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First day of school, and a pleasant surprise, because Painkiller: Redemption was not a situation on a new soundtrack. One team had desire but did not have recording equipment, and another perversely left us on the ice. Then I just got two pieces from a friend, but this is over. Now we are sure that the mod will have a brand new, professional music. The author of the new soundtrack is Gustaf Jordan with the Swedish band Gus of Sweden , better known under another name Valley of the Dead. His debut was in the famous game The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, where fans can hear the famous bald guy, theme. Soon there was a conference on Skype, where we were shown samples of bees already prepared the soundtrack, and found a few important things about their composition. It is also known that, under the hand of Gustaf come out and ambient type of music themes.

The difference in the type of music from the first installment of the game is evident, but we think that the heavier atmosphere makes it spilling thousands of monsters in the rhythm of a professional hard metal makes the game become blushes. Well … since Overdose compared with the base decided to go toward easing the rhythms, then we will go in the back and give the game more punch. Is to compose music specifically for the game and adapted to the atmosphere prevailing on the boards, and it will not be so sharp metal, which offers Gus of Sweden but you will have more than the Power’s first installment of the game. There are also plans for the theme for the fashion, or something like that, what was the legendary Mech – Painkiller for the first PK. Sure there will be a video and everything will slowly be shown. Already, thanks to brave Swede, who undertook this work.

Thank You Gustaf!

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15. September 2010 16:10

very great, the soundtrack in Painkiller is one of the important things I think.

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