell me that what else I have copied from you?

        Shadow ReBorn

        13. October 2013 21:22

        I see. Well I can’t be sure since they are protected. No, no need to send it. Let us agree on not to copy anything from each other.


        13. October 2013 21:31

        Yet, Shadow ReBorn, you said at the beginning that I took you some secret ideas. Tell me what а secret ideas please.

        Shadow ReBorn

        13. October 2013 23:14

        Ok, Havcom, since you insist. Search “Painkiller Ordeal Mod New Secrets Part 1” in YouTube. I will try to point out the very similar ones.
        As you know, Ordeal V1 and V2 have been released a long time ago and the ideas for the secret places could have been copied.
        In the video description, click “show more” and starting from under the drawn line, you can see the levels with timers in front to help you jump at the respective new secrets from that particular level.
        Following this, I can say that the very first secret from Cemetery is similar to one of yours.
        – Catacombs, the secret again is similar,
        – Factory, second secret,
        – Palace, first one, you put ammo there.
        Go to Part 2 of the video and click on “show more” and we can go on:
        – Loony Park, the only one,
        – Leningrad, the new secret (not the fixed empty one).
        These are what I’ve seen in V1.
        If you want from V2 too, search for “Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 Snowy Bridge Secrets Walkthrough” and find secret 7 in the video. The same place is used in Reload.
        Next, search “Painkiller Ordeal Mod Version 2 Laboratory Secrets Walkthrough” and find secret 3. You used that spot for an armor.
        Well, that’s what I found in a glimpse.
        These might be coincidences after all and you might have thought of these places too.

        No need to start a war, so simply avoid copying anything from Ordeal from now on. Find inspiration and/or ideas anywhere else but there. I respected and will always respect this concerning Reload.


        13. October 2013 23:43

        I’ll be honest , I was not looking for your videos search of the secrets , except new levels, making phantom. And in your mod I’ve played on the strength of an hour , and then only at the levels of the authorship of the same phantom.
        Have You ever occur to you that the ideas may just be the same. At levels are not many places where you can put a good secret and that somewhere something again, it was quite obvious . But for some reason you began to accuse me of stealing your ideas. I thought that you are an adult , but now put this issue into question .
        Further , I have enough knowledge of the game is to invent and create something new yourself and there is no need to copy the ideas of others , the more that I myself opposed to this . When different mod’s show the same thing , it becomes very uninteresting.
        But I’m glad you were able to find time to play or research my mod

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 00:07

        I think you missed the part where I said that IT COULD BE A COINCIDENCE and your ideas can match mine. But you did steal something and probably more but I am just tired to waste time with this. Do not patronize me.
        I do not doubt your skills, you are capable and that is why you should not listen to ideas from others and implement only your ideas.
        Yes, I played through your Mod fully and that’s how I discovered these coincidences. For the Checkpoint light, it seemed strangely familiar so I checked deeper. I do not open up your files just to meddle. I will not make a review of what I think about this Mod after playing, since it would take too much time.


        14. October 2013 00:14

        Yes, perhaps I missed. The translator is not always accurately translates the text. Well, I borrowed light from you, it’s not such a terrible crime. And the only one light. All the rest is the fruit of your imagination. If there was something else, I would have written it here.

        >>I will not make a review of what I think about this Mod after playing, since it would take too much time.<<
        And I'd like to see. Especially because I did do a review of your mod on the site pkrus.

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 00:29

        I understand. I have no choice but to believe you.
        The translator is bad. I suggest you use an interpreter because you might misunderstand a lot.
        I wouldn’t have minded that much if you and your friends haven’t said only bad things about the Mod and then suddenly you liked something and integrated it. It was hypocrisy.
        Show me the review then if it is a full one.
        I don’t think I will find enough time to make a review these days because it would require me to replay in order to remember everything I had felt when playing. Besides, this would most likely start a war and being civilized, I try to avoid that.


