AndySYS August - 13 - 2012 News12 COMMENTS

After a long pause I started dealing with SinglePlayer again and played Redemption for the first time (yes I know, a bit late). However I quickly realized that there were misplaced items here and there so it wasn’t possible to finish some levels with maximum statistics (which is my usual gameplay style). Guess what, I started to fix the errors and created a bit more complete game for myself. It’s no big deal, but I decided to release it because I know some players who would like such an update. It also contains some minor changes…

General changes:
– Now all doors open at the end of the level: the player can explore the whole map after killing all monsters
– Switched the order of Belial’s Cannon Gun and Magic Crossbow: the same key works for Rocket Launcher & Cannon Gun
– Ectoplasmer and its fire modes (Ectoplasm & Green Goo) are now displayed correctly under the Weapons menu

Fixes for the levels:
– C01E02 Magazines: when the level ends then 3 earlier undestroyable big barrels are destroyable again
– C01E03 Refinery: a misplaced crate is now back in the level
– C01E04 The Complex Of Towers: 11 misplaced ammos are now back in the level and one is moved away a bit
– C01E05 Old Underground Complex: 3 misplaced Holy Items (Secret #3) are now back in the level

To install the update: just extract the contents into your game’s “Data” folder and enjoy your now possible maximum statistics! It works with the latest 1.05f version…

Download: PK: Redemption 5-star patch
(PK: Redemption 5-star patch, 32.9 KiB, 320 hits)


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.