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Painkiller: Recurring Evil is released. The next sequel with 5 completely new levels. Impressive locations like an Angkor temple, a massive old warehouse and a highway where hundreds of cars crashed.

The publisher Nordic Games GmbH and the developers Eggtooth Team and Med-Art are proud of a new campaign which guarantees for 5+ hours of new and genuine Painkiller action. More dense maps and sick enemies than ever before with 6000 uniquely spawned wicked monsters which is less then in PK: Redemption.

The story continous with Bill Sherman who appeared the first time in PK: Resurrection.

The game has improved graphics, AI and environments but still using the dusty PKEngine. It’s including as well a new atmospheric soundtrack.
Check out our gameplay video.

The game should be available on several download portals and will cost about 10 Euro. You can already purchase it on steam for €7.99.


[spoiler show=”Level 1 – Fortunate abbey” hide=”Level 1 – Fortunate abbey”]
Arrow-headed arches, towering columns, frontispieces richly decorated with carved ornaments, elegant high towers with majestic spires on the top that are penetrating the sky… Each element emphasizes vertical movement, reaching towards the light. You get a feeling that this ought to be a delightful place!

But then you notice that colorful stained glasses in the ogival windows are broken, the most of the structures are ruined and rocks and dust laying on the floor is all that’s left from collapsed ceiling.

Almost everything is destroyed. Probably only cells where monks used to live have been preserved better than the rest of the complex. Only bats come here to hunt for insects after dark these days. But once you get inside you would realize they’re not the only ones who come to hunt to this place. Monks with empty eyes and insane church members don’t look that friendly. And even the light coming through the main rose-window doesn’t take away the feeling of terror and despair permanently present in this abbey. You’re going to need all you strength, all your courage to survive in this place.

Will you be fortunate to get out of this abbey?

[spoiler show=”Level 2 – Highway to Hell” hide=”Level 2 – Highway to Hell”]
Checkpoint looking much like an outpost from the movie Godfather. Road signs with occult symbols depicted on them. Poisoned radioactive earth below. All of this makes you feel very uncomfortable. Your heart starts beating faster and you experience a sudden adrenaline rush when you hear even a subtle noise behind because you’re always on your guard. When moving through such unwelcoming place you always expect danger. Don’t you dare to set foot on the abandoned highway, it’s a suicide. Every dweller of the purgatory knows that.

Ruined and twisted flyover structures with armature bending into intricate shapes or sticking like giant pins ready to penetrate you through. There was a time when this place used to be a busy speedway. Now after nuclear explosion it’s completely unrecognizable, and only burned out car frames with bodies of drivers inside remind of what this place once was. Lots of bodies, lots of innocent victims who died in vain. Refusing to accept their fate they preferred to stay in this place, trapped between the world of the living and the afterlife, raging, insane, blaming everyone for what has happened to them. These beings are no longer humans.

There is danger and fear following you around in this place. Awaking the dwellers of such desperate place doesn’t seem like a good idea.

[spoiler show=”Level 3 – Graveyard” hide=”Level 3 – Graveyard”]
This abandoned cemetery doesn’t look very welcoming even in the morning. Here you’re gonna come across lots of half-ruined crypts and broken crosses. You hear howling wind and heart-rending screams from somewhere far away as tree branches scratch across tombstones like some creature’s claws.

This cemetery located in the north of the purgatory always have been infamous. This is one of the oldest cemeteries of the underworld that opened its gates long time ago together with the other six burial grounds on the outskirts of the purgatory. The population of the purgatory was increasing rapidly and the old graveyards couldn’t provide enough space for the newcoming souls.

Special attitude towards death is common for this place. The cemetery is full of gothic crypts and monuments. Lots of vegetation can be found here, although no one has ever planted anything. Trees and bushes grow on their own, leeching off the lost souls.

The main points of interest of this place are Egyptian alley, Lebanese circle with a giant cedarwood growing in the ceneter and the old part of the cemetery where the most ancient graves are located. A gothic cathedral accomplishes the sight.

The sacred seal is hidden somewhere around these crypts, but can you find it, and, what is more important, get out of this place alive?

[spoiler show=”Level 4 – Warehouse” hide=”Level 4 – Warehouse”]
You find yourself in an old abandoned warehouse. Not a single ray of light gets through its dirty windows. The massive walls hide what’s happening inside. Some hangars still contain stacks of crates, boxes are sitting on the shelves and trucks look like they’re about to depart. But all of this remains here forever. The darkness engulfed this places, embraced it with its dark wings like a giant bird.

The atmosphere of mystery and despair attracted all sorts of demons to this place, while the energy of various goods stored here evokes the hunger for new victims in them. Piles of rubbish and the labyrinth of staircases and corridors, shelves and pipes – all of this is forever hidden in the darkness. But once you get to this place you’re going to realize that dust-loaded air of the big hangars is not as threatening as the atmosphere of full despair common for the small store rooms and narrow passages where you don’t know what dangers are lurking around next bend.

[spoiler show=”Level 5 – Angkor” hide=”Level 5 – Angkor”]
Buddhist occult temple complex.

