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Just a few days after the first informations where popping up a trailer has been published, showcasing the new maps Angkor, Highway to hell and Graveyard. The game will be available to purchase on 29th February 2012 for £8.95 at gamersgate and for sure other download portals.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium IV 3.2Ghz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon/Nvidia GeForce with 256MB RAM, and Shader Model 3.0
DirectX: 9.0c
Sound Card: Required



21. February 2012 21:00

512gb of ram? rotfl

fix it lol


    21. February 2012 22:45

     It’s fixed now, thx :DDDD


      23. February 2012 22:30

       same error on that “gamergate” link, lol


21. February 2012 21:05

9 phounds for 5 maps no multi? Seriously? -_- I was hear from them that will be max 5 euro…


21. February 2012 23:54

Are you sure, only 512mb?? All recent pk games required atleast 1gb… :S


22. February 2012 08:19

Под конец видно, такие тормоза пошли((( Видимо будет тормозить так же как резурекшн.


22. February 2012 08:23

Painkiller 5 :/

    Henito Kisou

    22. February 2012 14:18

    If BooH is considered separately as it was when released before repackaging into Black Edition along with first part, then Painkiller 6 😛


22. February 2012 10:16

Who know. Recurring evil its on Painkiller: Redemption engine. This Engine its improve engine of Resurrection so was faster. Thats why we can add in Redemption thousands of enemys and game wasnt slow down. Probobly RE minimum req its 512.

Henito Kisou

22. February 2012 14:05

You will need stronger machine especially if you want play Graveyard and Highway levels flawless as they have bigger system requirements than others. Also loading time depends on size of the level and how powerful is your gaming machine. I wonder how end-effect will look like. 😉


22. February 2012 15:49

don’t worry, i have 3gb of ram, not 512mb

a pentium IV is too low…


22. February 2012 20:02

Wao great video, but like Paindemonium said, £8.95 (10 euros ??), for 5 hours of game…it’s a little to much ! The 5 euros of Redemption was a good price.


    26. February 2012 12:12

    9 phounds its some kind of 15 euro Im think 🙂


22. February 2012 21:01

That game have dx11 support?coz other pk games don’t have :/


22. February 2012 21:12

dx9. and i don’t need dx11…


22. February 2012 21:30

the second video is removed.


23. February 2012 08:45

my god, this is terrible ,… hey guys, it was almost 10 years ago and we have here the same old engine, same old game, same old weapons, same old concept …


    23. February 2012 20:42

     Still better than shitty CoD 7 and 8…classic games mutch better than new generation games.i hope that will be better than that boring redemption and bugged resurrection games


    23. February 2012 20:42

     Still better than shitty CoD 7 and 8…classic games mutch better than new generation games.i hope that will be better than that boring redemption and bugged resurrection games


23. February 2012 14:27

damn DX9 sucks Dx11 have mutch better look and FPS


23. February 2012 22:05

 will be available on steam?


23. February 2012 22:16

yes, i have checked the clientregistry.blob with clientregistry toolkit, i see also “preorder” option, but for now i can’t see preorder on steam… and that link “gamergate” is the british version…

i’m italian…


26. February 2012 12:15

JoWooD live and they politic still working. Im sorry thats looks like that 🙁 I was hope at end that Redemption will be last PK on old engine and become a platform for more content and mods for free… but JW thinking about money making so I dont have to comment more about this product. 🙁


26. February 2012 16:44

Bill Sherman… okkkk now the game is officialy a BIG JOKE!!! Why the heck in every “new painkiller game” that you fans made put the prase “updated graphics” ? Are you people think that we are stupid?
Half of the levels are look like serius sam’s level (light, old temple yards, statueses…) You are SOOOOO bored to create a new monster??? A new gun??? A huge Boss???

PLEASE GIVE THE FRANCHISE BACK TO “PEOPLE CAN FLY”, OR make sure that this game will be tha lest nail on painkillers coffin!!!


    26. February 2012 17:05

    You are really naive if you think PCF=team that brought Painkiller to life. Almost nothing has left of the people who actually worked on the first game. You are also naive if you think that PCF in its current state cares about Painkiller. But if there was a chance in the universe that PCF got their hands on the franchise again they’d turn it into a casual console game for housewives ala Bulletstorm. 
    I pretty much doubt that strawberry flavoured Painkiller with auto-aim, regenerating health and system of covers(tm) would be to your liking. 😉 Plus, it probably won’t be on PC anyway.


      26. February 2012 22:03

      Really true, PCF became sh*t… Bulletstorm game confirm that…something like a Gear of War in FPS…nothing interesting, very bad game.I prefer that Jowood/Nordic Games gives the franchise to NecroVision developers (The Farm 51, founded by Wojciech Pazdur, Kamil Bilczyński (both have previously worked on the Painkiller series at People Can Fly)

      Those are good guys with a really big talent.


      27. February 2012 11:45

      Just give the damn franchise to a REAL developer. ANYONE DEVELOPER!!! Now nordik games took the franchise and throw it back to the fans again to make a “sequel”, the same thing happened with jowood.
      I really can’t stay doing nothing and smiling when i see my favorite old shcool FPS treated like a low budjet school project which noone student wants it and exchange hands all time like a piece of crap.


28. February 2012 18:39

No multiplayer, no coop … I’ll take, but for free …)


29. February 2012 14:16

Is COOP included this time?

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