        14. October 2013 00:44

        From the beginning I did not say that your mod is bad, and highlighted some good points. I speak for myself.
        Here’s a link – http://pkrus .ru/forum/20-151-17803-16-1373326275 – remove spaces.
        The review was written on the day that your mod is released.
        Also, to more clearly understand the nature of the text, do not put his translator. Use the Hellen. 🙂

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 01:28

        Well you said about the new levels there. It is your opinion.
        However, you hacked my Mod and went into Ordeal difficulty straight on and due to this it can not be considered a full review. Not even close.
        In general you did not like much (if at all) so please never touch any other version of Ordeal Mod (if there will ever be) again. Just fully ignore it.
        I will end this discussion here.


        14. October 2013 01:52

        hacked….. амм…. аа… What?
        I authorize you to hack my mod, if you can.
        You have to understand that I had no desire to complete a game once to unlock only an additional level of complexity. Thus you force player flee second circle for the sake of something new that would show in your modification. This is the wrong move.
        Maybe just your mod is not for me.

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 02:27

        I am not interested in hacking your or any other man’s Mod. It is just lack of respect.
        If you fail to see something new or you can’t find anything to like and to make you go on, then don’t play it at all. Uninstall and forget about it. That was my idea of a good progression and changing that does not mean you played it.
        Yes, it is not for you, so I advice you to never try out an Ordeal again since if there will ever be another one, they will all be like this.
        Let’s respect each other and not modify the way a Mod is for our own liking. If you don’t like it in it’s original state, don’t play it.


        14. October 2013 02:55

        Since when does one console command is burglary?
        Moreover, this seems to be a console command is not hidden in any way and any player can find it and enter.
        I repeat that only played at the levels of the phantom and on the your ordeal difficulty was 3 levels. That’s all. Until today, i had no idea that cheat command this is a hack.

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 03:03

        If it is not stated somewhere in game then maybe it is not meant to be used just like that. It is revealed at a certain point but that is part of progression as I said.
        The hack was changing the position of the weapons to your liking and going into the files for the console command prematurely.
        Any Mod should be played as it is.


        14. October 2013 03:41

        So all because of the change weapon positions? Are you kidding me? What is hacking? Especially since it does not cause any harm to your mod or anything else. I just do for itself to a small cosmetic nuance. I do not spread it to the Internet, thereby not violating your rights. And there are only within my computer.
        And since we are talking about the weapon position, why did you choose it? It’s normal position? You know, I have a lot of questions about “why did you like that”, but I’m sure you have no desire to communicate.

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 04:24

        It is more because you cheated into Ordeal difficulty prematurely and all who reviewed played superficially, not in depth and generally it all felt like everyone was trying to find anything bad to say about the Mod. I ignore this behavior.
        No, we will not talk about “the tastes” since this is an elaborate and more individual oriented topic.
        This is a topic about Reload so I say we stop here and just agree to have a certain respect towards each other, if you agree.


        14. October 2013 13:37

        I hope we at least get together to agree that I did not steal any of your ideas, you talked about. Except for a single light source, if it can at all be called theft.

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 14:01

        Yes, I hope you didn’t. Avoid copying even a light from now on. Even better, avoid the Mod completely since it is nothing anyway.


    13. October 2013 21:45

    are you kidding? The color of checkpoint is a “genius secret idea”? are you serious? Original idea of dynamic lighting belongs to Sviatoslav. Then it turns out that you stole the idea from him and gave out for their own, right? Or can recall the original HUD mod? Well, judge not, that you be not judged

      Shadow ReBorn

      13. October 2013 23:05

      YOU must be kidding. I didn’t say my idea was genius, just that it was mine and he stole it to make his life easier after you guys said that my Mod is so crappy. So avoid it if that’s the case. The issue was more about the new size of the light, not the color so don’t comment on it if you have no idea what it’s all about and simply rush to defend Reload.
      I thought of implementing everything in Ordeal Mod by myself and merely credited Sviatoslav (yes I actually do that) for porting a few dynamic lights INTO Painkiller FROM Resurrection before I did. It wasn’t his original idea either, so to speak. So no, I haven’t stolen anything and never will since it is pathetic.
      I have never heard of that Mod before. It’s good that you keep track of everything, after all, where should your ideas come from, right?
      For all I care, you can judge me all you want, just don’t copy anything from my Mods especially since, in your words, it does not provide anything .
      End of discussion.