The temple of the Leper King is remarkable for its simple geometry and overall harmony of its composition. It’s full of intricately decorated columns and magnificent statues scattered across its territory.

The complex got its name after the statue of the Leper King which decorates its central tower. The statue has four dreadful faces facing four directions so it looks after you no matter where you’re going. The name of the king is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps it was his illness that caused him to build numerous hospitals and favour studies of medicine. However it apparently didn’t help him at all as he turned towards dark forces. Then something dreadful has happened. The darkness engulfed this place like a giant avalanche. It was the king’s fault. None of the locals could escape the darkness. Such was the price for the king’s life, though you can hardly call him living now.

Those who used to populate this place disappeared without a trace. Jungle did a good work to cover the lost city and hide it away from the eyes of the world. Time and jungle didn’t spare anything but the temple and the palace. You’d get blown away by the atmosphere of this place and its astonishing architecture. You might think that this place is just a fantasy, but it was created from a real-life prototype.

Well, there is another version of the story according to which the temple got its name after moss that covers the central statue making it look like it suffers from leprosy. It’s up to you which story to believe!

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium IV 3.2Ghz
Memory: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 3GB
Video Card: AMD Radeon/Nvidia GeForce with 256MB RAM, and Shader Model 3.0
DirectX®: 9.0c

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
Memory: 1.5GB
Hard Disk Space: 3GB
Video Card: AMD Radeon/Nvidia GeForce with 512MB of memory and shader model 3.0
DirectX®: 9.0c



29. February 2012 23:36

Big problem, the game has practically no way to change the game options. You can’t edit the resolution, texture quality, etc. It’s abysmal especially for a painkiller game. I refuse to even play 2 minutes of it if I can’t make the game look anything other than a fuzzy mess.


1. March 2012 06:30

Where is my Hellgun?!!


    1. March 2012 08:18

    its gone…


    1. March 2012 08:44

     You’re not paying attention! Look closer, it’s gotta be there somewhere!


1. March 2012 09:42

same 10 years old graphics 

Mr Lahey

1. March 2012 09:59

Some cool, kind’a creepy moments in here…..which i really dig. Am only through half of the second level – so basically nice job. Not mind-blowing or really awe-inspiring like even some of the free mods….but pretty good so far. Either way, thanx for putting out a new one.


1. March 2012 10:57

try to check option of game, i think that this problem is fixed now…


2. March 2012 01:50

Well this is cool =)

But I’m wondering if you’ll keep releasing levels for Redemption now that this is out.


2. March 2012 08:16

worst than the first one at graphics … come on , what is this ? i can’t change resolution and quality… bleah !!!


2. March 2012 12:55

To change the resolution:

Click start, and write in the search “RE.ini” (without the ” ” ) , open the file with notepad and find the line “Cfg.Resolution = “1024×768″ ” and change the resolution, for example: Cfg.Resolution = “1920×1080” and save the file and start the game.


2. March 2012 13:03

Strange I have no problem in changing the game options. All It’s ok for me.

The game is a good surprise. Nice level design, Nice work…


2. March 2012 19:44

To change the resoluation open the file “OptionMenu.lua” located in PkREDataLscriptsHudMenuOptions

Remove –[[ (line 48) and ]]– (line 55) and then launch the game 😀


2. March 2012 21:49

I have done the first and second hellgun for now. I suppose that is in the next level or after ? Or is hidden somewhere, I don’t know ? (I don’t find all secrets places). Someone found it ?


3. March 2012 01:33

How to change Painkiller Recurring Evil Resolution !
Painkiller Recurring Evil Resolution Widescreen , Painkiller Recurring Evil Resolution Video Option Shown …


3. March 2012 08:03

It’s not in game. Hellgun were not posted because Med-Art who advertised this weapon, took a mod called ‘HellGun’ and they placed it in game. I removed it, due to copyrights of the author, because we were not permitted to use it. No idea WHY nordic used HellGun on the official cover, but I am really happy that I was only a small part of the project, and I’m glad that I don’t need to work in this crap anymore.


    3. March 2012 10:23

    Oh well, it’s just a weapon, so is not dramatic…but the idea to show things in screens and artworks and after not integrate these in the game is really strange.
    Is like misleading advertising ^^…


    4. March 2012 10:08

    Do not know what rights they have or not have them, but the cards you’re happilysquander. And most importantly – Why are you all doing Painkiller. From this we can say that the development of gameplay you’re treated negligently. And yes -Neto Hellgun then I fuck unnecessary new PK I have the money for wretched scripts are not going to.


    8. March 2012 19:26

    The gun model is made by PCF, still have the textures if someone want it.


3. March 2012 23:49

I’m to the last level of the game, Angkor.
Very impressive PK.

Some levels are very good (Warehouse, Graveyard, Angkor !!).
I don’t know who made these levels, but they are fantastics !!
Nice design, perfect atmosphere.
Highway is not very beautiful, and Fortune Abbey, have too much ennemies, is a little boring.
Angkor is a perfect level and one of the best level of Painkiller series for me.

