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After a long pause I started dealing with SinglePlayer again and played Redemption for the first time (yes I know, a bit late). However I quickly realized that there were misplaced items here and there so it wasn’t possible to finish some levels with maximum statistics (which is my usual gameplay style). Guess what, I started to fix the errors and created a bit more complete game for myself. It’s no big deal, but I decided to release it because I know some players who would like such an update. It also contains some minor changes…

General changes:
– Now all doors open at the end of the level: the player can explore the whole map after killing all monsters
– Switched the order of Belial’s Cannon Gun and Magic Crossbow: the same key works for Rocket Launcher & Cannon Gun
– Ectoplasmer and its fire modes (Ectoplasm & Green Goo) are now displayed correctly under the Weapons menu

Fixes for the levels:
– C01E02 Magazines: when the level ends then 3 earlier undestroyable big barrels are destroyable again
– C01E03 Refinery: a misplaced crate is now back in the level
– C01E04 The Complex Of Towers: 11 misplaced ammos are now back in the level and one is moved away a bit
– C01E05 Old Underground Complex: 3 misplaced Holy Items (Secret #3) are now back in the level

To install the update: just extract the contents into your game’s “Data” folder and enjoy your now possible maximum statistics! It works with the latest 1.05f version…

Download: PK: Redemption 5-star patch
(PK: Redemption 5-star patch, 32.9 KiB, 387 hits)



14. August 2012 12:11

As much as i expected nothing less from a perfectionist like sys, PK Redemption needs cooperative and map freedom of movement, not 5 star fix. Waste of time my dear old comrade, waste of time…


    14. August 2012 16:13

    You are wrong with that thought about the “wasted time”, “my dear old comrade”: if just ONE person does not share your opionion about it then it wasn’t any kind of “wasted time” already. And I guess there’s not even only one… πŸ™‚


      14. August 2012 18:33

      I just wanted to say thank you, man. Even though I never got far enough in this title for this update to really affect me, the fact that you took the time to fix some of the bugs and issues that other gamers had with Redemption is worth praise. It also shows that you’re a dedicated fan, much like me and see the franchise as more than what the rest of the community sees.

      So what if the rest of the games weren’t very good. Now that PK:HD is coming out, I realized that all of the money I spent on subpar mods was worth my faith in Nordic. You?


        14. August 2012 19:10

        Thanks for your kind reply and words, highly appreciated. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with that if we want our game a bit more complete. I’ve done what I could for this. I haven’t tried Recurring Evil yet, but if it has problems then I’ll fix them too…

        Well, we are fans. If I’m trying to be objective a bit then I think nothing can beat the original PK. Maybe even BOOH was ok, but from OD those games weren’t really needed. I mean I really could live without them even though I like them. πŸ˜€ What I missed always that was the never ever finished MP… They released newer and newer SP games made by garage teams – more from the same to get more and more money – but the MP remained the same throughout the years. I play both, SP and MP but I’m much more into the MP lately and it’s still full of bugs, not fully written functions and it still has bad netcode. Too bad, because I really like it and I think it’s really good. So I’m not that satisfied with the games after BOOH and I think it’s not acceptable that they have never finished the MP for the original. Even with the fact that PK actually always was rather a SP game…

        But I know the situation could be worse. Painkiller always was a bit “underground” game for people with special taste and personality. The game is special and people who like it are special too. It’s good it’s not really mainstream, I don’t like too much franchise and millions of fans, hehe. I rather like special things. Like Painkiller… I was a big Tomb Raider fan before and I lost mood exactly cause of the franchise…

        I’m sceptic about PKHD a bit but I’m trying to stay positive as much as possible. They promise 14 levels for the SP whilst PK+BOOH has 34 in total, that makes me think, but..MP is more important for me and I hope that it will work just well and fully, not like in the original (I don’t want any “aim ahead model” feature anymore! :D)… About SP again in PKHD: I like that it’s very very much similar to the original! Same musics, level design, guaranteed awesome atmosphere..but with different engine so it will be a bit different also. That is cool!

        I also rather think that the games were worth the money I spended on them. I can play a lot with them and they are all enjoyable. Hours of fun, many hours. Maybe too many hours… πŸ˜€ Now a few Euros for that..more than okay for me… πŸ™‚


15. August 2012 09:58

Thanks for doing this Andy πŸ˜€ I always wanted to make this little fix, but i have a bigger pk mod in progress, and some mods for other games so i never had time and i always forgot πŸ˜€


    15. August 2012 16:49

    KΓΆszi BΓ‘lint, you know me, I had to make it… πŸ˜€ Good luck and progress with your upcoming mod!


24. August 2012 23:36

Andy, thx. You did what was hard for the publisher and the developer πŸ˜‰


    26. August 2012 05:47

    I even enjoyed it. This is also a way to learn even more about our
    beloved game. I’m ready with the fix for Recurring Evil too now and it
    will be posted very soon, I think today… πŸ™‚


27. August 2012 22:13

Eggtooth once promised us a patch with the ability to co-op in “Redemption”… Very sad, that did not keep his word.


4. September 2012 10:03

Painkiller Redemption, in my opinion, sucks, period. Hoarding 1000 monsters in a square inch room is not fun, nor it is fun to collect secrets in the same old MP maps.


8. September 2012 04:43

I like the game and am playing it again but will admit to being a bit of a tourist, in that I like to explore the scenery after killing the monsters.
I’ve looked for a walkthrough, hoping to find the secret areas that I missed.
In PK there were areas that I couldn’t seem to jump to, and I wonder if it is a shortcoming of my computer.


16. January 2013 23:42

Does this update also fix the “FATAL ERROR” crash bug that happens in the final level when you get the boss down to 25% health? It’s been frustrating the hell out of me, and I can’t finish the game because of it.

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