sK1p January - 9 - 2011 News12 COMMENTS

Previous year we have presented at least two dates for the release of that game, which as we know, were not reliable. Unfortunately, cooperation with JoWooD often have the same resonance in other titles issued by the Austrians. We have further appointments, but because of the lack of certainty whether they will be finished, but rather refrain from revealing them, and for previous unrealized release date, we apologize. The plan still is to give the game to Steam, which will facilitate not only win the game by many players, but its completion in the next new elements. But nothing is certain because there are rumors about an alleged financial collapse of JoWooD. In the worst case the problem concerns the game because copyright can then end up with another publisher.

Now its time for better news related to Painkiller Redemption. At the beginning of the information about another change to the game music artists. Unfortunately, contact with the crew of the Valley of the Dead broke up about two months ago, which meant that we had to search for another musician. We managed to get along with Mikołaj “VMP” Birek which has created most of the music and even take in the creation of 2D animated cutscenes. The music is almost identical to the tone of the first reads of the game.

As you probably already know many of you, the game will have at the beginning of six maps for single-player game where you change the play Daniel and Belial, having a different arsenal. The maps are created on the basis of those familiar with the multi-player, which makes the map Fallen for example, has a different style, unused in any of the other single-player maps in previous versions of the game, makes it possible to create great-looking and has a unique atmosphere of the site. It should be noted that thanks to this operation, maps loaded quickly, and at each level we have to slay one thousand monsters, which makes the game is more aggressive, more dynamic and more importantly more playable than the previous edition of the game. But this is not going to end. In later stages of the game will add new elements, such as additional levels to the single-player gameplay, new weapons and maybe the monsters. Already, the game has a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Unfortunately, for reasons of improvements, so far, we assume that the date of release, the game will be deprived of the module to the network game, because of its numerous errors. It will probably add, as another patch as soon as the module will be at least stabilized to a level like that, so far as we know from the first Painkiller. At first it will be available only to play COOP-Survival Network, which has been mentioned in previous news.

It probably would be enough about the release of the game. Hopefully, everything will work out slowly and everything will go smoothly. We’re waiting for the verdict of JoWooD. When will reach us new information about the game is released, we will show them as soon as possible.


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.