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This is the latest patch for the game Painkiller Redemption. With this update you can make sure that your game runs bug free and you can fully enjoy the fast-paced action!

[spoiler show=”Patch 1.03a Changelog”]

  • Fixed some map design flaws and glitches like slowly closing doors and points where you can “leave” the level
  • Fixed random crash on map loading with script error or no error caption
  • Fixed 1st map glitch when player was unable to collect all items and destroy some items
  • Fixed “Multisamling” word in graphic options. Now It’s correctly named “Multisampling”
  • Fixed several smaller bugs and crashes in engine
  • Removed pillars in the area of the Endboss
  • Tweaked AI of Endboss
  • Improved shadows on last map


[spoiler show=”Patch 1.02a Changelog”]

  • Fixed 3rd level bug in the first room when player can go outside of the map.
  • Fixed 3rd level name. Now It’s “Refinery” instead of wrong “Rafinery”.
  • Fixed 4th level glitch that when you are in a demon form you can skip some areas by just bypassing the doors.
  • Fixed 4th level random area bypasses found by one of my friends
  • Fixed and tweaked a little AI on 1st map.
  • Fixed the demon bug, that when player turned into demon, and demon ended, player was able to choose the “demon weapon” by pressing 0 (zero).
  • Added the tutorial message about weapons on 1st map.


Download: Painkiller Redemption Patch 1.03a
(Painkiller Redemption Patch 1.03a, 112.5 MiB, 2,527 hits)



7. November 2012 18:10

Download cancels at 52 MB. Tried with IE and Firefox.


29. June 2015 20:12

al instalar el parche dice que painkiller redemption no esta instalado cuando no es asi alguna solucion?

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