        13. October 2013 23:56

        namely Svyatoslav It was the author of mod on the dynamic lighting for a long time, long before the resurrection.

        Shadow ReBorn

        14. October 2013 00:08

        I only saw those first in Resurrection, so it’s the same to me. I still credited the man for his first spark.


31. October 2013 23:21

I don’t know what you have been trying to create, but you ruined Painkiller with this mod! It is a shame, I assume you worked a lot, but the result is horrible. Sorry!


    1. November 2013 13:25

    Seriously? And what there not as? Can list? Please!


    4. November 2013 08:34

    did you want a bugs and trash? go to play ordeal =)

      Shadow Reborn

      4. November 2013 10:49

      You are a butthurt imbecile, my friend. :))


        4. November 2013 11:27

        wow! how much emotion from a couple of sentences =) it’s funny to hear you say that because you do not shun provocation and insults. You behave like children arguing that all those “you started it.” Ok, I can make a video for Ordeal, proving me right at the expense of bugs.


        4. November 2013 11:36

        Yes, BloodFlower, please do that. Don’t forget to use cheats, hack some files in order to create some bugs and then show how “buggy” Ordeal is! The only bugs that could be there are from the original game which MAY have been missed or are unfixable.

        If you do that we will make a FULL review or video about Reload, because I have played it fully and there are a LOT of things to say.
        But I won’t waste my precious time with the review… unless you do that.

        Shadow Reborn

        4. November 2013 11:40

        Yes, well put. I really don’t want to waste anymore time with this Mod but will not hesitate to do the right thing if needed.


        4. November 2013 11:43

        it’s called – megalomania =)


        4. November 2013 11:42

        Of course I will hack and use the cheats =) how could it be otherwise? =) And then you, my dear, play the same situation, what would I do in the video and if you see a difference, then please lay out the video response =)


        4. November 2013 13:22

        >>>Don’t forget to use cheats, hack some files in order to create some bugs and then show how “buggy” Ordeal is!<<>>FULL review or video about Reload<<<
        Yes, Please. Will there be enough your opinions for a full view of your videos? And try this one does not do the slideshow. .XD


        4. November 2013 13:42

        Oh dear, someone woke up very angry this morning. Had a nightmare?
        Please spare the shit with 1001 bugs, okay? NO ONE is doubting your abilities. We’re just doubting that there are so many bugs.
        Free tarot cards?You must start the game from scratch then. Such a thing never happened.

        Full review:Yes, I will bother to make one if you don’t stop throwing shit at us out of blind rage!

        P.S. Stop swearing, I never insulted you! I just said what I truly think about the Mod and about your behavior.


        4. November 2013 13:04

        Кeep your butthurt with you, my dear Shadow Imbecile :))

        Shadow Reborn

        4. November 2013 13:13

        You are so wise Havcom. My feedback is positive I am very happy. You and your friends on the other hand, are the severely butthurt ones.


        4. November 2013 13:33

        Are you happy with what you imbecile? Oh my God! Urgent release this theme!

        Shadow Reborn

        4. November 2013 13:45

        Watch your tongue. I only insulted BloodFlower because he openly said bad things about Ordeal, which I never did myself.
        Let’s cut the crap shall we?


      4. November 2013 11:01

      How dare you accuse such a beautiful creation to be buggy and trash, when the author fixed almost all bugs and added such amazing useful features?
      I did play Ordeal , FULLY, check my comments on the Ordeal page. I liked everything about it.
      Stop bitching. It’s obvious from the comments that no one likes your creation.
      I also read through the comments that you copied something from Ordeal which is lame since you hate it so much.
      STOP criticizing other creations out of rage and despair!!
      Ordeal is the only Painkiller creation to ever provide a full perfect better than the original experience.
      That’s all I had to say. I have work. I won’t check back.
      Good day!