For the next Painkiller :

– Improved engine / New engine (Good example of great PainEngine uses -> NecroVisioN)
– New ennemies
– 2~3 news weapons
– Coop campaign

And this would be really great.


5. March 2012 04:55

I have many ideas for next painkiller (new weapons, monsters, history, and also more taroth gameplay cards) really impressiveinterested? contact me at:


5. March 2012 13:03

Its virus ScrInject.B.Gen


    29. March 2012 09:03

    How can editing “.txt” for grafics become virus? That’s your computer already had virus lol, silly you.


11. March 2012 13:02

can someone tell me why i cant kill last boss ? i’ve killed about 500 mobs and there goes credits,what’s the solution ?? thx

    Henito Kisou

    13. March 2012 02:04

    It’s intentional and plot related. You aren’t supposed to do this, as seraphim sword makes him near invicible and he will be next ruler of hell after Eve’s death. He has more health than you can do damage to him. There’s only one goal: survive. As you enter area with Samael, appropriate text appears and he’s gone after outro. This text warning was added because many players could be confused and actually tried hurt the boss.


11. March 2012 13:28

i completed the game in trauma. i have to say that i’m impressed in some things, i liked that effect at the end of the graveyard level, and there are many well improved things. in some places there are still too much monsters, mostly in first level, but it was fun to smash them apart. well hellgun could make the maps easier, but it would be better to see it in at least one map, or just simply did not mention it in any advertisement or trailer. by the way i like this game for this much price also, but it would be better to release resurrection and recurring evil in one game, and resurrection’s big areas had to be in separated maps, that could the best way to release new stuff. i think med-art was the creator of resurrection’s map also.

by the way, secrets were ok, but most of them was easy. please, make a patch as soon as possible, because i think there are some bugs about secrets, also on first map, one is unaccessible. i have also some ideas for secrets in angkor map. i do not now, who is responsible, but a little bugfix and secret patch would be great, thank you.


14. March 2012 18:13

My impressions…

Ok here we are… loaing game…. no option to change graphics (thumbs up!!!) ,we had to edit painkiller’s files to cahnge resolution.

Graphics even in HD are not “New” as you say. “fake blood” , “empty – textures” , “huge pixels”… (thumbs up!!!)

We start the game… and… text-based “cutscenes” (again!). (thumbs up!!!).

All levels has tiny rooms again with 1000s monster on each (again). (thumbs up!!!).

Unfortunate abbey level is a “copy” from redemptions first level. (thumbs up!!!)

Hightway to hell level is a “copy” from “battle out of hell’s” street level (you coppied even the huge spiders tha was only in that level lol. (thumbs up)

dead warehouse level, the 50% is a “copy” from redemption’s same level , the other 50% was crap. (thumbs up!!!)

Graveyard level is a “copy” from ressurection’s same – alike level (thumbs up!!!)

Angkar level is a “copy” from serius sam’s series (green levels with ancient statueses) and angkar’s level music is the same music that was in overdose!!! (thumbs up!!!)

Okkk we are at the end now… and we see the boss samuel flight over our head (the same model as was in overdose!!!) and we dont even fight him… we fight his minnions and he just died lol. (thumbs up!!!)

PLEASE, I beg you!!! STOP treating painkiller like a piece of crap!!! Just sell the damn franchise, or stop making “sequels”!!!

Idiotic Americans

20. April 2012 21:00

“less then” ???

It’s LESS THAN, you fucking moron.

It’s MORE THAN, not more THEN, not less THEN, fucking American idiots.

Since when did American schools start teaching their moronic pupils that the words ‘that’, ‘than’ and ‘then’ are interchangeable? Idiot.


9. May 2012 13:39

Help me with this glitch in the second level(highway to hell) when the bridge collapses game stucks it says : fatal error.

I tried reloading game but still the same error.when the loading bar
comes to the middle it jams then the fatal error window pops up.


13. May 2012 09:06

Well everyone saying that this game is shit, please shut the fuck up.
Do you know Doom or Wolfenstein? These games are jewels of FPS gaming, and they didn’t have complex gameplay, or complicated Storyline… You only needed a few buttons to play, and you had to fight against hordes of enemies ..simple as that.
Some gamers like the “nostalgia” feeling with these kind of games. Others, like something more “frantic” and fast-paced gameplay than the one you find in those overdone war fps.
take care


16. May 2012 07:16

To “Idiotic Americans”:
YOU are the fucking moron. Just because someone uses poor grammatical skills is no reason start bashing another nationality. You don’t mention what cesspool of a country you’re from, but it must be chock-full of intolerant idiots, if you’re any indication. Jerk.


26. May 2012 03:09

how does on kill the big spider at the end of highway to hell


3. August 2012 21:17

heyyy !!!!! you miss the weapons !! 2 from pk overdose and 2 from original painkiller, the new machine gun and the multiple poles gun shooter, and the laser sword to throw and the insect sticky bombs from pk overdose, how do bring these 4 remaining weapons in pk recurring evil and in pk redemption ??


12. January 2013 16:39

why is my painkiller didnt working and getting errorIt was not possible to create the Direct3D rendering device. You may need to reinstall DirectX and/or update drivers for your graphics card. can you help me

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