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Yes, a new part of the Painkiller series is about to be released. An International team of game developers Med-Art published some news about there current project of a new Painkiller game. The game is called Painkiller Recurring Evil and its release is scheduled for January 2012.

Once again you’ll have a chance to experience the magnificent dark gothic atmosphere of the good(or evil?) old Painkiller, the only true oldschool FPS tough as nails, without a trace of remorse, without a glimpse of motion blur or other technological makeup. Just Painkiller and nothing else matters!

This time you’re fighting for the freedom of your soul, and you’re going to need all your strength and courage in order to break free from a prison located in the darkest corner of the Purgatory.

Action takes place in some completely unknown areas of the underworld. These areas don’t look ordinary at all. Each level is a brand new world, a universe with its own unique atmosphere, history and mysteries.

You’ll have to fight with the undead in an old gloomy abbey, on a ruined as if by an earthquakespeedway with roads and turns twisting like circles of Hell. You’ll be hunting demons amongst numerous crypts and tombs of an old London cemetery. You’ll be cleansing the old warehouse, decaying and shrouded in darkness and terror. You’ll have to stop occult rituals in an old temple complex lost somewhere in the jungle.

Med-Art about the game:

We make the new Painkiller with all our heart and soul because we love what we’re doing. Once you play Painkiller you get hooked up on it. We were so deeply amazed by its astonishing atmosphere that we still highly admire it. Sometimes you think that it’s not you who chooses Painkiller but it’s Painkiller that chooses you.

Check out the gallery for the Recurring Evil levels and also have a look at the new Hellgun weapon model.

Developer descriptions about the levels »

Level 1:

Fortunate abbey.

Arrow-headed arches, towering columns, frontispieces richly decorated with carved ornaments, elegant high towers with majestic spires on the top that are penetrating the sky… Each element emphasizes vertical movement, reaching towards the light. You get a feeling that this ought to be a delightful place!

But then you notice that colorful stained glasses in the ogival windows are broken, the most of the structures are ruined and rocks and dust laying on the floor is all that’s left from collapsed ceiling.

Almost everything is destroyed. Probably only cells where monks used to live have been preserved better than the rest of the complex. Only bats come here to hunt for insects after dark these days. But once you get inside you would realize they’re not the only ones who come to hunt to this place. Monks with empty eyes and insane church members don’t look that friendly. And even the light coming through the main rose-window doesn’t take away the feeling of terror and despair permanently present in this abbey. You’re going to need all you strength, all your courage to survive in this place.

Will you be fortunate to get out of this abbey?

Level 2:

Checkpoint looking much like an outpost from the movie Godfather. Road signs with occult symbols depicted on them. Poisoned radioactive earth below. All of this makes you feel very uncomfortable. Your heart starts beating faster and you experience a sudden adrenaline rush when you hear even a subtle noise behind because you’re always on your guard. When moving through such unwelcoming place you always expect danger. Don’t you dare to set foot on the abandoned highway, it’s a suicide. Every dweller of the purgatory knows that.

Ruined and twisted flyover structures with armature bending into intricate shapes or sticking like giant pins ready to penetrate you through. There was a time when this place used to be a busy speedway. Now after nuclear explosion it’s completely unrecognizable, and only burned out car frames with bodies of drivers inside remind of what this place once was. Lots of bodies, lots of innocent victims who died in vain. Refusing to accept their fate they preferred to stay in this place, trapped between the world of the living and the afterlife, raging, insane, blaming everyone for what has happened to them. These beings are no longer humans.

There is danger and fear following you around in this place. Awaking the dwellers of such desperate place doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Level 3:

This abandoned cemetery doesn’t look very welcoming even in the morning. Here you’re gonna come across lots of half-ruined crypts and broken crosses. You hear howling wind and heart-rending screams from somewhere far away as tree branches scratch across tombstones like some creature’s claws.

This cemetery located in the north of the purgatory always have been infamous. This is one of the oldest cemeteries of the underworld that opened its gates long time ago together with the other six burial grounds on the outskirts of the purgatory. The population of the purgatory was increasing rapidly and the old graveyards couldn’t provide enough space for the newcoming souls.

Special attitude towards death is common for this place. The cemetery is full of gothic crypts and monuments. Lots of vegetation can be found here, although no one has ever planted anything. Trees and bushes grow on their own, leeching off the lost souls.

The main points of interest of this place are Egyptian alley, Lebanese circle with a giant cedarwood growing in the ceneter and the old part of the cemetery where the most ancient graves are located. A gothic cathedral accomplishes the sight.

The sacred seal is hidden somewhere around these crypts, but can you find it, and, what is more important, get out of this place alive?

Level 4:

You find yourself in an old abandoned warehouse. Not a single ray of light gets through its dirty windows. The massive walls hide what’s happening inside. Some hangars still contain stacks of crates, boxes are sitting on the shelves and trucks look like they’re about to depart. But all of this remains here forever. The darkness engulfed this places, embraced it with its dark wings like a giant bird.

The atmosphere of mystery and despair attracted all sorts of demons to this place, while the energy of various goods stored here evokes the hunger for new victims in them. Piles of rubbish and the labyrinth of staircases and corridors, shelves and pipes – all of this is forever hidden in the darkness. But once you get to this place you’re going to realize that dust-loaded air of the big hangars is not as threatening as the atmosphere of full despair common for the small store rooms and narrow passages where you don’t know what dangers are lurking around next bend.

Level 5:

Buddhist occult temple complex.

The temple of the Leper King is remarkable for its simple geometry and overall harmony of its composition. It’s full of intricately decorated columns and magnificent statues scattered across its territory.

The complex got its name after the statue of the Leper King which decorates its central tower. The statue has four dreadful faces facing four directions so it looks after you no matter where you’re going. The name of the king is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps it was his illness that caused him to build numerous hospitals and favour studies of medicine. However it apparently didn’t help him at all as he turned towards dark forces. Then something dreadful has happened. The darkness engulfed this place like a giant avalanche. It was the king’s fault. None of the locals could escape the darkness. Such was the price for the king’s life, though you can hardly call him living now.

Those who used to populate this place disappeared without a trace. Jungle did a good work to cover the lost city and hide it away from the eyes of the world. Time and jungle didn’t spare anything but the temple and the palace. You’d get blown away by the atmosphere of this place and its astonishing architecture. You might think that this place is just a fantasy, but it was created from a real-life prototype.

Well, there is another version of the story according to which the temple got its name after moss that covers the central statue making it look like it suffers from leprosy. It’s up to you which story to believe!


Painkiller is a first-person shooter game released on April 12, 2004. The game takes place in Purgatory and Hell. The main character is Daniel Garner.