      4. November 2013 11:10

      BUGS AND TRASH ?? You have a serious major attitude problem behaving like a 10 year old. Someone messes with your favorite toy so you decide to mess with their toy too?
      I thought you can behave like grown-ups but I see I am terribly mistaken. Throwing shit at Ordeal when your precious Reload is hated? It is not Ordeal’s fault that Reload is hated. So STOP accusing other mods for something that isn’t there only because you are butthurt and raged.

        lulz seeker

        4. November 2013 13:06

        “Reload is hated”
        Lol, as I can see from this discussion, the only people who hate Reload are just some Ordeal’s creators. And I’m even not a fan of Reload or Ordeal – both of them are sort of shit anyway.

        Shadow Reborn

        4. November 2013 13:15

        Actually if you look at the comments, I haven’t posted any negative feedback about the Reload Mod whatsoever. The people that “hate it” are no more than players who got to try it and went back to comment on their impression.


        4. November 2013 13:26

        >>>Reload is hated<<<
        Let me tell you a secret, my mod only hate in this thread, but outside quite the opposite opinion. Both in terms of Ordeal they also opposed.


        4. November 2013 13:38

        Yes, of course, Reload is loved on pkrus among your 15 years old (mostly) friends and other russian community sites you are in. But outside of your “friend” circle the world is a looot meaner to you and you just can’t take it. You and your friends rage and start throwing shit at everything you do not like.
        VERY MATURE !


        4. November 2013 13:46

        You’re an idiot. I much minds who he likes and who does not, just see it in the comments that people write. Well, if you think that my circle is limited only by the site pkrus, then you a bigger idiot than I thought.


        4. November 2013 13:51

        So, if PKZone is the ONLY site that hates Reload and you have so much positive feedback from other websites, why are you and BloodFlower so angry and throw shit at Ordeal? If you are SO successful out there.:)
        Leave us alone and stop insulting me and Reborn.
        You gain nothing from this, we are happy, satisfied with Ordeal’s feedback.
        And DON’T call me an idiot and a slut when I never insulted you. 🙂


        4. November 2013 14:06

        You do it all began.
        And then Shadow Reborn began to accuse me of stealing his ideas of mod. Absurd. Although I liked this attempt.


9. November 2013 18:15

So, Shadow reborn did unmask that lousy Havcom cheater who stole
other people’s ideas and spill out some fake glory, ..his boring copy-paste working style
will unfortunately reopen some old issues of his fake work…:(


    9. November 2013 18:59

    I am a hard-core cheater and I copied all the cool ideas from Ordeal Mod. That’s the way.
    I was exposed by real fans of the game. I can only accept defeat. Oh how hard it is. I thought that no one would guess. =)


20. November 2013 19:46

Amazing Mod HAVCOM


21. November 2013 16:21

Some slut puts dislike for a simple “thank you”!


27. November 2013 22:12


A W S O M E , W O R K !!!!!!

Havent test it , but waited more them 8 years for this new version !!!!!

GOOD JOB ! downloading it atm !! 😛


    27. November 2013 22:55

    Lol, waited 8 years? WITH? And how do you know it is great when you haven’t even downloaded it yet? 🙂


29. November 2013 05:32

guys HELP! 😛 Where can i download models.pak mine is currupted 🙁 and i dont have fast IC someone post a link for the specific file !!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz tks in advanced


29. November 2013 12:27

someone share with me modles.pak plz 🙂 tks ..mega upload would be fine , and should do the trick 😀 SNIPE tks im in my laptop atm


4. December 2013 16:16

how many times have downloaded the mod, I can’t find any way?


    4. December 2013 16:28

    Унслеер, счётчика скачиваний на этом сайте помоему и небыло никогда)


29. December 2013 17:35

downloaded it and playing it but i got a question, im more of a cheater then a honest player XD sorry about that but it says i gotta do 250k jumps to activate the cheats, how will i know how far have i made it jumping ? there should have been a meter or count for that :3 just saying, though the game is sick!!!! 1st time im playing it without codes XD its kinda hard man


    29. December 2013 21:43

    To begin 25K jumping. 250K is too much even for me =)
    And how do know? Very easy. The menu has a player profile, where written all statistic, including the number of jumps, performed player of all time.


      30. December 2013 00:34

      yeah i checked it now, thank you very much 🙂 though the walkthrough needs to be updated!!! XD its really hard in nightmare as shown in the walkthrough for reload, the monsters are changed (stronger ones :P) gave me a hard time, 2 days and so far 3rd lvl :3 when i knew for some advantages and mods, i have to do nightmare, XD gives me headache dude!!!! though im loving it ♥ thank you very much 🙂


        30. December 2013 03:49

        All right. You can write on the forum site pkrus, if there are any problems with the game, because I do not sit on this site and so I can help you faster. The link has is in the description of this news. Also there one can to download the latest update, fixed some bugs.


25. March 2014 23:53

I love the game and always will


25. March 2014 23:57

Lots of guts and gore…but I will get over it


28. March 2014 03:34

Can you please upload a complete walktrough of the 2nd boss lvl, …. the underwater part is killing me …. and i love this mod !!


2. April 2014 02:29

Can someone post a save with the level Drigva beaten ? because i can’t pass the part with the rope !! thank you


    2. April 2014 04:46

    Sashev, go to the website pkrus and download the latest update for the mod that fixes a couple of bugs and at the same time facilitate the the passage level Drigva.
    I almost didn’t be On this site, and on pkrus can help you faster


      4. April 2014 09:10

      Thank you so much for the support !!! The patch fixed everything i disliked about the mod !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AMAZING MOD !!


5. May 2014 15:53

Why are zombies invulnerable forever after head cutting?
This really breaks the game since it cannot be continued after catacombs.

Please fix this!


    6. May 2014 13:53

    The local system is not really in a hurry to check messages with a link, so read my post above. There is written answer.


20. July 2014 16:28

is there ANY way to enable cheats without having to perform 25000 jumps in a level?


    22. July 2014 07:40

    Sorry, but this way I did not envision. And as shown by reviews, fill 25,000 jumps are not so difficult. Maybe you should at least try to start?


19. October 2014 21:24

Too bad the overdose levels have been removed.


29. November 2014 12:17

Where can i download the patch and wath is its changelog.


21. December 2015 15:39

im huge fan of the painkiller games but this…. some levels like drikva are amazing. just 2 hours underwather to finde my way to rope that i cant reach another 2 hours 🙂 and i must finde a key to open a door !! what is this some kinde of parody of the game or what ?

Delete this level or remake it and this mod will be unbelievable good

Daniel Albu

4. January 2016 13:39

Hi guys, I have a question.

In the Snowy Bridge level, I can’t really get the secret from the containers. I can’t really jump from one container to another, can you help? I tried bunny hopping but I can’t make it to the other container.

Daniel Albu

4. January 2016 13:53

Hi guys, I have a question.

In the Snowy Bridge level, I can’t really get the secret from the containers. I can’t really jump from one container to another, can you help? I tried bunny hopping but I can’t make it to the other container.

Eybrey Mati

25. January 2016 15:54

i waste time on this mod this is too hard


17. November 2016 01:53

thanks for the game, downlading it again xD


15. July 2017 18:25

This mod is totaly shit. No ammo and the additonal weapons are locked. Don’t waste your time for that shit. Fcku you author of this mod.


    16. July 2017 22:18

    Yes. Couldnt agree more. This epic childhood game that I played over 100 times gets shitted upon by these russian kids and their community of flashiness and eyeache. You’d think that at least some1 would be capable of coming up with a decent modification in so many yrs. Even this website is dead and full of nothing.
    Im currently working on a new refreshing pk experience but I lack some areas. I wanna rebalance gameplay, fix some bugs and maybe reskin/enhance some monsters and their AI and lvl textures but to also keep original feeling is hard.


15. July 2017 18:26

This mod is totaly shit. No ammo and the additonal weapons are locked. Boss battles are fucked up too. Learn to modding russian idiot. Guys don’t waste your time on that shit

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Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.